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The Joy of Removing TV from Your Daily Lifestyle

There are many good reasons for making the jump not only to "cut the cord" on cable but to go a step further and pitch TV out of your life entirely! While watching TV is a major part of most of our schedules, there are many good reasons for looking to change that. From relieving stress to become more fulfilled in other areas of life, choosing to ditch TV (and all other forms of video watching) is an important first step to living a better life.

So why should you avoid the temptations of watching TV by ditching it completely? Read on to find out!

Getting rid of TV You'll Get Better Sleep

First, sleep is an important part of everybody’s lifestyle. Sleep is incredibly important to your health and there's a pretty big difference between good sleep and restless sleep. According to many studies, TV too often causes the latter. 1

While there can be a short adjustment time, especially if you are used to falling asleep with the TV on, in the long term you will find you get a much better rest each night. That translates to a better mood, more energy throughout the day, and better health!

TV Can Cause Stress

This isn't even much of an arguable point anymore. The Max Planck Institute in Germany found that levels of the stress hormone Cortisol jumped in nearly 90% of individuals while watching TV. 2 That's a really concerning number!

The University of Buffalo did a similar study and found that binge-watching TV, in particular, seemed to have a major correlation with increasing stress. 3

Those are some pretty convincing studies and there are many others. Some even suggest that a lot of TV watching can actually make recovering much harder.

Less TV Correlates with Better Health Getting rid of TV

The potential health issues that can come with watching TV are numerous and very well documented. You sit more, snack more, exercise less. Aside from the mental problems you find yourself struggling more with, chances are you'll be fighting against higher blood pressure, weight gain, and more.

Cutting TV out of your life is a good move all around, especially due to the benefits that come with it. Many individuals who tried cutting out TV found themselves more patient, less worried & stressed, and naturally just exercising more and getting more done. 4

So, if you're convinced and want to jump on this train, how do you start?

Start By Cutting Out Specific Shows

Chances are you don't have 20 favorite shows. There is probably only a handful you actually really enjoy, a handful you tell yourself you enjoy but are actually kind of bored with, and a lot of stuff watched out of habit or by recommendation.

So start by cutting out these less-loved shows. The ones that really make you excited to watch TV you can still watch, though in moderation. After a few weeks, chances are you'll stop missing them. Maybe you don't want to get involved when that means 4-5 hours to catch up instead of just a half hour or forty-five minutes.

In addition to this, there's also often a "domino effect" where you start by watching shows you're excited about, then you just keep on watching. Next thing you know, an entire day has gone by. At that point if you ask yourself "Did I really enjoy all those hours?" chances are the answer is no. Most of it was probably just noise to fill the void so you wouldn't feel bored.

Remove that first domino and after a few weeks (or even a few days) you might be surprised how easy it is to ignore that TV and go about enjoying your life!

Getting rid of TV Track & Manage

Most of us are terrible at accurately guessing things about ourselves - our calories are eaten in a day or amount of time spent watching TV, for example. We've all been guilty of this, but you can't change the numbers until you actually know what they are.

Tracking the total minutes you watch TV daily, weekly, or monthly will reveal a number much larger than you thought. Anything that gets tracked tends to get managed. A friend of mine broke his video game addiction with this strategy: he added together every hour of video games played on Steam, and then realized how his life would change had he worked out, socialized, or even made a mere $2-3 an hour for all those hours instead.

Tracking and managing works!

Fill the Void!

If you spend two hours staring at a turned off TV, your success rate is probably going to drop. One of the wonderful benefits of dropping TV is all the "extra" time you discover. Read books, learn a new hobby, take that art class, hang out with friends or a significant other, explore your town - there are so many options when it comes to living life and filling time.

If you have no idea what you would enjoy, try something new! Try multiple new things. You can always drop the ones that don't stick, but chances are you will find something that you truly enjoy.

Never Eat Dinner in the TV Room Getting rid of TV

This one is pretty self-explanatory and it eliminates a common habit that keeps way too many of us tethered to the TV. Eat in the dining room, go out with friends, or have an old fashioned park picnic. The options are numerous and all of them often leads to a better time than sitting in front of the screen with ordered pizza!

Give Away Your TV

Give away your TV. Or donate it or sell it. You can't spend hours as a TV zombie if there's no TV in the house!

In Conclusion

The general rule of thumb is "all things in moderation" and TV isn't necessarily an evil force. However, many people find a little less TV and a little more everything else really does make a huge difference.

So why not try it? I'm betting after a few weeks you decide to never go back!

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