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Best Scents That Attract Men Or Women

Wanting to find attractive scents for a first date? It may have more impact on how well it goes than you think! Research shows that scent can play a crucial role in attracting someone and it can even improve overall intimacy. After all, it is one of our strongest senses.

Some specific body odors are actually related to sexual attraction between humans, who are able to deliberately choose scents that might attract romantic partners. This is because most people subconsciously use body odor as a way of possibly identifying potential mates that might pass advantageous traits to offspring. 1 If you are looking to attract the opposite sex with your scent, there are all kinds of essential oils that can contribute to doing so effectively.

Top Essential Oils:

rose essential oil with roses laying on table beside it

Rose Oil

Rose essential oil is by far one of the top essential oils used to attract the opposite sex. This oil has been referred to as the “oil of love” for various reasons. Not only does it help to boost desirability levels, but it can boost confidence and self-esteem as well. 2 While you might assume it is only for women, the scent has been known to attract both men and women alike. It meshes well with just about any skin type and it alone can promote sensations of romance.

sandalwood essential oil bottle on a table

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil is actually one of the most commonly used essential oils in perfumes and fragrances and has been for quite some time. This oil itself is able to promote muscle relaxation and really makes you feel at ease. When combined with rose oil or another oil that promotes feelings of romance, it can be just the ingredient mix needed to relax the opposite sex and create a sense of belonging and attraction.

ylang ylang essential oil bottle on a table with ylang ylang plants surrounding it

Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang has shown to help reduce stress, and even boost overall mood. Because it is able to directly impact emotions, it can be one of the most effective essential oils when used for romance. It can completely erase any feelings of doubt, stress, fear, or even anger. Thus, it can really help to set the mood for both parties and can be great when used in combination with other oils that can heighten feelings of romance, and it is one of the most attractive scents anywhere.

jasmine essential oil on a table with a jasmine plant

Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil has been known and used for centuries as an oil of attraction. Because it has such a warm aroma to it, it can be described as a sensual oil. Along with this, it happens to be very stimulating as it produces a euphoric response and it can really heighten one's intimacy response levels. This is an excellent base oil that can be used because it can be seen as a mild aphrodisiac.
Lavender sprig

Lavender Oil

Lavender is another essential oil that can promote a sense of calm and can really set the mood in a good way. Therefore, it is a good option to completely set the mood for heightened levels of romance. In fact, the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found that lavender oil has the ability to sexually arouse men when inhaling the fragrance as mentioned in the New York Times. 3

Final Thoughts on Attractive Scents

As you can see, there are plenty of different essential oils that can be effectively used in order to boost arousal and attract the opposite sex. Some of the biggest issues that can cause a low sex drive or low libido can be resolved with the use of the various essential oils mentioned above. Some of the biggest factors associated are heightened stress levels, hormone fluctuation, or illness. Thus, using essential oils that produce a calming effect, heighten senses, and that can boost immune system function, should help you attract the opposite sex much more effectively.

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