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Top Spa Massagers For Home Use

A recent study in America stated only 19% of the population has received a massage over the past year. 1 This statistic illustrates the importance of educating the masses about massages and why they're important for their health. Anyone that is ignoring the value of a good massage will miss out in the long-term.

Here's more on the importance of a good massage and which spa-like massagers to consider.

Importance of Massages

Relieve Muscle-Related Tension spa massagers

According to Times Magazine, a single massage session can help eliminate 30% of your muscle-related soreness. This is a staggering number and illustrates how vital a good massage can be. Many people don't consider the value of this natural option and end up missing out.

Any built-up tension should be targeted immediately, which is why massages are critical to one's long-term health. Otherwise, the muscle-related tension is only going to get worse with each passing day.

Improve Blood Circulation

The body tends to slow down with time, which has a lot to do with blood circulation. When you receive a massage , it's easier for the body to loosen up and as a result, the blood begins to circulate properly. This is ideal for those feeling fatigued in recent times. It may be something as simple as poor blood circulation.

 width= Provide Stress Relief

Yes, the psychological state can change from time to time, which is why it's time to relax with the help of a quality massage. This is one of the best and most respected ways of relieving stress.

Massages have been used for centuries as a way to ease physical and psychological pain, because it works and it's a natural part of being a human.

Pain Relief

Medical experts state the body is able to subdue pain receptors when there is a physical touch occurring in the same spot (i.e. massage therapy). The idea is that your pain receptors can be overruled by touch receptors depending on how it is done. In certain cases, the pain may remain present but will become less obtrusive. This is why so many people enjoy the idea of getting a massage or start to rub an area that has bumped against a wall or a desk. It's a human reaction and there's a scientific reason for it.

Top Spa Massagers for Home Use  width=

RENPHO Deep Tissue Massager

This is a well-designed handheld massager and can provide tremendous control while targeting deep-rooted tissues. It is designed to work all over the body (i.e. arms, legs, chest, back) and is cordless, ensuring complete control throughout a massage session. RENPHO also provides built-in safety features, including an auto-off solution to prevent overheating and/or injury.

Shibari Mini Halo Massager

This rechargeable handheld massager comes in two colors (black and pink) while providing a wide array of features. Whether the goal is to massage your back, arms, or legs, this massager is able to get the job done. It offers 20x pulsations and is 100% water resistant. This is an ideal solution for those wanting something versatile, easy to use, and in line with modern standards.

Wahl Electric Massager

Wahl is one of the leading brands in the world and is home to this world-class handheld massager. This product comes with four unique attachments for complete versatility and can vary in speed (light/intense) depending on what the user requires. Coming in at a light 3 pounds, this is a powerful solution with tremendous value to reach all parts of the body without missing a beat.

The company has gone out of its way to provide a solution that's fully customizable.

Massage has several health and wellness benefits, and it’s important to take proper care of your body. Whether you schedule an appoint at a spa or use an at home massager, the effects of massage will greatly enhance your daily life.

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