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Best Essential Oils For Headache Relief

Tens of millions of people suffer from headaches every single day. The reasons for these headaches vary widely and many of those who suffer from them have no idea what the root causes are. This is, in part, because there are so many underlying conditions that can cause headaches. The pain experienced by the person in pain is merely a symptom, rather than a diagnosis.

Some Causes of Headaches: 

  • stress
  • sinusitis
  • ear infection
  • other infection
  • inflammation
  • hormone imbalances
  • glaucoma
  • a lack of adequate nutrition / eating too much "junk food"
  • freezing food (ice cream) sometimes called 'brain freeze'
  • spinal headaches (commonly occurring subsequent to a lumbar puncture)
  • too much exercise
  • stroke
  • tight headbands / headgear
  • allergies
  • lack of sleep
  • fatigue
  • dehydration
  • over-consumption of drugs and alcohol
  • constipation
  • the over-consumption of caffeine and/or sugar
  • meningitis (a true medical emergency!)
  • and the list goes on...

To state the obvious, there are many causes. Some types of headaches require immediate medical attention. Most recurrent headaches should be evaluated by a competent health care provider, such as your primary physician.

This article will discuss efforts to alleviate some forms of a headache/head pain with the use of essential oils. Use your judgment to determine if your particular headache is amenable to being assisted with essential oil treatment.

And, just as there are many causes of headaches, so too are there many ways to classify headaches. Again, a partial listing would include:

Primary Headaches

  • A migraine headache
  • A cluster headache
  • A tension headache

Secondary Headaches

  • Sinus
  • Hormonal
  • Essentially any of the causes listed above

For many, it’s not just one thing that leads to their headache, but a combination of things. This can make it difficult to determine the best way to treat them. Many causes are avoidable and yet others are unavoidable. Work-related stress, rush hour, air pollution, and of course physiological issues can be part of the underlying cause.  

Hidden Causes of Headaches

There are also many causes that may not be so obvious that can still lead to headaches. Having bad posture, squinting to see clearly, and even taking birth control pills could lead to chronic headaches.1 Heavy smoking or breathing in second-hand smoke are additional factors. Becoming aware of the conditions that play a role in experiencing regular headaches is the first step to reducing them.

Before we get to a few of the different types of headaches, and some of the essential oils that can be utilized to diminish your symptoms, a very interesting and important issue should be discussed.

Diagnosing a Headache

When a surgeon sees an x-ray of a broken bone, it is usually crystal clear what caused the condition and what the diagnosis is. Depending upon the exact anatomy of the fracture, and other associated features such as surrounding soft tissue injury, the course of treatment are usually rather clear. The fracture may require a splint, a cast, or an operation, but usually not essential oil treatment. While essential oils may assist with the pain, and may actually speed up fracture healing,2 they are never the definitive treatment for broken bones.

However, let's compare this with situations in which someone presents with a symptom of headaches. It is usually extremely difficult to determine exactly what the underlying cause is. Earlier in this article, we listed over twenty potential causes, and in actuality, the list exceeds one hundred possible etiologies. A very quick Internet search will indicate that a wide variety of essential oils can assist with a very wide variety of conditions. In fact, as the above link shows, there are over 1000 articles in a single scientific database using the search "essential+oils+health."

It is for this reason that the use of essential oils can be so helpful in alleviating headache pain. If one does not know what operation to perform, the probability of a successful outcome is very small. Since headaches stem from a wide variety of etiologies, it is usually impossible to tell what operation to perform or which medicine to prescribe. When a physician understands exactly what the condition is, there are typically clear indications regarding how to treat it. There are frequently one or two specific treatment recommendations. However, when it is not clear what is the underlying cause, an operation or a needle usually is not the proper treatment. And more generally, medicine may also not be the proper choice. Rather, a more natural solution that ameliorates a number of conditions, and is likely to stabilize the physiology, may be just what is needed.

Few Different Types Of Headaches

Tension Headaches

This is among the most common type of headache experienced by people around the world. The person typically experiences small to moderate levels of pain. Usually, a person can continue with regular, daily activity but it will often slow them down and make things uncomfortable. It is very common that the person who suffers from chronic tension headaches will often become depressed and anxious which perpetuates the headaches further.

This type of headache can last anywhere from half an hour up to a week or more. Those who suffer from this condition may have this type of headache as often as 10 or 20 times a month. Others may only have it occasionally.

Sinus Headaches

When a person’s sinuses become inflamed it will lead to this type of headache. Pain is typically experienced in the forehead along with additional pain in the cheeks and nose. Because this is from inflamed sinuses it might be due to an infection or other factors that have caused the inflammation.

Hormonal Imbalances

Women are at particular risk of suffering from headaches due to hormonal imbalances. Any woman who has heavy menstruation, who is pregnant, or is going through menopause, is at risk for these imbalances that could lead to chronic headaches. Some women experience headaches when taking birth control pills.

Cluster Headaches

Anyone who has this type of headache will usually experience fairly intense levels of pain and a constant throbbing. Fortunately, it is one of the least common types of headaches but one of the most painful. The pain is sometimes so intense that it leads to uncontrolled tearing of the eyes.

The reason they are called cluster headaches is due to their nature of occurring in cycles of close proximity. Those who have this type of headache may get them more than once a day and this might happen over a couple of weeks or a month. They often last anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours and sometimes longer. They have even been known to wake a sufferer up from a sound sleep due to the intensity of the pain


This is one of the most difficult types of headaches to deal with. It is often so painful that it causes a person to have to go to bed and try not to move. The person who has this type of headache is often hypersensitive to light and sound and even the smallest movement can cause the pain to spike. It has been known to cause severe nausea and even vomiting.

