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Essential Oils: If They Were Dogs

If Your Dog Were an Essential Oil

In my never-ending search to feel good, essential oils have worked like a charm. Now that I discovered lavender , patchouli , and sweet orange to name a few, my thirst for bliss has been quenched.

Essential oils can truly enhance the quality of your life. They will make you smile more, play more, essential oils will elevate your joy. The only thing that ever makes me feel as good as my oils do, is my dog.

For so many of us, our canine cuties are much more than a pet. They are our lifeline, our companions, our furry children.

Essential oils and dogs, dogs and essential oils, they go hand in hand.

Some oils are spicy and give you a kick, just like your dog. Some oils relax you and prompt you to nap, just like your dog. So many wonderful dog breeds and so many dazzling essential oil blends. What if your dog was an essential oil?

dogs Basset Hound = Lavender

Basset Hounds are calm and rather lazy. They are loyal to their people and have a pleasant, friendly disposition.

Lavender oil is known for its relaxing effects and ability to eliminate stress. Lavender is known for its lovely scent, Basset hounds have superb scent tracking skills. Both are perfect to enjoy on a lazy Sunday walk through the park. Petting your dog is therapeutic and so is using lavender in your essential oil practice.

German Shepard = Cedar Oil dogs

The German Shepherd is strong, loyal and hard working. He is fearless and makes an excellent family pet.

Cedar oil will actually help bring out some of the German Shepherd characteristics in you. This essential oil will give you focus and wisdom, just as your devoted pup. Cedar oil speeds your metabolism and cleans out toxins; rescuing your body from bad bacteria that keep us hostage. The German Shepherd is similar because they are well known military dogs and rescue canines.

Irish Setter = Peppermint dogs

When I visualize an Irish Setter I am transported to a mountaintop somewhere, with a crisp cool breeze blowing on my skin. The Irish Setter is bold and rugged, and according to AKC, they are one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. Their flashy red color is as fresh as the cool vibes that peppermint oil provide. Peppermint oil is often used to help hair grow and keep its luster; the Irish Setter is the living embodiment of that.

dogs Bernese Mountain Dog = Marjoram

The Marjoram plant’s botanical name means “joy of the mountain” and there is no denying that the Bernese Mountain Dog is just that. Bernese Mountain dogs are sturdy hard workers bred to herd cattle. That vigorous performance makes for a healthy heart on this pooch. In the same way; Marjoram essential oil can help improve the heart health for us mere humans.

Together they represent cardio strength and stamina. tells us that this gentle giant almost became extinct in the early 20th century when other means of transportation became accessible to farmers. Fortunately, a handful of fanciers sought to preserve the breed. Marjoram almost went as an untapped resource for health because it was used only for making wreaths; two powerful forces almost didn’t survive to do their true jobs.

greyhound Greyhound = Thyme

The Greyhound is an iconic showman, best known for racing. If there were ever an essential oil to represent this sleek being; it would be Thyme. It is as if these two are kindred spirits, both making their debut in ancient Egypt.

Greyhounds are also known as sighthounds; they are bred to hunt by sight. Thyme is rich in vitamin A, which helps promote healthy vision and minimize eye diseases.

“Happiness is a warm puppy” - Charles Shultz

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