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Back to College! MONQ Blends For Surviving This Semester

It’s about that time! Back to school sales and commercials are everywhere you look and the day where you trade in your long summer nights for long study nights is not too far away. While we want you to soak up the rest of the summer season, we also want you to be prepared with your back to college essential….oils.

We've sorted through our blends and chosen a few that we believe will help you through anything from the tough, difficult days to the fun parties and hangouts.

focus diffuser

FOCUS—To Get Thinking

This groundbreaking, nootropic blend is the first in its class. It is specifically designed and scientifically proven to increase your productivity, improve visual acuity, and bring attentiveness to students, athletes, professionals, and anyone needing a little edge.

FOCUS is the perfect blend of holy basil (tulsi), rosemary, and spearmint —essential oils designed by nature to invigorate and boost our brainpower. MONQ studies have shown the blend to positively affect math and verbal fluency, gaming performance, and more. It only makes sense to add FOCUS to your cart as you stock up on all the back to school and dorm room essentials.


Active—For the Needed Extra Energy (Without the Crash)

The Active blend contains essential oils that will stimulate the mind, increase energy levels, and help keep you motivated during the extra long days. This may involve an 8 a.m. wit h two more classes directly after, then heading to your part-time job and be trying to fit in a workout somewhere in there. When you’re about to hit a wall at around 2:00 pm, instead of heading for another cup of coffee or gulping down a 5-hour energy, try this blend of bitter orange, black pepper, and sage essential oils.

It’ll give you the boost to finish the day strong, without the inevitable crash a coffee or energy drink might give you.

Sleepy diffuser in hand

Sleepy—For the Knock-Out Sleep

The Sleepy blend will be useful in winding down after the crazy busy day we described above, or even for a quick power nap in-between. This blend of chamomile, kava, and lavender is designed to fight restlessness and encourage a good night's sleep.

You may already be familiar with chamomile as your “sleepy time” tea. The Sleepy blend compounds the beneficial elements of this plant with kava and lavender, the ladder being one of the most widely known essential oils for calming the mind and relaxing the muscles. Put Sleepy in a room diffuser or take a couple breaths from a personal diffuser before you lay down and it just might help you sleep through your roommate pulling an all-nighter.


Zen—For the Week From Hell

This blend of sweet orange, frankincense, and ylang-ylang is designed to reduce overwhelming feelings, calm the mind, and increase attentiveness. When you’ve got three exams, a presentation, and your roommate’s birthday all in the same week, you’re definitely going to need some relief.

Take some time to let Zen do its magic and calm you down either while you’re studying in the library with our personal diffuser, or in your bedroom with Zen in a bottle. If you’ve got a little extra time, you can also use Zen to enhance a meditation experience to get you to a calm, peaceful place at the end, or beginning, of a stressful week.


Happy—For the Needed Boost

A sweet-smelling blend of vanilla, fennel, and thyme soothes the body, calms the mind, reduces nervousness, and balances your feelings. If a bad grade brings you down or you’re feeling a little homesick, you can use this oil to help remain in control of your emotions. You can find vanilla, fennel, and thyme in our Happy personal essential oil diffuser.

Not only does this blend taste great with the ever-popular vanilla taste, the properties of the essential oils can help you feel a boost of kindness and joy that can be helpful in making new friends in your class or with people that live down the hall.


Sexy — For a Successful First Date

We know that college life isn't necessarily all textbooks, studying, and exams. You're having fun, going to parties, and maybe meeting someone you like. With the aphrodisiac properties of patchouli and the invigorating and alert properties of jasmine and lime, you can gain confidence and charisma while eliminating nervousness before heading out the door for a first date.

Healthy—For Fighting the Sick Day

With a new environment and an influx of students and professors in the occasional crammed classroom or lecture hall, you may find yourself exposed to germs that your body isn't quite used to. This can be quite detrimental if you can’t be bedridden with the flu during a midterm study review. Stay healthy with this blend of cinnamon leaf, marjoram, and turmeric to help ward off those bad germs, while promoting vitality and wellness.

back to school

These are just a few of our blends that can help you Feel the Way You Want through the fun, but sometimes challenging days on campus. Enjoy these blends in a personal aromatherapy diffuser, or in a bottle to select blends and make the transition from the carefree summer days to working toward that degree as seamless as possible.

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