This type of headache can last anywhere from a few hours up to a few days before any relief comes. Women are more likely to have this condition but a growing number of men are experiencing it as well. Children can also have migraines that are accompanied by dizziness and upset stomach.

What Causes Headache Pain?

The pain comes from a collection of signals sent from your brain, nerves and blood vessels. Science has not yet been able to fully understand why the blood vessels and head muscles send pain signals to the brain. It is largely believed to be a warning signal that something is wrong. Environmental conditions, stress, and illness are all possible triggers that cause the body to warn the sufferer by producing headache pain.  

It is important that anyone who has chronic headaches understand that there are underlying factors that need to be addressed. The pain being experienced is just the body trying to warn the one who has it of some problem that exists. It might be that the person is experiencing unmanaged stress, environmental toxins, or that the person’s hormones are out of balance.  

It is only when the person becomes aware of issues at the root of the problem that they can relieve themselves of the ongoing headaches. The good news is that there is a solution that will help most types of headaches. It can even help when a person is not fully aware of the root problem. Essential oils are a natural way to help the body achieve balance and reduce the level of pain experienced with headaches, how long they last, and how often they are experienced.

What Are Essential Oils?Essential oils

Essential oils are found naturally in a variety of plants. Distillation is the process used to extract the oils from the plant for concentrated use. The oils are something the plant itself developed to protect itself from environmental issues and to reduce the number of creatures that might eat it. Inside this oil is not only the fragrance of the plant but its essence along with healing properties.

Different plants have oils that are of particular use for different purposes. Some are good for relieving stress, moodiness, and anxiety. Others are good for relieving exhaustion, nausea, and headaches. Still, others can help strengthen the immune system. Things like anxiety and a suppressed immune system are often underlying issues experienced by those who have chronic headaches. 

Anyone who is wondering about the efficacy or safety of these oils to fight headaches can take comfort in knowing they have been used for centuries. These oils are good for both physical and psychological health which makes them particularly useful for the treatment of headaches. In fact, many reports that the regular use of essential oils and aromatherapy lead to an uplifting of their mind and spirit.

It is important to understand that these oils are not just fragrances. Perfumes are chemicals produced in a lab and have no known therapeutic value. Perfumes are simply made to smell like fragrances that people like. Often they are made specifically for men or women and have no value for good health.

How To Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used in aromatherapy in a room diffuser or personal diffuser. Because these oils are fat-soluble, they are also easily absorbed into the skin when applied externally.

Diffusers are among the most popular ways to consume essential oils and can be very effective when dealing with headaches. This device is made to put a fine mist into the air which will fill the room with the healthy benefits of the oil being used. All it takes is putting a few drops into the diffuser and then allowing it to disperse the aroma throughout the room. Often the diffusers themselves are colorful and work well as a nightlight. Anyone can use them while they are sleeping to benefit from the aromatherapy and have a useful nightlight for added ambiance to the room. This can make it easy to benefit from, even for those who are very busy and wouldn’t otherwise take the time to use them.

Other ways to use these oils include enjoying a relaxing bath with essential oils. Anyone can use them directly in the bath as well as using a diffuser in the room while bathing. This creates a highly relaxing and therapeutic bath that can easily relieve stress, increase blood flow and help blood vessels work better. These are key elements to reducing headaches. Taking a therapeutic bath in the morning or evening is a great way to start the day, or to end it.   


How Essential Oils Help Headaches

It is common today to grab over-the-counter pain medication to reduce the pain caused by a headache. The two issues are that taking too much acetaminophen or aspirin can lead to unwanted side effects. You can even become dependent on those medications. It surprises most to learn but there are many people who report being dependent on powders that combine acetaminophen together with aspirin.

Those who report having a dependency get headaches almost daily and therefore take more powders daily. This is the very reason why more and more people today are interested in learning about the benefits of natural ways to treat conditions like chronic headaches.

Essential oils are effective at calming a person mentally as well as helping the tension in their body to fade away. Once someone begins using this oil it will begin to reduce stress and help their blood circulation work better. Stress, anxiety, fatigue, and a lack of sleep play a major role in causing headaches and are some of the root causes for those who suffer from them.

Using essential oils is a natural and gentle way to wash away mental and physical stress, the feelings of anxiety, and can significantly help in achieving a good night’s sleep. Hormonal imbalances are another of the common culprits that lead to routine headaches. In fact, some of the same oils that are used to relieve tension and pain are also used to reduce symptoms from PMS.

Learning to use these oils as part of a daily routine that helps relieve stress, aid in getting a more restful night’s sleep and to balance hormones can have an immediate and lasting effect on a person’s overall well-being which will have a measurable impact on the number of headaches they get and the length and painfulness of those headaches.

Best Essential Oils for Headaches 


Peppermint oil has been used throughout the centuries to manage pain caused by headaches and menstrual cramps, as well as nerve and muscle pain. It is also good for reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. It does this because the oil has a calming and numbing effect. This essential oil is well known for its ability to help those who suffer from migraines when nothing else helps.

For some people, it is effective to apply the oil to their forehead to have an immediate effect on reducing pain. To do this requires that the person test their skin with a tiny amount first to make sure they do not have any type of allergic reaction. It is also important not to apply directly to a baby’s skin. It is important to remember that even though essential oils are natural it is still necessary to take reasonable precautions to ensure there are no adverse effects.

