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Using Aromatherapy as a Family

As a parent, keeping your family and children healthy and happy is a primary concern. Most often these responsibilities are outsourced to a medical health provider and the health system. Still, there is some truth to the proverb about “fences at the top of the cliff, being preferable to hospitals at the bottom.”

Health enthusiasts everywhere are enthusiastically researching and applying alternative health measures not only for treating serious conditions, but improving health to avoid illness as much as possible.

Aromatherapy is one of these alternatives that has proven highly successful since its humble beginnings many thousands of years ago. In our post today, we will explore how this ancient practice can be used to improve the health and quality of life for the modern family.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy could be considered one of the oldest medical practices. Evidence of its use can be found in almost all cultures in the world. Simply put, it is the science and art of using natural herbs and their essences to treat conditions of mental and physical health.

Practices center around applying herbs and essential oils derived from these herbs either topically or by diffusing them and breathing their beneficial compounds. Massage therapy also plays a major role in a variety of aromatherapy treatments providing a two-pronged approach to addressing pains, promoting circulation, relieving stress and tension, and promoting health in general.

Because only 100% natural products are used in aromatherapy and there are abundant information sources on how to begin, aromatherapy can be practiced by just about anyone with only beneficial results. The biggest dangers come from wasting or spoiling valuable oils, but by being careful and following process this is easily avoided.

Aromatherapy for the Modern Family

diffuser with plants in background Home Remedies and First Aid

You never know when sickness and injury will strike the home, but you will only need a selection of 4 or 5 essential oils to address them all safely and effectively. Plants are marvelous chemical factories that produce complex productions humans can only aspire to. There is a solution to every human ailment both physical and mental in the plant world. Many essential oils can suitably address a number of ailments.

Eucalyptus essential oils are good for breathing conditions and peppermint for digestion. Lavender essential oil is among the most versatile and a must-have in every aromatic home. Combine a few drops with a carrier oil and you have an effective antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic for addressing minor cuts , burns, scrapes, and lacerations. Topically or aromatically, lavender essential oils are soothing and induce sleep. 1

Affect the Environment and Adjust Behavior

Essential oils are a terrific way to adjust to the environment in your home subtly and gently. Mornings can be a hectic, chaotic time in any home with everyone moving in different directions and trying to coordinate their days. This is a great time to diffuse mentally stimulating and refreshing essential oils like lime or grapefruit which can set a positive tone and prepare everyone for the day.

By the same measure, when evening comes you can use essential oils to calm the atmosphere and prepare the home for rest. Small energetic children can be calmed into heading toward bed with a combination of lavender and carrier oils applied to the bottom of the feet and behind the ears. This will work on parents as well.

If someone is feeling especially upset, include a calming and encouraging fragrance in your consolation and efforts to calm them down. Roman chamomile and vanilla essential oils are very uplifting fragrances that can help soothe emotional upsets.

Create Special Family Traditions

Smells play a big role in the formation of fond memories and the capacity to bring the mind and emotions back to that place in the future. You can set your growing brood up for emotionally grounding benefits for a lifetime by lacing special family occasions and rituals with a specific essential oil.

Diffuse your favorite fragrances during family game nights, movie viewings, and even just moments when everyone is at home happily engaging in their own activities. In years to come, when you or your children smell these fragrances again it will conjure up pleasant feelings and nostalgia .

eco friendly cleaning supplies Cleaning Supplies

Many of the commercial cleaning supplies in use today contain synthetic chemicals and other ingredients. We really can’t be sure how this is affecting human and environmental health on a grand scale. Essential oils can be used to keep your home environment squeaky clean and naturally healthy as well.

Tea tree oil is a potent disinfectant that can be used for keeping bathrooms, floors, and surfaces sanitary. You can also add other essential oils like rose , eucalyptus , or sage to adjust the fragrances or cleaning capacity.

Final Notes on Aromatherapy for the Modern Family

Be sure to research all you can about essential oils and their application before buying. Remember that a lot of source material goes into the making of each drop of essential oils so a very little goes a long way. In the end, aromatherapy is fun and fascinating and more than anything it can keep you and your family healthy in a natural way.

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