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Building Self-Esteem with Essential Oil Support|active monq in paradise Building Self-Esteem with Essential Oils


Building Self-Esteem with Essential Oil Support

At the end of the day, there is only one opinion of you that truly matters and that is your own. Keeping a positive view of the self and actively building self-esteem is key to maximizing full-potential as well as leading a happy and healthy life.

Obviously, it is important to be aware of our weak points and errors in an effort to make improvements, but far too often this is taken to the extreme. We tend to treat our faults with undue severity and beat ourselves with guilt and self-reproach for not living up to impossible standards.

This is not a sustainable path to improvement and often means that our self-esteem will be depleted when it is needed to bolster confidence and take action. Taking a stand to begin building self-esteem when it often seems the world and even ourselves are trying to stamp it out, is not easy.

Fortunately, there is a solution. We have come with a set of practical tips for building self-esteem and suitable support for your efforts. In the following article, we will look at some exercises for cultivating your self-worth. You will find some are easier than others, but all of them will begin the incremental progress to set you on your way.

And, just in case a little extra boost is needed, we will discuss how essential oils can be integrated into this plan for addressing the mental symptoms of low self-esteem.

Essential Oils for Self-Esteem

Essential oils are the concentrated phytocompounds of various plants and have surprising effects on the human body and mind. Since ancient times these special compounds have been used for addressing many aspects of human health but have a special way of posting confidence and positivity by dispelling stress and anxiety. 1

As the essential oils are breathed in through the nose, the organic compounds at work in the plant are introduced into the blood through capillaries of the nasal cavity and the bronchi in the lungs. Furthermore, they will activate the sensory networks of the olfactory epithelium which can directly stimulate the brain. 2

Different essential oils can be used to inducing a state of serenity, improving energy levels, conjuring feelings of love and even cultivating deep relaxation suitable to good sleep. To get the most from your essential oils, consider how they can be applied to support the following efforts for building self-esteem.

Five Tips for Improving Self Esteem with Essential Oils

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness allows you to recognize negativity at a distance so that you can prepare your positive reaction when it arrives. You can’t always change the negative notions that surround you but you can begin to choose how you react –– even just recognizing the negative thoughts and self-talk is a step in the right direction.

If negativity is an issue, recognition is the first step to avoidance. It can be difficult and even seem fake to respond positively when feeling negative, but positivity is the key. Here is where uplifting essential oils like Roman Chamomile or citrus varieties like grapefruit and sweet orange can provide a better perspective and positive frame of mind for cultivating self-esteem.


There have been countless studies on how getting regular exercise boosts self-esteem and even leads to positivity and mental health. Taking the time to push your physical limitations and increase physical capacity through activities like weightlifting or long-distance biking or running are especially encouraging. 3, 4

Of course, building the habit of regular exercise takes planning and preparation to succeed. Be sure that you are starting with a healthy diet and plenty of rest to build good momentum. Furthermore, an energizing essential oil such as black pepper or eucalyptus can refresh the lungs and prepare the body for action.

Invest in Your Relaxation

Most people today sacrifice every waking minute to external demands from professional, social and personal relations. Most people are still checking emails during personal time and texting as they crawl into bed –– then they wonder why they wake up tired and depressed. 5

Investing in proper sleep and full relaxation is great way to remind yourself of your worth. This can be done by shutting off mobile devices and electric lights for a half-hour before bedtimes and enjoying herbal tea before bed. To complete the magic, diffuse lavender or cedarwood essential oils in your bedroom to ease the mind and induce relaxation.

Take Note of All Your Accomplishments

This can be a surprisingly difficult task, but can greatly improve our sense of self-worth and accomplishment. It is natural to assume that accomplishments are the monumental achievements at the end of a successful campaign, but not so.

As it turns out accomplishments are also the small day to day details that bring you closer to your greater goals. Are you making healthier diet choices? Did you give up a bad habit? Are you contributing to happy relationships? Are you paying more attention to yourself and your needs? Then you can throw in your major accomplishments, personal achievements and so on.

This activity is not only good for building self-esteem but can also illuminate patterns of opportunity and highlight your strengths and passions. When cultivated, your strengths and passions will lead to greater self-esteem.

For this activity, an awe-inspiring aroma like frankincense or sandalwood can invoke a solemn atmosphere conducive to connecting with your inner potential.

Pursue a Passion

We all have an impossible dream in the back of our mind, but most are too focused on their tasks at hand to make any headway toward that goal. Those suffering from low self-esteem can come up with countless reasons why they don’t have time or even don’t deserve to follow their dreams—but, these excuses will only lead to a life of regret.

Breaking this cycle means making a conscious move toward your dreams. Making a move for yourself can be equally exciting and scary. There will be challenges, complications and moments when taking the calculated risk may seem like a waste of time –– because the rewards await just ahead.

Taking the first step to your dreams isn’t easy, but you’ll never regret your decision. If there are times when confusion and doubt cloud your mind, try breathing deeply from a flask of spearmint or eucalyptus essential oils. These clarifying fragrances can dispel distractions as you focus on your passion.

Final Notes on Building Self-Esteem with Aromatics

A gift of aromatics or fragrances has been a token of appreciation between friends and intimate relations for good reason. High-quality aromatics, like essential oils, have a strong power over the emotions and can conjure up fond memories and residual sentiments even after many years. If you are looking for a special detail for the most important person in your life, why not treat yourself to a soothing aromatic treat –– no one deserves it more.

Photo credits: @jessicasteddom, @silk_and_raven

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