There are a number of ways to take peppermint essential oils. Many people find it easy to use when it is mixed in with their shampoo and soap. Essential oils can easily be absorbed through the skin and using them in shampoo or soap is a good way to get the benefits of this oil. There are also a number of ways in which a person can consume this oil. There are chewable, flavored syrups, and drops that can be taken.

To use this oil with aromatherapy it is possible to get candles, inhalation beads, and aromatherapy sticks. The concentrated oil can be used with a diffuser which is great to fill the room when taking a bath, when sleeping and when relaxing at home. Some are even able to use it at the office which gives them the benefits throughout the day.



Rosemary essential oil is particularly good for tension headaches. To get immediate relief it is possible to rub this directly on the temples and then sit quietly and relax while it takes effect. Studies have shown that this oil has a similar effect to ibuprofen and this is how it relieves the pain of headaches. The benefit is that it is all-natural with no known side effects. The important thing to remember is to help the oil work by relaxing quietly while you wait for it to take effect.

Many people will continue to try and do the things that are causing them stress and this reduces the effect of the oil because the person is continuing to stimulate the cause of a tension headache. Sitting quietly and lightly meditating will get the best and fastest results.


lavender for headaches

This is the right oil for those who suffer from migraine headaches. It also helps with other types but migraines are particularly painful and debilitating headaches that need something strong enough to help. Some have said that until they learned about the benefits of essential oils they could not find any relief for their migraines.

Some reports indicate that as many as 15% of the population suffers routinely with migraines. Once a person finds themselves in the middle of a migraine there are many things that can aggravate the pain. These include sounds, light, body movement, and stress. Medications, caffeine, and hormonal changes are also thought to play a role in causing the migraines.  

Identifying a Migraine

One of the keys to reducing the pain of migraines is to recognize the warning signs that one is coming on and take pervasive actions to help stop it or reduce its overall effect. This can happen by noticing slight changes in your body just before a migraine starts to happen. Some of the body changes can be a ringing in the ears that is not typically there, a facial twitch, and some people experience an unusual taste in their mouth.

Some people might notice that they have blurry vision when a migraine is about to start. Once a migraine comes, most people will experience pain around most of their heads. It will throb and may be accompanied by dizziness and nausea. Migraines will typically last from a few hours up to a few days. Once someone reaches a point where it is about to begin to subside they will often feel slightly uplifted.

Several medical studies found that inhaling lavender essential oil had a positive effect on reducing migraine pain and severity for most patients. Studies, where participants used lavender as a therapy over time, found that after about 90 days they began to experience fewer migraines and the ones they did have were less severe and lasted less time. They also found that the participants became more positive overall in their outlook on life.

Anyone who is experiencing a migraine can massage a small amount of lavender into their skin for immediate relief. It is also recommended that they inhale the oil by putting three to four drops into boiling water and inhaling the vapors. Most people will place the boiling water into a bowl, add the drops of lavender and then place a towel over their head and the bowl so that the maximum amount of vapor is breathed in.


Ginger has been used at least since the Middle Ages both as a spice for certain meals and as a natural remedy for a number of ailments. One of the reasons why ginger is effective for many different types of conditions is the fact that it contains over 200 different substances in its oil. Some of these substances have been found to reduce inflammation in the body and even have some control over hormones. As well, it has also been found that it can stimulate certain muscle contractions.

Like many other essential oils, ginger can be taken in several different ways. It can be massaged directly into the area and some say this is the fastest way to get immediate pain relief. Of course, the oil is in the root itself and therefore anyone eating ginger will consume a certain amount of oil. But essential oil has been extracted and is in concentrated form and this is what will work best for most.

Most essential oils require a carrier oil to be used so that it doesn't irritate the skin when applied directly and these topical formulations can be picked up from many health food outlets or online. The oil can also be in tablet or capsule form as well as chewable wafers. Ginger also makes a great tea and therefore comes in teabags.

Additional Uses for Ginger

As well as helping reduce the pain and overall severity of headaches, it also reduces other symptoms that often accompany a headache and these include vomiting and nausea. Because the regular use of this essential oil can reduce inflammation in the body it is believed that over time that it can reduce the underlying causes of headaches. Ginger is one of the essential oils that people find easy to take because it can be used in so many different ways and consumed as part of everyday meals.

It should be noted that if someone is taking blood thinners then they will want to be cautious about using ginger or its essential oil because it has a blood-thinning component. For this reason, anyone taking blood thinners might find that even small cuts can bleed excessively. But for those who are not on blood thinners then this essential oil can assist in not only reducing headache pain but also pain associated with arthritis.



Eucalyptus essential oils come from gum trees which grow as high as 50 ft tall. This oil contains high concentrations of a substance that is known to help to clear breathing and to give a person a sense of well-being. It is especially good for helping reduce the occurrence of headaches by allowing users to reduce stress by relaxing. It has also shown its ability to help the mind to think more clearly and this further leads to the reduction of headaches.

This essential oil is effective for pain relief and for helping muscles to relax. It boosts the body's natural immune system and reduces inflammation. Cineole is the main ingredient found in the oil and is antimicrobial. This component is often found in liniments, inhalers, and creams to treat rashes. The main area where the tree is grown is still its main producer and that is Australia.

