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My MONQ Story: Alison

Alison has been studying and practicing aromatherapy for over three years, and is a big fan of MONQ. I recently had the chance to interview her about her experience with the diffusers and the company.

Alison first came across MONQ advertisements on social media. She states “they probably came up because I love studying aromatherapy and using essential oils for recreational purposes”. She was curious because she had never heard of a portable aromatherapy diffuser. Sure enough, the more she found out, the more interested she became.

Around the same time, as she discovered MONQ, Alison was starting to run her own blog on aromatherapy and holistic living, Alison’s Room. She has found that in general, holistic remedies are more practical and more beneficial to her health. Her goal with the blog and with discovering more about aromatherapy is twofold. First, to enhance her own life, and second, to be able to share this knowledge with others. She recognizes that MONQ is incredible for aromatherapy beginners because it's an easy introduction to a whole new lifestyle.

When I ask Alison what appeals to her most about the diffusers, she remembers, “what drew me to MONQ initially was that it’s different from anything I've seen in my years of studying. This was a whole new world for me too!”. Her favorite thing, she says, is introducing MONQ to others. She is passionate about sharing the world of aromatherapy because it can lead people into a whole spiritual exploration. She thinks MONQ is an excellent stepping stone to that experience. Alison tells me, “I’ve had a lot of friends whom I've shared MONQ with. They would vouch for the fact that this is what drew them to aromatherapy in the first place.”

She notes about MONQ as a company that our employees are really passionate about helping their customers on this journey into a new world. She continues, “They take the opportunity for people who are kind of skeptical to educate them on holistic living, which is something that in our western culture we don't see a whole lot. They bring it to the table in a positive way and are so interactive with their audience every single day. It's really unique”.

Woman Breathing Ocean Aroma Diffuser At Beach

The first blend she remembers ordering was Ocean, and this is still her favorite blend to this day. “I fell in love with it,” she says, “it’s such a new vehicle for aromatherapy and I think it’s incredible”.

Alison loved MONQ so much, she immediately began sharing it with her blog audience and telling her friends about it. She even mentioned the diffusers in an aromatherapy presentation she did at school!

Over time she bought more and more diffusers, and now she has every MONQ blend, she admits, laughing - “all of them have so many different unique effects that I think have an amazing potential, especially for beginners because they’re so versatile”.

When I ask whether she uses them situationally, sporadically, or has certain routines, she responds “I kind of do both. Situationally, I like to use Zen if I feel like I might be getting some sort of anxiety attack. Sometimes I'll use Active before I go to the gym which is surprisingly a nice little burst of energy. And then every day I use Sleepy before bed because it usually takes a lot for me to be able to fall asleep. That’s the one that I’m probably the most appreciative for. I did have bad insomnia and I feel like it's a lot more under control now - it was surprisingly amazing”.

Many of our customers are not experienced users of aromatherapy like Alison. I wanted to know whether she notices a significant difference in using MONQ instead of a room diffuser or applying the oils to her skin. Alison reveals, “I have a lot of essential oils at home that I use on my skin or my room diffuser but I do think there’s something different about MONQ. I notice the effects a lot more quickly than I would with other ways. Also, being able to enjoy the taste definitely enhances the experience compared to other ways of using essential oils”.

She goes on about the tastes of the different blends, stating, “It’s really cool - which one you like always depends on how you want to feel at that moment. It’s lots of fun to experiment with all of them and see which ones you like best in different situations!”.

On a more serious note, she mentions that you never know how you're going to feel throughout the day or what’s coming. MONQ has been a way for her to feel more secure and safe. No matter what happens during the day, she feels she can tackle anything as long as she has her MONQ diffusers with her.

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