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More Green Essential Oils for St. Paddy’s Day!

St Paddy’s Day is upon us! With it comes the traditional celebrations, with Irish hats, pints of Guinness and much merriment. If you're looking for a way to enjoy the holiday that is a bit easier on the body, then why not try a green-themed pampering session?

St. Paddy’s Day Essential Oils

Most people don't pay attention to the colors of their essential oils, unless they're making perfumes or creams (and even then, the carrier oil will be the dominant color), but there are some great green oils out there that can help you relax and unwind, improve your mental clarity, and pamper your skin. Here's a quick look at some of our favorites:

basil on wooden background Basil

Basil is also known as St Joseph's Wort, and it is a herb which is a part of the mint family. It is thought that the oil has many healthful properties, including being antibacterial, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory. It is rich in beta-caryophyllene , which is a dietary cannabinoid (and therefore good for inflammation-based ailments, including IBS, and the anti-oxidant properties can be helpful for numerous skin issues. 1 , 2 It is even thought that basil could have cancer-preventing properties. 3

limes on wooden background Lime

Lime oil is well-known as being an antiseptic, antiviral, and restorative substance. It is rich in antioxidants and is useful for fighting infection and for improving overall wellbeing. It has been found to help ward off food-borne pathogens, and it is altho thought to be helpful for regulating appetite. 4 , 5

green mandarin Mandarin

Mandarin is a versatile oil which can be useful for reducing anxiety and also reducing nausea. Aromatherapy treatments with mandarin can help to reduce pain , nausea , and anxiety even in a hospital setting. 6 Mandarin has been found to have the potential to ward off cancer (although studies are still in the early stages) and the oil is good for your skin too. 7 Mandarin oil comes in a few different colors, including red and green. Green mandarin oil is often used on the skin and is thought to produce less risk of photosensitivity than other types.

Working With Essential Oils

If you're interested in making a massage oil or an aromatherapy treatment for a nice pampering session, you're going to need a few different essential oils to make it work well. For aromatherapy, why not stick with the green and minty theme? Peppermint would go well with most other oils, and is a great oil that helps to clear your sinuses , making it good if you're struggling with coughs and colds. It settles the stomach too. 8

Tea Tree is another good choice. One recent study tested a mixture of tea tree and lavender and found that when the two were combined they improved sleep quality and helped to reduce anxiety in study participants. 9 Indeed, lavender makes a great choice as an undertone to combine with the stronger aromas of the oils listed above.

For massage treatments, you will need a carrier oil that you can use to dilute the oils that you want to use as your active ingredients. Most essential oils can irritate the skin if they are applied “neat.” To combat this, and also to ensure that the essential oils do not evaporate when they are applied to the skin, you should use carrier oils. In keeping with the green theme, consider avocado oil. It's a great moisturizing oil that feels rich and luxurious, and it has a mild-enough scent that you could combine it with mint or citrus for great results.

If you're looking for something that's perhaps a bit more nourishing, to use after a big St Patrick's Day drinking session, consider cherry kernel oil. This is an under-appreciated carrier oil that's rich in Vitamin A, so it's great for repairing and revitalizing your skin after a long night out. Mix with oats and you have an exfoliating body or facial scrub that will help to keep you looking youthful and fresh. Make sure that you store these oils properly, though, and only use them on your skin. Some of these concoctions smell good enough to eat, but that doesn't mean that they should pass your lips!

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