As more studies are being conducted and finding the efficacy of this oil for its various health benefits, it is stirring more studies to see how it could be used in place of pharmaceutical medicine. If someone is suffering from headaches due to consuming too much sugar or from stress-related causes, this essential oil has been shown to be highly effective for those types of headaches.

Additional Benefits of Eucalyptus

Those who have difficulty relaxing at the end of the day could benefit from the use of aromatherapy with eucalyptus essential oil. It has been shown that this oil can help a person to relax physically and mentally. Anyone who suffers from breathing disorders that may lead to headaches can also benefit from this essential oil as it is used in products to help relieve breathing disorders such as asthma.

Some headaches such as sinus headaches are caused by an infection that inflames the sinuses. This essential oil is an antiseptic which can help fight infection. It has a microbial activity that helps it to fight off the infection. At the same time, this oil stimulates the person which helps to relieve fatigue and gives the person a better sense of well-being. This helps to relieve stress and that in turn helps to reduce stress-related headaches.

Often when someone suffers from headaches they have what is commonly called brain fog and this essential oil will help stimulate mental alertness. It does this by increasing blood flow which also helps blood vessels to relax and allows blood to circulate better. This allows the brain to be more alert and allows headaches to subside.

Its anti-inflammatory capacity helps relieve muscle pain and this too can relieve headaches. It has an impact on nerve pain as well. Headaches can be caused by having too much or too little sugar and this essential oil helps the body to better regulate blood sugar levels. It does this with flavonoids and phenolic and can be used by applying it directly to the skin or by inhaling it from the vapor.

Other uses of this oil include using it in saunas and spas and as part of a relaxing bath. When using it for the treatment of headaches it can also be combined with other essential oils such as lavender and rosemary.

overactive bladder clary sage

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is an essential oil that is particularly good for treating emotional tension and anxiety. Because it has also been shown to give significant relief for those suffering from menstrual cramps, menopause, and PMS, it is sometimes called ‘a woman's essential oil’. It has shown its ability to wash away nervous tension and to help the mind to reach a state of calmness.

If someone is suffering from hormonal imbalances that are causing headaches then clary sage essential oil is the right choice. The use of this oil has even been said to bring on a mild state of euphoria and to produce laughter and smiles in its users. This essential oil has a sweet aroma with a mild floral fragrance.

Because of its ability to help regulate the body’s hormones, it is considered one of the best essential oils to use when headaches are caused by hormonal imbalances. This can include headaches that occur during heavy menstruation or because of menopause. It helps to lessen the feelings of depression and helps to bring about a sense of relaxation.3 

This essential oil is also useful for getting a good night's sleep which can reduce headaches. Because it's able to help a person to relax and has been shown to help them have dreams at night, this all works together for getting deeper sleep and that relieves stress and other causes that lead to headaches. To help relieve tension it is recommended that users place about 4 drops of the oil into a diffuser and allow the mist to fill the room.

This oil can also be placed in the bath as well as in a diffuser in the room with the bath and the two methods of receiving the oil will work synergistically to help the person achieve a state of relaxation. Because this oil helps a person to relax while at the same time stimulating a sense of well-being, it is easy to understand how it can help relieve hormonal and tension-type headaches.

Chamomile headache


Chamomile is best known as a tea and there's no doubt that this type of tea can play a great role in helping anyone to relax. Even so, there are components within chamomile that are highly volatile and yet very healthful in their most stable form. These components are most stable when in the concentrated oil. This significantly improves the stability of things like its antioxidants.

Because this herb and the essential oil is so well known and popular in modern times, many people don't realize that it's one of the most ancient and documented oils in human history. As a medicinal herb, it has been used to treat a wide range of conditions. Although the variety that comes from Rome and the other that comes from Germany are very similar, there are some slight differences and for this reason, it might be found that one is recommended for certain conditions while the other is more recommended for others.

Health Benefits of Chamomile

Even though chamomile tea is the most famous use of this herb, using its essential oil can offer even more benefits because its compounds are more stable and preserved better in the concentrated oil. Because headaches are often associated with a range of issues going on in the body, it is useful that chamomile essential oil is helpful not only in allowing someone to relax and relieve stress but also in dealing with issues such as nausea and diarrhea which can play a part in causing headaches. With the help of this oil, digestion can be improved and this can often bring relief for certain types of headaches.

Chamomile essential oil has antibacterial and anti-microbial properties which makes it very useful when fighting sinus headaches. It also helps to reduce inflammation in the body which greatly reduces pain caused by headaches, arthritis, and joint pain. The tea is well known for helping a person relax and the essential oil can do so at even deeper levels. In fact, the concentrated oil has a sedative effect that can not only help a person relax but also help them to get a restful night's sleep.

Because of chamomile’s popularity, it is very easy to find in health food stores and online. It can be used aromatically, applied directly to the skin, or consumed internally. It's important to remember that with essential oils it is necessary to use a carrier oil when applying directly to the skin. If someone is suffering from tension headaches then they can apply the oil to their temples and gently massage in.

