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Keep Yourself Happy By Eating These Wonder Foods

Isn’t it amazing when you have food all around you? You remember those hunger pangs when you woke up at the middle of the night to pee and all of a sudden you felt like grabbing a snack? This is not uncommon, and a number of people have this feeling to grab a snack here and there throughout the day. Yes, the four-course meal is necessary, but in addition to that, you tend to eat because it makes you happy from within. There is a sense of fulfillment when you can satisfy your stomach, and that pleasure is unmatched. However, there is a problem in all of this!

Often, when you have hunger pangs, or you want to eat to make yourself happy, you grab a burger or a bunch of nachos or even a beer. These can certainly make you happy for the time being, but they are not good for your health in the long-run. There are enough healthy foods that you can eat instead of those junky foods and still have a happy mood. Here is a list of all the foods that you should try when you want to grab a snack or have something to munch on:

Wonder foods Dark Chocolate

There is nothing like chocolate to make you happy. It is like the ultimate mood booster. You see chocolate any time of the day, and there is this call from inside that wants to gobble up all the pieces that are in front of you. Many people will ask if chocolate is healthy for the body because it has a lot of fat. Well, regular chocolates have fat but not dark chocolates. These will taste slightly bitter because you are munching on raw chocolate. It can improve or raise the endorphin levels that are associated with the betterment of your mood. 1 Try to stock dark chocolates in your house that contains at least 70% cacao.

Yogurt wonder foods

Another amazingly healthy food to eat whenever you want to feel happy is yogurt. The probiotics in yogurt have been found to boost mood and have been associated with higher serotonin levels. 2 The versatility of yogurt makes it easy to enjoy with a variety of different flavors in a smoothie or in a bowl with fruit and granola on its own.

 width= Grapes and berries

Small foods that are easy for snacking and can last for a long time, grapes and berries can be a healthy snack to keep munching on. Grapes contain resveratrol that has proven to boost the mood of the person eating it. Berries can stabilize your mood since they contain a chemical similar to valproic acid that can keep you smiling throughout the day. 3

Quinoa  width=

Rice and pasta are common staple foods, but using quinoa as a substitute for them can prove beneficial for your mood and your health. With anti-depressant qualities, you should never miss the opportunity to include this in your diet. 4 You can have a wholesome meal of quinoa with apples and pomegranate. Spread a few mint leaves, and the taste will go up another notch.

 width= Oysters

Who would have thought that those jelly-like foods inside the shells can boost your mood? Oysters contain a high amount of zinc and being zinc-deficient has been linked to depressive qualities. So whether you enjoy them raw or cooked, you can buy them by the dozens and start seeing an improvement in your mood.

Coffee wonder foods

Are you one of those caffeine addicts who drink uncountable cups of coffee throughout the day? Then you are one of the happy souls out there because coffee has this innate ability to make you happier. 5 Of course, if you want a healthy way out, you should ideally keep the sugar away from your coffee and start having black coffee. Also, try not to drink too many cups of coffee, since it can make you sleep-deprived and where’s the happy in that?

wonder foods Eggs

Not many people are aware, but eggs are positive mood boosters and will keep you happy if you’re starting your day with a couple for breakfast. The catch here is to have the entire egg along with the yolk. Many dieticians and doctors suggest to leave the yolk out because it has got high levels of fat in it but the choline in the egg is found in the yolk and not in the egg white. So, if you have been eating only the egg whites, you need to rethink your strategy. There are ample recipes that you can try with eggs that are healthy for your body and your mood.

There are several other foods like walnuts, oranges, beans, mushrooms, apples, and many more than can make you happy. The ones that are given above are easy to make, and you can even munch on them when you want to. There is nothing like having food that makes you happy. Pizzas and burgers will boost your mood, but the foods that are suggested here will not only keep you happy but healthy too!

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