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Cozying Up Your College Dorm Room for the Winter

If you're like most college students, the winter only kicks in when the spring semester--which starts in January--begins. After a few weeks of eating your mom's cooking and spending time in your childhood home, coming back to campus and your college dorm room can feel weird. The dorm room might seem rather sterile compared to the room you just left, and with the grey winter days visible outside your window, everything can feel drab.

That's why you've got to return to school with a plan to warm up and cozy up your college dorm room. Here are some ideas which will make your room a warm and welcoming place for the winter.

 width= Improving Lighting

If you're still using that overhead light as the only source of light for your room other than the fluorescent desk light, you need help. Proper lighting is vital, especially during winter. You should be able to make your room glow with smart choices about lighting. For example, you may want to put in a floor lamp that doesn't take up much space but can be angled throughout the room as needed. You might want to involve a small table lamp to create a glow in a certain part of your room. Above all, you should be able to walk into the room and see an inviting, illuminated scene.

Once you get regular lighting in place, experiment with colored string lights. They can remind you of Christmas and give you a nostalgic feeling. Many string lights come with remote controls so you can change colors as your mood changes.

Diffusing Essential Oils

A cozy room will depend on a lot of different factors. Many people forget about the smell of a room; if your room smells wonderful, it can create a very warm, inviting atmosphere. Diffusing essential oils can be a great option in making your dorm feel like home with a variety of pleasing scents. The oils you choose should reflect the atmosphere you'd like. For example, the smell of rose oil can give your college dorm room a sweet and slightly woodsy smell.

The great thing about essential oils is not only their ability to stimulate your olfactory nerve or bring back old memories, but they can be instrumental in affecting your wellness and helping you with various issues in your life.

For instance, studying and exams can be especially difficult in the winter when all you want to do is cozy up and watch movies. However, research shows that rosemary and peppermint oils can help you focus while studying and better retain information. 1, 2

Additionally, if it’s difficult to adjust back to your dorm room bed after sleeping in a cozy one back home, try lavender essential oil. The relaxing scent can lead you into a restful, peaceful slumber. 3

Get More Soft Items  width=

You may already have your room decorated with personal items and pictures, but the winter months give you the opportunity to make it all the more cozy. Start looking for ways that you can feel warm and comfortable inside your room. An easy, and often cheap, option is a variety of soft items. From a velvety throw blanket to plump, squishy pillows, to a cozy rug.

The psychology behind our love for soft items (other than them being warm) can be connected to why we loved stuffed animals as children. If you are one to feel a little more down during the winter months, texture can be a helpful comfort. 4

Pick Cozy Colors

Your choice of colors affects a lot when it comes to decorating, especially in a small space like a dorm room. Color psychology offers interesting insights, on which colors may not only work best for your room, but for your mood as well. 5 While it may seem counterintuitive to choose cooler colors when you’re trying to create a warm, cozy space, colors such as blues, greens, and purples create a calm, soothing, and refreshed space. This can help make your college dorm room a sanctuary in the often stressful environment of college.

Take the new semester as a chance to give your dorm a little spruce. Switch out your coral comforter to a calming blue, and grab some extra throw pillows and soft blankets in a shade of lavender. You might not be able to paint, but you can accessorize properly with right colors.

Final Thoughts

You’ve got one semester down and one to go. Keep pushing through by making these improvements for a revitalized and refreshed year, while creating the relaxing sanctuary you need for an escape from lectures, exams, and cold walks to class.

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