Anyone who is suffering from high levels of stress or feelings of anxiety can greatly benefit by using the essential oil in a diffuser. This just simply means that the person would take a few drops of the oil and put it into the diffuser and then allow the device to fill the room with the essential oil. For someone who wants to get an even greater sense of relaxation, they can combine using the essential oil in a diffuser together with a cup of chamomile tea.


jasmine plant

Jasmine essential oil is one of the powerhouse oils that can help relieve a variety of different types of headaches and their underlying conditions. Anyone looking for an essential oil that can aid in getting deeper sleep and relieving insomnia, reducing the effects of depression, along with helping to reach a state of relaxation and one that has a sedative effect on its users should consider jasmine. Some have referred to this essential oil as an aphrodisiac.4

This famous flower blooms only at night and has a strong but pleasing aroma. It is commonly associated with romance in part because it stimulates sexual desire. But it has many other health benefits that make it a very powerful solution for managing headaches. Chronic pain including those from headaches often causes people to fall into deep depression. This essential oil is a strong antidepressant. Impart, it does this by triggering the body to release serotonin which uplifts a person's mood and gives them extra energy.

Jasmine essential oil has a number of components that are useful when fighting infection, and once again can be helpful for sinus headaches. Incidentally, it can also be effective in managing insomnia. Lack of sleep is one of the big reasons for many chronic conditions suffered today.

Additional Benefits

Using this essential oil, a person will find that they can relax and achieve a deep night’s sleep. This significantly improves their overall performance during the day and a good night's rest helps reduce the chance of developing a headache. Sleeping well means that a person is better equipped to handle stress and they are less likely to experience anxiety.

The sedative effect of Jasmine helps lower feelings of anger, stress, anxiety, feelings of being annoyed. Because it also reduces inflammation in the body it not only helps the user to relax more but also reduces pain. Jasmine can also be used to relieve constipation which is one of the underlying causes of headaches.

This flower has been used for a long time as a medicinal herb. It is better suited for that purpose than as a plant to decorate with. When used as an essential oil it has a number of very useful benefits. Because this herb has been used successfully for several types of conditions it is easily found at health food shops and online.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm

This essential oil is one that has long been used in traditional medicine and is used not only as a remedy for migraines and tension headaches but also for some of the underlying causes of chronic headaches. Although it is common for headache sufferers to view their headache as the problem, it is only an indicator of underlying issues. These issues might be unmanaged stress, failure to get enough sleep or unmanaged fluctuations in blood sugar levels and many others.

Lemon balm oil, which is also known as Melissa, is an essential oil that has been found to have a positive effect on the brain. This not only means that it is useful for things like fighting off Alzheimer's disease but is also helpful in helping the brain to better regulate pain signals that it receives. This makes it useful for the management of headaches.

Inflammation is a problem suffered by tens of millions of people today and it is believed to be one of the underlying culprits for many of the chronic conditions suffered in modern society. This oil is effective in reducing inflammation. Inflammation can cause swelling and create other factors that cause pain in many areas of the body and this includes causing headaches. Using this oil as a treatment to reduce inflammation makes it useful in the fight against reducing chronic headaches.

Sinus related headaches are often caused by sinus infections that have made the sinuses inflamed. This essential oil is antimicrobial which helps to prevent infections and to bring an end to an infection that has taken root. When using the oil for sinus headaches it is recommended that the user places a few drops into hot steaming water and breathe in the vapor or by using a diffuser which will fill the room with the essential oil.

Unmanaged blood sugar levels is another cause for chronic headaches. Lemon balm has been shown to be effective for improving liver function. In clinical trials, it was also found that after 6 weeks of regular use participants lowered levels of blood glucose and improved their overall tolerance for insulin.

Lemon Balm for Mental Health

Lemon balm is also an effective way to manage emotional imbalances that can promote headaches. Many people who have regular headache pain also suffer from depression, anxiety, fatigue, and similar conditions. This essential oil is considered an antidepressant and has a sedative effect on users. In clinical trials, participants said they would have a feeling of warmth and peacefulness.

Using this oil to manage emotional issues can help bring users to a place of balance and is said to have an uplifting effect. Clinical trials have demonstrated its efficacy for improving cognition, managing depression and reducing anxiety.5

Another common problem found in many who suffer from chronic headaches is hypertension and high blood pressure. In some animal studies done using this oil, it was found that it was effective for regulating healthy blood pressure levels and lowering hypertension. It was also found that it improved heart health. These issues are closely related to the many who suffer from regular headaches.

Menstrual-related symptoms and PMS are another of the underlying causes of regular headaches. Lemon balm has shown its effectiveness in trial studies for reducing the symptoms related to heavy menstruation and PMS. In the trials, the participants were given capsules with the oil for consumption.

Using this oil to manage hypertension, it can be applied directly to the chest or can be taken internally. When someone is suffering from nervousness they can use a couple of drops on the back of their ears which will reduce feelings of nervousness along with any dizziness or nausea they may be feeling. It can also be taken internally by putting one or two drops into a glass of water or a cup of tea.

When someone is fighting depression it is recommended that they use the oil in a diffuser and if they feel they need some additional help then they can apply a drop or 2 on their wrists. To help manage these types of conditions over time it's recommended that a diffuser is used on a daily basis with a few drops of the oil that fills the room with its mist.


Spearmint essential oil is very similar to peppermint but is milder. For some people, peppermint is too strong and that makes spearmint a good alternative. This mint has a number of uses for fighting headache pain and its underlying causes. Mint has a cooling sensation that is associated with a calming effect which is highly useful when managing headache pain.

This essential oil helps to stimulate blood flow particularly in the forehead which often alleviates headache pain. Mint has been used for at least a thousand years for medicinal purposes and is well known as a natural painkiller. When used topically it's important that it be applied as soon as possible once a headache starts.

