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All About Autumn in a Bottle

Fall is finally here and that means time for family, fun, and chilly nights spent indoors. As the leaves begin to turn, something in the air changes and spicy scents seem to come from every open door. With MONQ’s newest bottled blend, creating the atmosphere of autumn has never been so attainable. Scientifically crafted to encourage a sense of nostalgia, Autumn evokes a calm and open spirit.

Autumn Bottle This year, it’s your turn to fill your home with the smell of Autumn Therapeutic Air, a mix of cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg with hints of cardamom and blood orange. Cinnamon, along with nutmeg and allspice, has been known to promote relaxation, In addition, these three oils have been known to help with discomfort within the body. Blood orange boosts energy.

Similar to the Pumpkin Spice personal diffuser, this bottled blend allows you to share the smells of your favorite time of the year with the world around you. Whether you are enjoying a night in with a loved one or opening your home for a holiday party, the Autumn blend will make for an enjoyable atmosphere.

MONQ’s founder and CEO, Eric Fishman, says about the new blend, "We love that we've given people the ability to take aromatherapy anywhere with personal essential oil diffusers, and we're excited to provide another option for customers to enjoy the beautiful scents of fall in their home or office with Autumn in a bottle."

Above, we mentioned the nostalgia effect that the blend is intended to have. This idea was  width= brought about with the use of nostalgia therapy, a technique meant to recall positive events from childhood through the use of music or, in this case, smells.

Fishman continues on the topic of nostalgia therapy, “At MONQ we believe in the power of nostalgia therapy through the scent of essential oils to instill a positive emotional impact. The Autumn bottle blend can help take you back to happy fall memories to ground and soothe you with the benefits of aromatherapy.”

As you begin to make your plans for the fall season, be sure to make room for the new Autumn blend!

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