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Which Style Are You? A Guide To Finding the Right MONQ® Essential Oil to Match Your Fashion Sense!

The powerful health benefits of essentials oils have prompted many people to utilize aromatherapy in their daily lives. Recently, incorporating aromatherapy into our daily routines has become easier than ever. Our innovative personal aromatherapy diffusers allow for easy access to essential oils and come in a vast range of varieties to suit all manner of personalities and styles.

MONQ’s diffusers are perhaps one of the few aromatherapy products that intertwine personal expression, fashion, and aromatherapy into one product. Using these diffusers, anyone can add a significant edge to their daily routine by enjoying the benefits of essential oils which have been specially designed to match their style and personality.

You may strongly recognize several features of the essential oil but feel that some traits do not apply to you as you look through the profiles and personality groups of essential oils. This is only natural because the personalities and fashion sense of people do not perfectly fit into a box.

Also, you may recognize a “main” personality of the oil that you strongly agree with as well as some other sub-personalities that may feel close to you. Experiment with various blends and oils based on your fashion sense and you may discover new experiences in this exciting and wonderful world of aromatherapy.

higher vibrations crystals and zen oil diffuser

Preppy Style with Zen

Individuals that describe themselves as having a preppy style, which is heavily influenced by college-culture, will find that the Zen diffuser will perfectly compliment them. The preppy style is the perfect combination of looking sharp with a slightly geeky edge. Many people that have a preppy style would describe themselves as intelligent and highly articulate.

The Zen diffuser contains frankincense which has a powerful ability to promote mental awareness. It also includes sweet orange which has energizing properties. Exotic oil ylang-ylang is also incorporated due to its stress fighting properties. The diffuser improves psychological function, energizes and fights stress which is very fitting for the articulate image of preppy fashion.

woman exhaling Happy essential oil diffuser

Bohemian Style with Happy

Bohemian styles are often characterized by tie-dye and loose fitting clothing that drapes over an individual. The personalities that are often associated with bohemian styles are fun-loving individuals that are down to earth yet at the same time have a striking sense of curiosity that drives them to try many different things.

With this in mind, the Happy diffuser will undoubtedly compliment people with bohemian styles the most. The Happy diffuser contains three different oils that are known to have great synergy with striking individuals. It contains fennel which has very potent properties in improving digestive health. It also includes thyme which boosts circulation as well as vanilla which is a mood balancer. Combining mood balancing properties with increased flow and energy is well fitting for those looking to evoke a fun-loving quality.

exhaling Sexy essential oil diffuser leather jacket

Elegant Style with Sexy

Those with elegant styles often look like famous movie stars, looking dashingly beautiful in a classic style. People that like to look elegant often place a lot of emphasis on looking their absolute best wherever they may be going. Those striving for elegance want people to be stunned and impressed by their beauty, and it’s for this reason that the Sexy diffuser is most suitable.

The Sexy diffuser features various oils that improve sensuality as well as energy. It contains jasmine which has been known to increase not only alertness but arousal as well. Further, lime is used to combat tiredness and a hint of patchouli, an aphrodisiac, is incorporated. Using this diffuser, those with elegant styles will not only mesmerize those around them with their beauty, but they’ll also feel amazing while doing so.

Sleepy MONQ Essential Oil Diffuser Next to Salt Lamp Vinyl Records Christmas Lights and Feet

Artsy Style with Sleepy

People who would describe themselves as having an artsy style would pride themselves in their cerebral devotion to non-conformance. Artsy individuals are all about breaking traditional norms and trying out new styles that some may describe as being wild. Considering how artsy individuals are very expressive already, they will gain the most benefit from the Sleepy diffuser.

The Sleepy diffuser is the perfect diffuser for people that already have a vivid imagination. It serves as the perfect yin to the yang of an artsy personality. It contains chamomile which is a very powerful calming agent. It also has kava and lavender oils which can drastically improve sleep quality and promote relaxation.

Active essential oil diffuser braids

Sporty Style with Active

Athletic people pride themselves on treating their body like a temple, pursuing an active lifestyle that is full of healthy eating and positive thinking. Those who are sporty often like to seek new challenges and always reach for higher goals as they walk down the path of self-improvement. You’ll probably see these sporty individuals wearing activewear as they prepare for their morning jog. Thus, the Active diffuser will compliment their endeavors perfectly.

An Active diffuser is an excellent tool for people with high ambitions and high energy to use. It contains bitter orange which clarifies the mind, as well as black pepper and sage that improve athletic performance and muscle tiredness. The ability to have a purified mind to approach new challenges as well as physically being able to perform effectively and without fatigue is core to the sporty style.

hat woman Healthy diffuser

Casual Style with Healthy

If someone describes their style as casual, they are probably quite down to earth and easy going. These individuals are often the easiest to get along with and are known for their distinct lack of pretentiousness. People that are casual in their style often go for muted colors and simple articles of clothing to complement their personality. Those with casual style often seek to keep a solid foundation of health, and for that, the Healthy diffuser would work best for them.

When it comes to the Healthy diffuser, the cinnamon leaf is used strongly due to its ability to drastically ease tension throughout the body. Oils that improve the quality of day-to-day life are also included such as marjoram and turmeric which relieves muscle discomfort and aids digestion. The down to earth personality of those with casual styles will be amplified by the tension-easing properties of the Healthy diffuser.


Exotic Style with Love

Those that love exoticism will often exhibit an exotic style of vibrant patterns that have been influenced by the world’s many exciting cultures. Many with exotic styles will have traveled the world and have a myriad of different experiences that changed their perspective on life. Hence, to show their unique life experiences, they often have an exotic style that will be best suited to the Love diffuser.

The love for travel and exploration of those that have exotic styles will be propelled by the cacao found in the Love diffuser which can amplify pleasure significantly. Furthermore, to add a daring boost, davana a strong aphrodisiac is also found in the diffuser. To complement these two strong effects, Siam wood is added to combat negative feelings, to make those with exotic styles feel free to express themselves however they want.

Smiling Woman With Hat Using Vibrant Oil Diffuser During Autumn

Bright & Lively Style with Vibrant

People with a love for showing off bright and lively colors, definitely want to stand out in a crowd and make a bold, loud statement with their style and clothing. This type of style is frequently splashy, multi-colored, fringe, exaggerated, and asymmetrical. The people that rock this style pull off color combos and patterns you would’ve never previously thought possible. Therefore, it should be no surprise that this style fits perfectly with the Vibrant blend.

The strong scent of each of the ingredients in this blend match with this bright and lively style. Spearmint is recognized for its stimulating and restorative effects. Lemon and ginger are known to energize and revive the mind and encourage an ecstatic state of being, respectively. Each of these is great for those looking for new ways to make a bold statement with their fashion.

Final Touches

To further improve your sense of fashion, diffuser necklaces should also be on your list. You can wear it anywhere, anytime, and in nearly every style. Fortunately, you can now bring aromatherapy together with your necklace. Aside from being a part of your fashion style, MONQ necklaces also serve another purpose, and that is to hold your portable essential oil diffuser. You will not have to worry anymore about where to put your portable diffuser. You can simply wear it, giving you an easier access to your favorite mixture of essential oils. It also serves as a reminder to live a healthy and stress-free life.

Keep in mind that you may not find your fashion style on the list since there are tons of different styles out there. However, most of them are simply a combination of one style and another. Just try and experiment with different oils and you will find what blend is right for your fashion. Each of these diffusers has been meticulously crafted and designed so that anyone, whatever their approach to life, can benefit.

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