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owning a pet can make you happier


Discover Why Pet Ownership Can Make You Happier

Modern living is filled with daily stress which, in turn, is playing a major factor in many of today's chronic conditions including anxiety and depression. With all the pressures faced by many, it would seem, at first thought, that taking on the added responsibilities of caring for an animal would simply add to that stress. Interestingly, however, it seems to be the opposite. Here we will take a look at why pet ownership can make you happier.

pet ownership Pet Ownership Can Make You Healthier and Wealthier

In the UK, a survey was taken of over 2,000 participants. The first group of 1000 people owned dogs and cats and the other 1,000 didn't have any pets. Regardless of the level of income those surveyed had, it was found that the pet owners perceived themselves as successful twice as often as those who didn't own a pet. The pet owners felt that their pet contributed to their overall health and sense of well-being. 1

Based on the results of the survey, it was found that those who owned pets were twice as likely to do regular exercise than those who didn't have pets. It was also found that it was more common among the pet owners to have higher levels of education, to be married, and to have one or more children. It was further found that they were more likely to have a job that they loved than the non-pet owners.

On top of all the other findings, it was a surprise to find that pet owners typically earned higher levels of income than non-pet owners. In general, the average pet owner earned over $5,000 more per year than the non-pet owners did. It was also found that pet owners were considerably more likely to be involved in volunteering and philanthropic activities and gave more of their time to those types of pursuits.

It is easy to understand when someone feels that they're in a job that they love, they feel that they're earning an income that they are satisfied with, and they feel they have the time and energy to volunteer and give philanthropically that these things will, in turn, give them a sense of happiness . It was also found that often, pet owners feel that their pets give them an increased sense of purpose. Pets lack the ability to pass judgment and they just accept their owners with no judgment.

For the pet owners, their pets are always there regardless of whether the owner is up or down, whether they are successful or unsuccessful, and the owner is accepted under all circumstances. This means that even when the pet owner is experiencing difficulties in other areas of their life they have one aspect where they are always accepted. This often extends itself into creating better relationships between spouses and children.

It's therefore very easy to understand how pet ownership can lend itself to creating happiness within the pet owner. The pet doesn't mind if the owner is overweight or underweight, they don't mind if the pet owner is successful or unsuccessful at work, they don't mind if the pet owner is handsome or beautiful; they only want to be with the pet owner and of course to be fed. With the only demand being that they are fed and watered daily, it's easy to see how they can bring a bit of happiness into the lives of their owners.

Are All Aspects Better For Pet Owners Versus Non-Pet Owners?

It was found that not every aspect of pet ownership brought about better results over the pet ownership non-pet owners. Some studies showed that non-pet owners were more likely to pay their mortgages off earlier than those who had pets. Remarkably, it was found that non-pet owners would retire early more often than those who owned a pet.

These types of findings may make someone wonder if pet ownership would be the right choice for them. The idea of retiring early is appealing to many. It's also something that would appeal to a lot of people to be able to pay off their mortgage earlier. The question is then if these things will add to the person's happiness. Obviously, those things are good, but it was found that those who own pets were far more relaxed and experienced happiness more often. For those individuals, paying their mortgage over a little bit longer period of time and working longer had less of an impact on their happiness.

pet ownership Pet Ownership Decreases Feelings of Loneliness

When a person experiences loneliness, it's difficult for them to have a positive outlook on life or to feel happy. The consistent evidence that those who own pets experience significantly less loneliness is a clear indication of how having a pet can increase a person's happiness. According to the CDC, those who own pets are more likely to have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and even lower levels of triglycerides. Some findings concluded that the pet owners socialized more often than they did before pet ownership. This is due in part because the pet would attract others and be the root of striking up a conversation with strangers.

Because pets are always so open to enjoying time with their owner, it gives the owner a sense of belonging, and it helps them to feel less alone. Even when the pet owner is married, there can sometimes be a sense of loneliness that having a pet can reduce or eliminate. This greatly improves the overall sense of well-being. Because the pet owner often feels a sense of responsibility and commitment to their pet, it often means that the pet owner is more likely to do things that are healthy for them such as exercise and eating healthy.

Because a person often feels calmer when they're around their pet, it also produces hormones that help bring about a sense of happiness and helps reduce hormones that are produced when the owner has feelings of anxiety or tension. All this evidence makes it clear that despite the added responsibilities of having a pet, the benefits are substantial to the owner. They are several times more likely to experience feelings of happiness on a regular basis than those who do not own pets. 2

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