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Six Apps That Promote Relaxation

It’s important for humans to include relaxation in their daily lives. Not only does it give a way to wind down and enjoy life, but relaxation is a meaningful way to combat stress. Stress is the factor that triggers a stress response. Some stress is good, and some stress can even protect us from a harmful situation, such as with our “fight or flight” response to danger. However, this kind of stress is temporary. Prolonged stress is the kind that can be extremely harmful to the body.

When you are in a constant state of stress it can be manifested in a wide variety of ways such as depression, lack of sleep, headaches , drug or alcohol abuse, stomach issues, muscle pain, and dangerous conditions such as heart attacks that can lead to death. 1 Learning how to combat stress with relaxation or including relaxation into your life on a general basis is a good thing, and it includes many benefits such as slowing the heart rate, improving digestion, improving the quality of sleep, reducing anger and frustration, and much more. 2

One way to include relaxation in your life is with relaxation apps. Several apps that promote relaxation offer various programs or sounds that you the opportunity to aid in your own relaxation. The programs give you the opportunity to relax anywhere you happen to be, whether it’s during your drive to work, while you’re walking your dog, while you’re waiting in the airport, or as a way to relax before bed and to combat insomnia. Some apps cost a small fee, while other apps are free. Below are six apps that promote relaxation.

1.) Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep promote relaxation



This app gives you six different nature relaxing sounds that include things like bird sounds, water sounds, ocean sounds, and more. This app is great for specific conditions. For example, if you’re dealing with anger issues, you may wish to listen to the app’s ocean sounds or the app’s rain sounds. If you are dealing with depression, the bird’s singing sounds or the sounds of the rainforest may help you.

promote relaxation 2.) Deep Relax


Free (Unlock higher level services for a fee.)

This is an app that combines soothing sounds with music to help you deeply relax. The app is great for relaxing during the day, preparing for sleep, meditating, helping you to focus on work, etc. Sounds include wind chimes, bird songs, rain, monk chants, and more. The app also includes what is known as binaural beats that help you meditate on a deeper level. 3

3.) Headspace promote relaxation

iPhone or Android

Free (Unlock higher level services for a fee.)

This is an app that is focused on meditation. On the app, a person can find hundreds of themed sessions that focus on areas such as stress and anxiety and getting a better night’s sleep. One of the focuses of the app is to give users “bite-sized” guided meditations designed for people with busy schedules. A guided meditation allows a user to follow a meditation ritual helped along with the voice of a professional guru or teacher. 4

promote relaxation 4.) Pacifica

iPhone or Android


This is an app that provides you with daily tools you can use to relax and to beat stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s a comprehensive app that includes a wide variety of features, and it is a natural way to nourish one’s mental health with features such as mood and health tracking, mindfulness meditation , goals and thoughts challenges, a peer support community, and more. Pacifica is based on cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. CBT says that your thoughts and the way you interpret those thoughts dictates how you feel. Therefore, the app strives to help you reframe your thinking so that the result will be that you are relaxed and feeling better. 5

5.) Breathe2Relax promote relaxation

iPhone or Android


This is an app that not only aims to release your stress, but it also aims to give you detailed information on what stress can do to your body and on how to manage it. The focus of the app is on diaphragmatic breathing or deep breathing. It’s been proven that deep breathing exercises combats stress, stabilizes the mood, controls anger and releases the build-up of anxiety. The app can be used alone as a tool, or a medical professional may choose to use it to help his or her patients. 6

promote relaxation 6.) Calm

iPhone or Android

Free trial

This is a meditation app that a person can try for free to help with relaxation and sleep. The app provides a way to meditate, to better focus, to get a better sleep and to wake up feeling more rested. There’s music designed for sleep and relaxation as well as video lessons on gentle stretching and mindful movement. Over 100 guided meditations are available on the app covering everything from stress and anxiety to relationships. There are 10 minute guided video lessons on gentle stretching and mindful movement. 7

There are several apps that are great for either promoting or aiding in relaxation. The above list is a very small glimpse at those available, but they are a good place to start.

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