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Hidden Dangers of Brand Deodorants and Why You Should Make Your Own

Most people have a need for deodorant every day. Individuals care about appearance and don't want to have any unpleasant odors emanating from the body. To help with this, the majority of individuals use deodorants purchased from the supermarket or drugstore. However, some of these deodorants may pose hidden health threats, some of which are highlighted below. Given this information, consider making your own deodorant for a safer and more natural alternative.

Brand DeodorantsDeodorants Use Chemical Fragrances To Mask Body Odor

A number of brand deodorants and antiperspirants use chemical fragrances to cover up or mask body odor. They use these chemical odors because they tend to last longer and smell more strongly than more natural fragrances and this, in turn, will cover up body odor more effectively. The problem is that these chemical fragrances can use dozens and sometimes even hundreds of different chemicals. Up to 90 percent of the scents are completely synthetic. One of the hidden dangers of this is the fact that laws do not require the makers of these products to list all of the ingredients. This is because they can be considered a company secret. The problem with this practice for the consumer is that they don't know what is in the product before they purchase it, and therefore don't know what they're putting on their skin and being absorbed into their bodies. Additionally, these chemical fragrances are considered a major component of indoor air pollution. Some of these chemicals actually react when used together to create formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen.1


Up to one-third of most antiperspirants contain aluminum salts. If you use your antiperspirant only once a day, you can get up to 15 mg of aluminum. Regardless of whether you are using a roll-on deodorant or a stick, you will absorb a percentage of this aluminum into your body. It is often suggested that a person doesn't receive more than one mg of aluminum per two lbs or one kg of body weight per week. Though there isn't a firm agreement on how much aluminum a person can safely absorb, these are the general recommendations. Overexposure to aluminum is believed to promote Alzheimer's disease and prostate cancer.2

Hydrocarbons In Spray Deodorant

Most spray deodorants use hydrocarbons, which includes isobutane, butane, and propane. This is one of the reasons why some deodorants are flammable. Hydrocarbons are an irritant for your the eyes, skin, and lungs. They can also sometimes be contaminated with something called butadiene, which is a carcinogen.

Avoiding The Hidden Dangers Of Brand Deodorants

It’s important to realize that deodorants are designed not only to cover up body odor but to inhibit perspiration. One of the problems with this is the fact that perspiration is a natural function of the body. One of the ways in which antiperspirants work is to block sweat glands by exposing you to aluminum. Sweating will not only help you cool down, but many believe that it also expels toxins from the body. When you inhibit this process, you not only stop the body from having a natural way to cool itself down, but you also prevent your body's ability to remove toxins. Even so, the average person still needs an effective way to keep themselves smelling good.

brand deodorants Sweat Doesn't Stink

Sweating can be a healthy thing but smelling is never good. It's surprising to many people to realize that sweat has no odor. What causes odor is when bacteria begin to break down the fatty acids and protein that is in your sweat. Some people will have higher levels of the different types of bacteria that are commonly found under a person's armpits, and this will play a large part in how much they smell when they begin to sweat.

How To Make Your Own Deodorant

To prevent some of the health risks highlighted above, try making a homemade version of deodorant that keeps you smelling good without doing any harm to your body. For example, coconut oil is a natural antibacterial that can consequently prevent body odor. You can start to make your own natural deodorant by combining coconut oil and shea butter and whisking them together in a bowl. When you finish, there shouldn't be any solid pieces that remain. Then, take some baking soda and arrowroot powder and mix these with the oil. Then use aromatic essential oils to create the scent of your choice. This natural deodorant will kill bacteria which creates odor, and the essential oils will create a nice scent that keeps you smelling good. If you want to have the efficiency of using your deodorant in typical stick form, just take one that you have, remove the brand name deodorant, and fill the container up with the homemade deodorant. Place this into the freezer for 10 minutes and it will solidify. You will then be able to maintain it at room temperature, and it will stay solid.3


Why continue using brand deodorants that have ingredients that can cause potential harm to your body? Using a natural homemade deodorant only takes a few minutes. It will be highly effective at keeping you smelling good, and all the ingredients pose little or no threat to your body. It will only take you a week or two of making this adjustment until you'll be completely comfortable with it, and once that happens you'll never want to go back to using brand deodorants again. Photo Credits: OlenaYakobchuk/, AfricaStudio/, SUPREEYA-ANON/, NewAfrica/

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