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how essential oils can change your life for good


Essential Oils: How They Changed My Life for Good

While essential oils have been around throughout recorded history, and likely before, they fell by the wayside for some time in the modern. Like many others, I hadn't even heard about essential oils growing up. However, when I made friends with a tree hugger, my world opened up.

Since then I have learned a great deal about how to care for my entire being. A holistic approach that includes my mental and emotional needs has been far better for me than trying to deal with all of my problems separately.

You see, I was in a traumatic accident that damaged not only my body but also my spirit. I had a concussion that made it difficult to remember information if I didn't write it down. My mental faculties had taken a blow, and the PTSD made it impossible for me to relax. I was a mess.

However, the knowledge that Chris shared with me was useful in helping me down the path towards recovery. With a combination of modern medicine and holistic healing methods, I have come a long way since the day I rolled out of the hospital and back into real life.

Though I love all of the essential oils in my collection, I have a few favorites. These are the ones that I have used the longest, or that have provided the most benefits to me. While I could go on about which ones I like and why I will stick to my favorites: lavender and peppermint.

lavender field Lavender

Lavender essential oil is probably the most popular one out there because of its versatility. For me, it was helpful in helping me relax and unwind. Although I was still strung pretty tightly at first, I could feel a difference when I used lavender essential oil.

At first, I tried using lotion with the lavender mixed in. Then, I bought a diffuser, which I thought made a huge difference. Now I can enjoy the scent and benefits of lavender essential oil and the without ever getting out of my chair.


Peppermint was another oil that I tried early in my travels with essential oils. Today, I don't leave town Peppermint without it. This particular oil benefits me in several ways, including helping me stay focused. Before, it was so hard for me to concentrate, and I found the refreshing mint scent perfect to help me regain control over my mind.

Even better, peppermint essential oil is excellent for pain relief. My muscles and joints were in serious pain due to some broken bones during the accident, but when I massaged some diluted oil onto them, I noticed a cooling sensation in the whole area. Not only did it help with that, but it provided the unexpected benefit of relieving my headaches.

These are two of my favorites, but there are plenty more in my home apothecary. I am so grateful for my friend and the ways that using essential oils has improved my quality of life.

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