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Behind Our Blend: Pumpkin Spice


Behind Our Blend: Pumpkin Spice

Behind Our Blend: Pumpkin Spice. It officially launched in October of 2018. Pumpkin Spice was a collaborative effort within the MONQ Lab and a staff-wide favorite project. Nostalgia was an important part of the inspiration of this blend as MONQ has often studied and explored the concept of nostalgia therapy and the benefits it can bring to the mind and body.

Led by our resident Aromatherapist we set out to capture and translate a fall favorite classic by just using essential oils. Now, this isn’t such an easy task you see because most pumpkin spice treats are made with sugar, cream, coffee, or caramel... lol. We don’t have those tools when building a personal diffuser blend. The sweetness and well-rounded flavors must come from understanding how the EOs create synergy together and then translate from a diffuser.

The first thing we did was look up various recipes for pumpkin spice “things” and study the spices and flavors being used. We noted that there were some key ingredients present in every single recipe - cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, clove. We added vanilla for creaminess and sweetness. We even got to experiment with coffee bean essential oil which was new on the market during that time. It adds a subtle smokey, gourmand undertone.

We also recognized that these spices show up during this time of year (in everything!) for a reason. These spices have been traditionally relied on for providing comfort and protection during cold and flu season as well as helping the body regulate its temperature and stay warm in frigid weather. We decided to make that a secondary intention behind the formula and boosted the synergy with additional, complementary ingredients known to support seasonal wellness.

Black pepper - warming, stimulating, increases circulation. Aids with inflammation and minor discomforts.

Rosalina - Sometimes called "lavender tea tree" because of the nearly equal amounts of linalool and 1,8-cineole. This oil is balancing and calming. Great for sinus-related discomfort or relief from symptoms associated with coughs/colds. Clinical studies support its use as an antibacterial.

Spikenard - Has a calming effect on the mind and assists with restorative sleep.

Staff member Laura - a MONQ Pumpkin Spice super-fan says, “Pumpkin spice is Fall. The aroma of the blend is so comforting. It reminds me of cozy blankets, a cup of hot tea, and a good book. This time of year we have it going in all our diffusers at the MONQ Hub.”

Fun Insider Fact: Pumpkin Spice was almost named “Autumn” instead! It was put to a vote with the staff and PS ultimately won.

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