In studies, it was found that the best results came when participants applied spearmint oil topically within 15 to 20 minutes of their headache beginning. Spearmint essential oil is a good alternative to peppermint because the strength of that mint is so strong that it irritates some user’s skin. Spearmint is considerably milder and yet is still very effective in pain reduction. When using this oil externally it is still necessary to apply it to the skin using a carrier oil to avoid skin irritation.

Spearmint oil also has antiseptic antimicrobial properties which make it useful for managing sinus headaches. 

Headaches are caused in part because muscles and nerves send a signal to the brain that there's something wrong and the brain then produces a signal that leads to headache pain which is actually the brains method of alarming the individual that there's some problem. Menthol is very good at reducing muscle and nerve spasms that can lead to headaches.

Added Benefits of Spearmint

Those who suffer from excessive gas that can lead to bloating and stomach pain also often experience chronic headaches. Spearmint oil is effective at helping gas to go naturally out of the stomach and intestines which relieves the bloating and in-turn, the headaches. The key to understanding how to manage headaches is coming to recognize the underlying issues that lead to it occurring.

Once someone understands that physical and emotional issues that are not effectively managed will lead to the suffering of chronic headaches, then it is possible to begin treating those underlying issues which will, in turn, reduce or eliminate headaches. This is why essential oils such as spearmint are so effective as a way to manage chronic pain from headaches. Using spearmint essential oil by applying it directly to the skin, using it in the bath, inhaling it from a vaporizer, or using a diffuser are all great ways to benefit from spearmint.

If someone is suffering from menstrual pain and muscle spasms that perpetuate headaches they can use spearmint essential oil by massaging it into the affected areas. If someone believes that digestive issues are at play then this oil can be taken internally. It is always important with essential oils that a carrier oil is used when applying it directly to the skin or using it for massage. When taking it internally it should be done using several ounces of water or tea and take only a couple of drops. There are no known concerns when using a diffuser or using it in the bath. Like other essential oils, spearmint works well with many others and can be used in conjunction with them for general health and the treatment of chronic headaches.


headache relief

Helichrysum essential oil is not well known in America but is used throughout Europe as an effective tool to treat headache pain. You will find that MONQ's relieve blend contains helichrysum to help your aches and pains. It is also very good for treating underlying causes that are likely the root cause of those headaches. Like some of the other oils mentioned, it is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is been found in clinical studies to inhibit enzymes that create inflammation and to eliminate free radicals.

The plant from which the oil is extracted grows naturally in the Mediterranean area and has been used in many parts of Europe for more than a thousand years. Particularly countries such as Turkey, Italy, Portugal, and Spain use it frequently. From that time until this, it has been a part of traditional medicine in many Mediterranean countries.

It is now becoming more popular in America and elsewhere because of new scientific studies that have been done over the last few decades. Those studies have proven under the rigors of science that it does indeed have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. It is now being looked at as a potential pharmaceutical because it is a natural antibiotic.

Science-Backed Benefits of Helichrysum

The more studies that are done on this essential oil the more uses are being found for it. Some of these uses include the treatment of allergies, colds, inflammation, constipation, liver disease, candida, insomnia, and bloating, among others. All of these issues can at times cause headaches to occur. Treating these underlying problems will very often lead individuals to find their headaches go away.

Like many other natural remedies, the studies are sparser than pharmacological drugs simply because natural cures cannot be patented and are therefore not profitable enough to spend the money on studies. Even so, this particular essential oil is so promising that studies are taking place and as each new study comes out the science community is finding that this essential oil has tremendous potential.

Digestion and stomach issues are often overlooked as potential causes of headaches but more evidence is showing that it can be one of the root causes of chronic pain from headaches. Because modern food is highly processed it often does not have probiotics which help grow healthy bacteria in the gut. Because of this, bad bacteria will proliferate and lead to the development of candida.

This can lead to a wide range of issues that can create bloating, a failure to get the nutrition from the food eaten, constipation, and many other related issues that can, in turn, trigger headaches. This problem can also lead to poor sleep patterns, inflammation, and candida virus. It also means that the immune system is weakened which can then leads to a host of other problems.

Rarely is constipation considered a trigger for headaches and yet it is one of the more common issues that lead to people suffering from regular headaches. Helichrysum essential oil is a natural diuretic and aids the digestive tract. This oil stimulates gastric juices that are used to break down food which helps eliminate constipation and allows the body to simulate more nutrition from the food consumed.

This oil can be used as a traditional remedy for a variety of intestinal issues that include healing a damaged gut, diseases related to the intestine, and to improve digestion. This, in turn, will lead to a number of bodily functions working better and this will reduce the number of triggers that cause headache pain. It will also help improve irritability as these issues are resolved.

The oil is a natural pain reliever and is particularly useful for reducing muscle pain by reducing swelling and inflammation and by improving blood circulation. Improving this particular area of the body greatly helps in reducing how often a person experiences headaches and to what severity they experience them. New studies are also showing that it is an effective antispasmodic and when muscle spasms lead to chronic headaches the ability to reduce that issue will also have a positive effect on reducing headache pain.

When using this oil in a diffuser, many people say that it has a sweet smell and gives a calming and mood-enhancing effect. This flower is not particularly attractive and yet it has powerful medicinal value. It is becoming an increasingly popular essential oil around the world. Helichrysum can be used effectively by massaging it into the skin directly or by using a diffuser.



Basil as an herb is a popular addition to many dishes around the world. As an essential oil, it is very effective in reducing fatigue, treating muscle and nerve problems, reducing inflammation in the body, eliminating constipation, and is a natural antibiotic. This is an essential oil that has been used since the Middle Ages.

