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Boost Confidence and Charisma with Newly Reformulated MONQ Sexy Blend

MONQ loves bringing you essential oil blends that help you feel better, do better, be better. TM As part of our mission to continue bringing you blends you’ll love, we’ve perfected our popular Sexy blend with the addition of cinnamon leaf essential oil as a primary ingredient. Feel a boost of confidence and charisma when you breathe this warming essential oil blend designed to tempt.

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Sexy is a specially formulated blend featuring cinnamon, jasmine, and patchouli—all sensual oils. Breathe in Sexy MONQ, and awaken your sensuality with a boost of confidence and desire to be with the one you love.

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Cinnamon may be synonymous with the holiday season, but there is so much more to this nostalgic, warming spice.

One of the oldest spices known to man, in ancient times, cinnamon was more highly-prized than gold and was bestowed as a gift to the gods.

Cinnamon leaf oil has been shown to help boost mood , relieve stress , support energy levels, and encourage warmth.

Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine is known by some as the "king of essential oils." The mythical perception of jasmine may come from the universally-acclaimed and enticing scent of its flowers, which open at night or early morning.

The scent itself has been described as exotic, sensual, intense, warm, and sweet. In aromatherapy, the oil is powerful, expensive, and sought-after for many reasons.

The oil is also highly-regarded in health and beauty for its rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Patchouli Essential Oil

Of all the essential oils available, patchouli has one of the most distinctive fragrances, characterized by strong and musky notes with deep and earthy undertones. girl smiling and holding sexy MONQ diffuser

From its relaxing effects to its ability to reduce stress, it's easy to see why patchouli is commonly referred to as “liquid gold.”

The health benefits of patchouli essential oil are vast, with therapeutic qualities targeting various conditions. It may be beneficial when relieving inflammation, evening out mood, and maintaining healthy circulation.

Final Thoughts

MONQ’s newly reformulated Sexy blend will let you experience a boost of confidence and charisma. Looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Pair Sexy with MONQ’s newly reformulated Love.

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