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Finding FOCUS in 2020

Happy New Year! 2020 is the perfect year to FOCUS.

After all, even the year 2020—or 20/20—denotes clarity and perfectly focused vision. So, as you step into the new year, take time to reflect, focus, and commit to a new year and a new you.  width=

FOCUS on Goals

Let’s face it. Most people start each new year with resolutions. Some people stick with those for days, others for weeks, and others—well, not long at all. This year, take a moment to stop and truly focus on what lies ahead. Allow yourself the opportunity to step away, clear your mind of the cobwebs and clutter (diffusing Peace will help), and be inspired.

Think about your year ahead. What do you wish to accomplish? What does that look like? How can you get there?

Manifest those aspirations. Write them down. Speak them aloud. Make them the intention of your wellness practice. Focus on those goals, then, realize them.


FOCUS on Wellness

In the busyness of each day and week, it’s easy to substitute excuses and vices—alcohol, coffee, poor eating habits, electronics, and even busyness—for wellness.

When you look to these excuses, ask yourself why you are seeking that comfort. Are you treating yourself?—Great! Or, are you avoiding feelings or dynamics that are uncomfortable? Are you filling empty space? If so, how can you change your mindset to fill that space with wellness? Is there a place for meditation , activity , engaged life instead? Find that place and let it lead you to wellness.

FOCUS on You

 width= Use 2020 as the opportune time to look in the mirror and focus on you. Think about your dreams and happiness. How can you live your best life? Does it mean a change for a relationship? A career? A home? Does it mean self-care and love? Make a list of people, places, and things that make you happy. Create a journey for each day that includes something for you. Sometimes, the journey just means carving out a few moments for yourself. Sometimes, it means big travels and changes revealing a hidden passion within you. Whatever it is, focus on being the best you.

Final Thoughts

Step into 2020 with a readiness to see life through a clearer, focused lens. Be ready to focus on wellness and goals, but also to focus on yourself. And while you’re on the path towards achieving these goals, remember that FOCUS MONQ can get you there—whether you’re using it in the Original Diffuser , MONQ R , or Therapeutic Fragrance® blend.

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