Unlike many of the other essential oils, this one is found naturally growing all over the world. It has a spicy sweet smell and has a wide range of medicinal uses. Some of these uses include fighting off infections as well as bad bacteria and killing viruses. It can help improve the functioning of the nervous system and can be used effectively to lift a person's mood.

The use of this herb to enhance the taste of food is popular but it is the essential oil from this plant that is highly concentrated and potent enough for medicinal use. The oil is extracted from the plant's leaves, its flowers, and its stem, and the oil contains phytochemicals and antioxidants. It is effective in treating immune-related conditions, emotional disturbances, muscular disorders, and cardiovascular issues.

Medicinal Uses for Basil

Some of the medicinal uses of this essential oil include the treatment of constipation, diarrhea, and headaches. It also fights bad bacteria in the body. Basil has also been found to be an effective way to reduce fatigue and lower inflammation. It is even able to fight off certain infections.

As an antibacterial and antimicrobial it can help protect the body against bad bacteria and problems with mold. Food-related pathogens and airborne mold can cause havoc on a person and using this essential oil can fight against the conditions caused by these issues. It also helps to clean the air and remove pathogens that are airborne.

It is common when suffering from the flu or a bad cold that a person also experiences a headache. This essential oil helps to fight against viruses and a variety of types of bacteria as well as reducing pain and fatigue. This can mean when someone is experiencing a cold or the flu that they can recover more quickly and that some of the symptoms of headaches can be reduced or eliminated.

Muscle spasms and other muscle related issues can trigger headaches. Basil essential oil is a natural muscle relaxant. It helps to relieve aching muscles and to reduce muscle fatigue. This oil can be massaged directly into the areas where the pain is being experienced as well as being used in a bath to help relax muscles and headache pain.

If an ear infection is leading to headache pain, then it can be treated effectively by using some of this essential oil by rubbing it into the bottom of the foot. It might seem strange to treat an ear infection by placing essential oil on the foot but in Ayurvedic medicine, this is thought to speed up the healing of an ear infection. If it's the ear infection that is causing the headache, then by healing the underlying problem the headache will go away.

Basil essential oil has been found to be an effective treatment in helping a person to elevate their mood and to increase their energy. It does this in part by stimulating the nervous system in a positive way as well as having a positive effect on their adrenal cortex. Often when a person is depressed they will not think clearly and they will have a condition commonly called brain fog.

Brain fog can often be eliminated with the use of this essential oil. It will also help the person to overcome their sluggishness and fatigue and will significantly improve their overall mood. It is essential that a person manages their emotional state if they are to have hope that they can effectively manage chronic headache pain. Using this and other essential oils is an effective way to balance a person's mood and increase their energy.

Stress is one of the most prevalent elements of illness in modern society. No one can really hope to be healthy and to rid themselves of chronic headache pain until they're able to effectively manage stress. Stress often elevates feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and fear. Because basil essential oil effectively uplift's a person's mood it can lower the amount of stress, anxiety, and nervousness that they feel.

Those who are suffering from such issues also find that their mind is always racing and never turns off. This not only makes that person ineffective during the day but can also interfere with a restful night's sleep in the evening. These issues can all combine to make the problem ever-increasing. This oil has shown to be an effective tool for calming the mind and helping a person to achieve a state where their mind is not racing.

This improves performance during the day which often helps in relieving anxiety and fear. It also promotes a good night sleep which enhances mood and energy. Using this oil in a diffuser or by applying it to the bottom of the foot and massaging it in are a couple of the ways it has been shown to have a calming effect. Doing this on a regular basis can have significant results over time.

Because so many people today eat such a poor diet it causes a wide range of issues that start with the digestive tract. Using basil essential oil is an effective way to heal the digestive tract and to help it to better do its job. It is also effective as an antispasmodic which can reduce cramping that leads to headache pain. Those who suffer from PMS and heavy menstruation can use this essential oil as a way to reduce those symptoms and in turn, the headaches that they cause.

Although this herb is most well-known for its ability to enhance cuisine it is also a powerful medicinal herb and potent essential oil. In fact, it is so potent that some studies have found that it can fight bacteria that have otherwise been shown to be drug-resistant. It is therefore recommended to use basil for more than cooking but also as a medicine in the form of an essential oil.

Marjoram headache

Marjoram essential oil is famously known to be used as a love potion in Greek mythology. It originates from the Mediterranean area and has a number of bioactive compounds that promote health. Like many herbs, it is the essential oil that should be used as it has the most concentration and has the greatest medicinal potency. Among its many health benefits, this oil is known to calm a person's nerves, relieve depression, and is especially effective for several different types of headaches.6

Migraines are an especially difficult and painful type of a headache and this is a good essential oil that is powerful enough to bring relief. Because it has a positive impact on the nervous system it also is effective for relieving nervous and stress-related headaches. It is also effective for reducing nerve pain.

Marjoram Benefits

Marjoram can be an effective way of improving digestion and intestinal health. It also stimulates bowel elimination which prevents constipation. These are issues that have all been linked to chronic headache pain. By relieving these problems it can effectively eliminate headache pain from being triggered.

Hormonal imbalances is another of the more common problems that are directly linked to chronic headaches. This is an issue that is most prevalent in women. Medications designed to help balance hormones have often been found to have unwanted side effects. But this is a natural way of doing so with no known negative side effects. It has been found effective in women and teenagers who need help managing their menstrual cycles. It also reduces androgens which are often the cause of hormonal imbalances in women.

