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Using Essential Oils to Adjust to Dorm Life

If you're heading off to college for the first time, you're probably pretty excited about the idea of living in a dorm for the first. It can be an amazing experience, and you'll find that you grow a lot as a person and learn a lot about yourself when you leave home for the first time. You'll also learn a lot about life in general.

dorm life Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

During your first few weeks at school, you probably won't spend too much time in your dorm. You'll be busy visiting new local coffee shops or restaurants, exploring the new city, learning your way around campus, or making new friends.

At first, you might think of the dorm as just a place where you sleep at night. That's fine for the short term, but long-term, the goal is to make your dorm feel more like home. he more comfortable you are, the less stressed you’ll be and the better you’ll be able to sleep, study, and generally take care of yourself.

Using essential oils can be a great way of making your dorm feel like home. They're also a versatile and handy addition to any dorm, providing benefits like helping you focus while studying, improving sleep quality, alleviating stress, and even keeping the air germ-free. 1

Stay Healthy Dorm life

When you're spending time around new people in crowded halls, you're going to be exposed to lots of bugs. Essential oils can help with that. Tea tree oil , for example, is a powerful antimicrobial agent. 2 You can also use citrus oils as an immune-booster.

Dorm Life Study in Peace

Whether you're preparing for an exam or just working on homework, it’s important for you to feel confident and comfortable when you're in your dorm.

Because of this, it’s important to prevent excess stress or burnout from this work, and essential oils have been shown to be a great form of stress relief. 3

Stay in Shape dorm life

It's normal to want to let loose for a while when starting college, which is why it’s so common for college freshmen to gain some weight. Eventually, however, you'll want to get your lifestyle back in check, and it can be hard to break bad habits.

Essential oils can help you to get back on track by making it easier to live a positive lifestyle. Sniffing oils like peppermint or jasmine can reduce cravings and boost energy, promoting both a healthy diet and increased exercise.


Going to university can be an intimidating step, but it's something that will transform your life in many ways. Taking a little time to make your dorm a sweet-smelling, nice place to live will help you enjoy the experience of being a student even more.

Don't let college stress drag your dorm down into a pile of dirty dishes and discarded pizza boxes. Make your living area a place of relaxation that promotes productivity.

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