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Frequency Vibrations: A Surprisingly Persuasive Part Of Your Life

The idea that people put out vibrations and frequencies and that we react to them in our environment in powerful, but often subconscious, ways is relatively new to many people. While this has been a major part of Eastern medicine and holistic healing for centuries, the last few decades have seen it go more mainstream.

So how do frequency vibrations affect you? Are they really a big deal, or just some minor detail that can get washed away in the background?

Read on to learn why frequencies and vibrations are so fascinating - and how they affect your everyday life!


What Are Frequencies Or Vibrations?

According to the NDT resource center, all particles at the molecular level vibrate, creating a distinct frequency. 1 Because of this, everything has a frequency: animals, humans, plants. But also materials that aren't living: lead, brass, wood furniture.

These vibrations don't just exist in a vacuum but they also interact with each other and these interactions can be bad, good, or minimal. While there are skeptics who find it hard to believe that things like frequencies & vibrations affect your everyday mood, science is more on the fence.

In a scientific paper entitled "Discussion of Human Resonant Frequency" researchers discuss findings showing that prolonged exposure to certain vibrations or frequencies can cause major stress, as well as physical and emotional shifts in health. 2 This is a study that is recorded online in the Harvard University Archives.

This also helped address the shift finding that the long believed 5Hz vibration frequency for humans was actually closer to 10Hz once better measurements could be taken.

The Law Of Vibration

If you spend much time diving into vibrations, you'll eventually run into "The Law of Vibration." This comes up as a foundation to "The Law of Attraction," to visualization, to any type of mental exercises looking to focus on using vibration or frequency to push out stress and return to health.

This law states that everyone gives off a frequency and that those vibrations or frequencies change based on emotional states - or emotional states can be changed based on the type of vibration. 3

It is important to note this is not a "law" in a scientific sense like the Law of Gravity but is used as a way of defining a foundation of action or a plan.

image of head and frequencies and vibrations

Could Vibrations Have a Supernatural Origin?

While this might be a bit tongue in cheek for many people, science has studied things like intuition about being watched or reported interaction with ghosts. What they found out was hardly conclusive about those topics, but they did bring up some interesting things about vibrations and frequency.

An article by the BBC has shown that interactions in the brain with certain neurons create that feeling of "being watched." This not only helped explain why some people with severe head injuries become paranoid and feel like they're being watched all the time but also what part of the brain fires up when certain vibrations hit you - letting you know (or at least feel like) when something might be looking at you. 4

So what does this have to do with ghosts? Scientists tried, in a study, to create that feeling of being watched, of there being a presence in an empty room...and they managed to do it! Through testing various sound frequencies and vibrations just under what a person can consciously notice, they created the feeling of a "ghostly presence" in the empty room. 5

That's the power of vibrations and frequency!

Can Good Vibrations Aid In Healing?

The Beach Boys might have been on to something. Good vibrations are actually seen by holistic healers as a major part of the full health and healing process. There are plenty of sources that talk about the power of positive thinking, of healing, of how good vibrations make a huge difference when it comes to anxiety, depression, and helping set up the proper mindset to overcome both.

good vibrations

In Conclusion

There's no question that vibrations have an impressive effect on individuals. Feelings, moods, and even general daily attitude can be affected by the frequencies in your environment or by the emotions you put out. Understanding this can help to create a better environment that helps you harness the natural environment around you for a better day.

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