Unhealthy levels of blood sugar have also been linked to chronic headache pain. Effectively managing blood sugar levels is one of the ways that help reduce regularly

headache relief

occurring headaches. This essential oil does this in a couple of ways. It has been demonstrated in studies to have a positive effect on insulin sensitivity. Using this essential oil on a regular basis is part of a healthy way to manage healthy blood sugar levels.

Unhealthy blood pressure is another problem that has been linked to those who suffer from chronic headaches. Marjoram essential oil helps improve heart health and lower high blood pressure. It is also known to help the body's cardiovascular system and this, in turn, helps the entire body

Without pain, headaches don't exist. In fact, all headaches are the experience of pain in one part of the head or another. Because this essential oil is an effective pain reliever it can help in managing headache pain. It's also effective at reducing tension and muscle spasms. These are very often directly linked to headache pain.

This oil has a positive effect on the mind and emotions helping users to remain calm and free of anxiety. It also reduces tension which is good for tension headaches. Diffusing the home with this essential oil is one of the recommended ways to use it for relaxation. It can also be used as a massage oil which can further help a person to relax. It has been demonstrated in controlled studies that simply breathing in this essential oil can lower a person's blood pressure and help nervousness to calm down.

The best way to use this particular essential oil is with a diffuser. It is generally not recommended that this essential oil is used for direct application externally on the skin as it could cause irritation. It's most potent medicinal uses are helping to balance hormones, calming the nervous system, helping regulate blood sugar levels, and improving heart health.

Because this is a particularly strong essential oil, it is best to use it under the direction of a healthcare professional. It is necessary to find one who has the knowledge and understanding of essential oils as most doctors do not. Once someone understands how to use it correctly it is a very good essential oil for the health issues discussed here.

Taking A Closer Look at Aromatherapy

Headache pain is usually a signal from the body and mind that something is wrong inside. Although medicine can be used as a temporary relief, it will not eliminate the root cause of a headache. The only way to manage and eliminate chronic headache pain is to treat the underlying conditions that cause it.

When a person is putting themselves through daily stress and they have no effective way of managing that stress it will lead to chronic health issues including headaches. Anytime someone is experiencing regular bouts of depression and anxiety it will lead to many conditions that trigger headache pain. If a person has unmanaged blood sugar levels that are high or low it can trigger headache pain.7

If someone fails to get enough sleep at night regardless of the reason, it's going to lead to fatigue and that, in turn, is likely to trigger a headache. When a person consumes too much junk food and their usual diet is not nutritious enough, it will cause chronic headaches to occur. If there is too much muscle tension or the nervous system is in poor health, then these too will trigger routine headaches.

Although most people will separate headache pain from other issues going on in their body, it is completely linked. It is not only an issue of physical problems but it is also directly linked to emotional issues as well. This means that anyone who is going through difficult emotional times will be more likely to experience chronic headache pain.

If a person hates their job or boss, then it is likely to cause routine headaches. If a person is going through a difficult marriage or they have experienced some difficult loss, then they are at an increased risk of regular headaches. The body and a person’s emotional state are the main culprits that trigger the brain into creating headache pain.

Final Thoughts on Headache Relief

There are so many different causes that can lead to someone experiencing a chronic headache. It is important to do everything possible to relieve those issues. Because there are so many possible reasons for recurring headaches, a person doesn't always know what the causes are. That is one of the very reasons why using essential oils is an effective treatment for this condition. Many essential oils are good at alleviating underlying problems that cause recurring headaches. Even when someone doesn't know the cause of their headache, they will often find relief from using essential oils.

Essential oils have been used for centuries without negative side effects. The oils are so concentrated that in some cases a single drop can have a positive effect on a person's health. This is achieved through the process of distilling the oil from the different parts of the plant.

The root, bark, flower, peels, and leaves are all used in the distillation process. What remains is a highly concentrated oil that has all the health benefits of the plant. These essential oils are so strong that they're often referred to as volatile compounds because of the high concentration of the oil. This allows for the most powerful compounds to be available in the most concentrated form.

If someone is suffering from routine headaches and they don't know the reason, then they should consider the most common causes. For women, it often can be related to hormonal imbalances. If this is the case then essential oils will be highly effective in helping them regulate their hormones.

Stress and anxiety are highly prevalent in modern society and are among the underlying causes of chronic conditions including headaches. This means that a person who is experiencing daily stress will need to manage that in some way. One of the effective ways is the use of essential oils. Many that have been listed here are highly useful in reducing anxiety and stress.

 Several of the essential oils listed here are effective pain relievers. In addition to relieving pain, they will also elevate mood and help to manage and reduce depression.8 Using essential oils in a diffuser while sitting quietly can help alleviate stress and tension.

Taking a hot bath with essential oils is another great way to relax and have a healthy and invigorating experience that brings headache relief. Many oils can bring immediate relief by applying them directly to the skin and massaging the painful area. Put a few drops of oil in hot water to breathe in the health benefits of the oil.  

Good health is achieved by following healthy practices on a regular and ongoing basis. This means it is necessary to use essential oils on a regular basis in order to get the most benefits from them. Doing so will have noticeable long-term benefits on the body, mind, and spirit. Following the ideas presented here is the best way to get started. The sooner someone begins using these ideas, the sooner they will begin to get the benefits of these oils.

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