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Delight: Revel in Good Memories with MONQ's Delight

Revel in the delight good times and great memories with MONQ’s Delight. This wistful and whimsical blend evokes lighthearted nostalgia, reminding you of summer days and fun times with distinct spicy sassafras notes. Delight is one of four blends in MONQ’s Feel Fun line. It is a blend MONQ is proud to present.

Delight’s primary notes include anise, vanilla, and wintergreen. This is a combination of essential oils designed to provide health benefits in the present while reminding you of happy memories from the past.

 width= Delight Primary Ingredients

Anise Essential Oil for Delight

Star anise essential oil is pressed from the sun-dried seeds of the star anise fruit, which is similar to the shell of a nut.

Star anise comes from Illicium verum , a type of evergreen tree native to certain parts of Vietnam and China. The tree produces the fruit known as star anise—in recognition of the eight star-shaped pericarps (arms) of the fruit.

This essential oil offers a wide range of health benefits, including promoting healthy skin, maintaining healthy digestion, and improving sleep quality.

Together with wintergreen and warm, spicy oil vanilla, it makes it a great addition to the Delight blend.

Wintergreen Essential Oil for Delight

This essential oil is extracted via steam distillation from Gaultheria procumbens, an evergreen native to Eastern North America. The oil is rich in the compounds methyl salicylate and gaultherilene, which contribute to the oil’s powerful pain-relieving properties.

In addition to these benefits, wintergreen essential oil is shown to reduce stress, support healthy immune function, maintain healthy digestion, and relieve muscle tension. 1 It is a very versatile oil.

Because of its robust flavor profile, a little bit of Wintergreen goes a long way! In fact, wintergreen makes up only 1% of this blend, yet its incredible flavor profile shines.

Vanilla Essential Oil for Delight

Vanilla is easily one of the most popular and recognizable scents and flavors in the world. However, vanilla isn’t just a delicious flavor. In addition to a range of other mental and physical health benefits, it’s a very calming essential oil.

The main active compound in vanilla essential oil is vanillin , which creates the smell and taste we associate with it. Moreover, a higher concentration of vanillin correlates with greater potential health benefits.

Final Thoughts

Delight joins three other Feel Fun blends: Bright, Delight, and Joy. In the light of everything said above, come breathe in the scents of fun and excitement! Feel Delight!

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