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A brief guide to experiencing present moment awareness|jumping girl in forest|two people doing yoga|worried woman


How Can You Experience Present Moment Awareness

Think about how often you’re actually experiencing the present. Being aware of the present always brings calmness, sanity, and peace to your life, especially in a life full of distractions. Such awareness exposes your ego and brings you in touch with your true self. Your life always unfolds in the present but every now and then you might let it slip away letting the time pass unobserved. Ultimately, you will not seize the precious seconds because you’re worried about the future and the past.

When you’re at work, you’re often fantasizing about the next vacation and whether or not you can afford it. When you finally take that vacation, you will be worrying about the work piling up on your desk back at work. It’s quite common to dwell on the past memories and become fearful about what’s waiting for us in the future. Your mind doesn’t allow you to realize the present because it’s jumping from one thought to the other.

jumping girl in forest

What’s the Key To Happiness?

If you want to be happy, you need to seize the present. Don’t ignore it by imagining the future or the past. The present is very simple. However, such simplicity is always masked from your naked eye. Often, you will wonder whether the future will bring more happiness than you’re experiencing right now. On the other hand, you might be reliving your experiences in the past wondering whether they played a part in your present conditions.

Being aware of the present allows you to let go of your ego and rub away any illusions. Of course, your mind knows this and will always resist you from staying in the present. Did you know that so many traumas or anxieties are actually based in your mind, especially if you’re constantly dwelling in the past or are being conditioned by your past life? As a result, you’re always anticipating the future negatively.

the art of being present

How To Increase Your Awareness of the Present

It’s not easy trying to be aware of the present. However, exercises such as yoga and meditation can play a good role in this. On the other hand, you can mix a little aromatherapy in these exercises to enhance your senses. Here are some useful tips on how to increase your awareness of the present.


You need to be aware of what you can see, hear, feel and smell. When you have calmed down your mind and a sweet smell of lavender is flowing in the air, you can momentarily bring your mind back to the present. Your eyes might be closed or open but you will be able to hear, smell and feel everything around. At that moment, however long it might be, you will experience a sense of peacefulness and calmness.


Your breath plays an important role in your present awareness. Whether you’re doing yoga or meditation, you need to calm down and feel your breath moving in and out of your lungs. It brings some sanity into the whole equation when you’re feeling the breath moving from your nose, through your body, and into the lungs then out. Additionally, you can feel your chest move in and out allowing you to feel the present. You can slow down your breath, forget about your anxiety and any other issues you might have been experiencing at that point.

Inner Sensation

Have you ever had the feeling that you can feel your body from within? You can feel how the blood vessels are connected, how the heart muscles are pumping blood, how your brain works tirelessly every second and how your arms are moving. Yes, whenever you need an awareness of the present, you should try recreating an inner sensation. Basically, you will be listening to your body and how everything works together to keep you alive.

Looking for the Silence

Whether you’re meditating or doing yoga in a busy place, it’s easy enough to look for the silence beneath any noise present. That’s where your serenity lies. It’s not easy to ignore all the noise that might be around you but when you do it, you will be able to experience peace. Experiencing the present is not easy at this point but looking for the silence allows your mind to realize its own potential and your body is completely in tune for the best results.

Awareness of the Space Around Objects

Try looking around you. There are many objects around you. They might be mementos, useful objects, decorative objects and much more. Now try to notice the space around all those objects rather than the objects themselves. You should look away from the forms but search for the space around it. That’s what present awareness is all about. It is your mind trying to notice the space forming around particular objects in your presence.

The Universal Rhetoric Questions

At one point or another, these questions might have come up in your mind. Well, at those moments, you were completely aware of the present. Every time you’re looking to increase your awareness of the present, here are some of the universal rhetoric questions that should help you get a proper grasp of the present.

    • Why am I consumed about worrying about the future? You might not know it but every second or moment, your mind wanders away and worries whether or not you will achieve your goals, get married, have kids and many more things. You need to find out why you are consumed by that.

    • Are my thoughts real in the first place? It’s tough to imagine that abstract things such as your thoughts might be real. However, your thoughts make you the person you are. By answering these questions, you will try to accept the present and let go of any worries about the future or the past.

    • What’s true in this moment? Whether you’re driving in your vehicle, taking public transport, playing with your kids, celebrating your friend’s engagement or anything else, you need to take a moment to figure out what’s real.

Being aware of the present is a great tool in recognizing your potential, letting go of your anxiety and bringing the calm and peace your mind needs for the best results.

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