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Feel Fun with MONQ's Collection of Exciting New Blends


Feel Fun with MONQ's Collection of Exciting New Blends

MONQ’s mission is to help you feel better, do better, be betterTM. Sometimes, that's very difficult, but sometimes it's as simple as reminding you to feel fun.  With summer days not so far away, MONQ’s relaunching the Feel Fun line. MONQ wants to make the summer even more enjoyable! This line features favorites Joy and Bright and adds Delight and Lively. These happy blends will remind you of summer days and happy memories, and the line relaunches with Joy, Delight, and Lively. Bright is coming back again very soon.

Feel Fun Line

With a combination of coriander, orange, and vanilla essential oils, Lively is perfect for fun times in the sunshine and the laughter that comes with it. The essential oils in this blend have been shown to boost mood, increase energy, alleviate stress, and reduce inflammation. Perfect for making the most of a summer afternoon. Delight is wistful and whimsical with distinct spicy sassafras notes. This blend features star anise, wintergreen, and vanilla essential oils. These essential oils let you revel in happy memories while offering many potential benefits. These include lowering stress, reducing inflammation, and improving sleep quality. A great addition for those looking for the ability to feel fun. Joy features sweet orange and citrus family essential oils with a zing of pink peppercorn to help you experience a zest for life and reduce tension while supporting energy.  Returning soon, Bright features a blend of clove, lemon, and lime essential oils to help you feel cheerful while offering various potential health benefits. They include reducing stress, supporting a healthy immune function, and alleviating aches and discomfort. 

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