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MONQ Launches Roll-On Essential Oil Blends


MONQ Launches Roll-On Essential Oil Blends



Emily McKinley

Director of Content Development

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MONQ launches Roll-On Essential Oil Blends

Aromatherapy and natural wellness company introduces a new collection of roll-on essential oil blends for aromatherapy anywhere®.

Goodlettsville, Tenn. (February 21, 2020) - A leader in aromatherapy and natural wellness , MONQ , LLC, a Nashville, Tennessee, based e-commerce company announced the release of their new Roll-On Essential Oil Blend Collection today.

The MONQ Roll-On collection launches with three amazing essential oil blends—Focus, Relieve, and Sleepy—diluted in a carrier oil blend and ready for topical application.

“With the addition of our new Roll-On Essential Oil Blend Collection, MONQ is realizing our vision to share aromatherapy anywhere. We are proud to be building from the foundation of our cornerstone product—the first personal aromatherapy diffuser —to make quality aromatherapy accessible for everyone. Roll-Ons make it easy for new and traditional aromatherapy enthusiasts to enjoy MONQ and all the benefits of topical aromatherapy,” said Eric Fishman, M.D., CEO, and founder of MONQ.

MONQ relies on science to create synergistic essential oil blends designed to elicit emotional responses and produce therapeutic benefits. Like all MONQ products, the Roll-On Collection is doctor-approved and was specially crafted by a certified aromatherapist and produced in MONQ’s lab.

FOCUS draws on the power of nootropic essential oils to boost productivity, enhance vision, and help the user achieve a flow state . FOCUS is perfect for consumers who are looking for a little pep in their workday and activities.

Relieve is designed to help users experience relief and recovery from discomfort. This immune-boosting blend not only helps users stay healthy but is also the perfect roll-on to help soothe soreness.

Sleepy was created with sleep science in mind to help relax the body and prepare the mind for sleep. Featuring essential oils lavender, petitgrain sur fleurs, and bergamot, it is perfect for use about 30 minutes before drifting to sleep.

Roll-Ons are formulated to be skin safe and can be applied as desired to the hands, wrists, neck, and temples. All MONQ Roll-On blends contain only pure essential oils in a carrier oil blend and are housed in a 10mL ultraviolet glass bottle with a stainless steel rollerball top. Approximately the size of a lipstick case, MONQ Roll-Ons fit easily into a purse or pocket for aromatherapy on the go.

MONQ Roll-Ons join MONQ’s full line of products featuring personal aromatherapy diffusers, MONQ R—a rechargeable and sustainable aromatherapy device , Therapeutic Fragrance® bottled blends (intended for aromatic use only), desktop diffusers , and aromatherapy jewelry .

About MONQ

MONQ, LLC, headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tenn., blends the ancient and modern—nature with technology—to improve human lives one breath at a time, helping you feel better, do better, be better.

Founded in 2014, by Eric Fishman, M.D ., MONQ strives to guide others on their self-enrichment journey to live happier, healthier lives. This was born out of Dr. Fishman’s desire to move from helping just one patient at a time as an orthopedic surgeon to sharing natural health and wellness with many—anytime, anywhere.

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