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Breathe Holiday Cheer with Mistletoe Bottled Blend

Breathe Holiday Cheer with Mistletoe

MONQ knows that you want to live your best life, and we want to help. That’s why we’re bringing you bottled blends designed with your needs in mind so that you can choose your aromatherapy experience. With the holiday season quickly approaching, MONQ designed the Mistletoe bottled blend to balance the mind and body and ground your spirit during a stressful, but joyful, time of year.

christms tree lot

Recycled Christmas Tree Essential Oil

There are a variety of pine essential oils, but most provide a similar range of powerful benefits. This combination of benefits makes pine essential oil a great addition to the Mistletoe bottled blend—it can aid in your health during a time of year where individuals are prone to getting sick, relieve the holiday season chaos, all while bringing with it the familiar winter scent of pine.

As an added bonus, the pine essential oil in the Mistletoe bottled blend comes from recycled Christmas trees!

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is one of the scents most closely associated with the holiday season. Traditionally, frankincense essential oil was used for thousands of years in incense. Today, it is best known for promoting well-being. 

Sweet Myrrh Essential Oil

Another holiday season classic, sweet myrrh essential oil is also great for overall well-being. Combined with recycled Christmas tree and frankincense, sweet myrrh completes this trio just in time for the holiday season.

woman walking through tree lot

Nostalgia Therapy

The Mistletoe bottled blend was designed with nostalgia therapy in mind. The link between nostalgia and humans’ sense of smell is powerful. Humans have at least 1,000 receptors for the smell, so individuals can discern a wide variety of scents—even ones you might not be able to pinpoint the identity of. 1

Because of the close proximity of the olfactory bulb to the hippocampus—the brain’s center for long-term memory—, there’s a strong link in the brain between scent and memory. 2 This is why certain scents can transport you back to a distinct time in your life.

This connection between scent and memories is something that can be harnessed through aromatherapy and is what the Mistletoe bottled blend is intended to accomplish. The holiday season is a time of family gatherings, great food, cheer, and joy. MONQ hopes to fill your home with the warmth of the holidays, providing some peace amidst the chaos of the season and boosting your holiday spirit.

Final Thoughts

As you go about your festivities this holiday season or for a breath of the holidays year-round, breathe the Mistletoebottled blend in a desktop diffuser or on an essential oil medallion. Happy holidays!

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