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Finding peace in the chaos_ learn how to have a more peaceful work day||finding peace|finding peace|finding peace|finding peace


Finding Peace in the Chaos: Learn to Have a More Peaceful Work Day

Most individuals experience plenty of stressors that try to creep into everyday life. Whether it's scheduling family time, running errands, or staying connected, there are many different causes of stress or frustration in the chaos of everyday life. Read on to learn about finding peace in your daily life.

None are as obvious or everpresent, however, as getting stressed out while at work. Whether you work one or more jobs, and if you're one of the lucky few that get to have their dream job, work can be stressful. In fact, levels of anxiety and stress caused by work have hit such a high level that many believe this is rapidly becoming a major health epidemic.

However, people need to work and get paid, so how can society deal with this health problem in a realistic and helpful way? More than ever, people need to learn how to find peace in the middle of the workday.

finding peace at work Job Satisfaction Stats

Famed motivational speaker Les Brown has stated that up to 85 percent of people hate their job. 1 That's a scary number for sure, but is this an accurate number or just hyperbole?

While it's impossible to come up with an exact number of how many people don't care for, don't like, or outright hate their jobs, there's a lot to indicate that the 85 percent number isn't out of bounds. A CBS news story taken during a strong surge of economic recovery after the recession has the number at 67 percent. 2 Another article from Inc. has the number at well over 70 percent, while a Gallup poll from late 2017 has a higher number of 88 percent. 3

In other words, whatever the value of individuals who don’t like their jobs, there's too much stress, anxiety, and frustration coming from the daily grind of work. With all these types of numbers floating around, it’s no wonder that so many of us people struggle to find calm and relaxation in the work environment.

The Impact of Your Workday on Health finding peace

There's no denying the negative impact that work-related stress has on people. Many studies have shown that people who find themselves stressed out at work have higher instances of reported stress , anxiety , and blood pressure. 4 Over time, this can result in larger scale issues like heart disease, which is very prevalent in the United States.

The American Psychological Association (APA) has published extensive articles on workplace stress and pointed out that extended stress is not only an immediate health problem but can result in other long-term issues caused by unhealthy coping mechanisms developed for dealing with that stress. 5

Finding Peace at Work

The solution to being able to deal with the issue of stress at work is being able to find peace mid-day. While having a safe comforting place at home is a huge benefit, and being able to find a job you consistently love or changing your mindset to see only the best in the job you have are all important, those strategies might not always be practical.

Highlighted below are some of the best tips for finding peace in the chaos of your workday and lower the stress levels that you experience in the workplace.

finding peace Take a Short Walk Outside

Walking has long been seen as a great way of reducing stress , and recent studies confirm that common knowledge. Even walks as short as 10–15 minutes can make a big difference. 6

Practice Mindful Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress. While you may not be able to find a quiet place to sit, relax, and meditate for a bit, practicing mindful mental meditation as you walk or pace is another option that gives many of the positive effects that meditation brings. 7

Try Deep Breathing Exercises finding peace by meditating

Finding peace throughout the day is certainly easier if you can walk in the park or find a quiet place to meditate. However, sometimes workplace stress might have you craving instant relaxation. For this, studies from the University of Michigan to Harvard suggest the use of deep breathing exercises. These can be done at a desk, in a cubicle, or anywhere, for that matter. 8

The breathing slows down the heart rate, helps get anxiety under control, and brings down blood pressure. That combination is often enough to bring down stress, as well.

finding peace Finding Peace with Essential Oils

There's no denying that essential oils have gained popularity partially because of their stress-relieving properties. While aromatherapy might not always be an option during the workday, there are multiple types of essential oils that can help reduce stress. 9

Some of the most popular options include lavender , lemongrass , bergamot , cinnamon, ylang-ylang , lemon , and frankincense essential oils.

A good way to use these essential oils at work is to apply them topically to your skin after diluting them with a carrier oil like almond, coconut , or jojoba oil.


When it comes to finding peace in the middle of even the most stressful workday, it's okay to feel challenged. The good news is that by following the advice in this article, paying attention to stress levels, and focusing on finding peace at work as well as at home, you have the ability to get to a better place and reap the benefits.

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