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MONQ Monthly Horoscope – Your July Blends


MONQ Monthly Horoscope – Your July Blends

We love to share our essential oil blends in ways that can boost your health and happiness and expand the joys in life. Here, we pair monthly predictions from talented astrologers with the unique powers of essential oil blends. Each sign gets its own recommended blend to help make the most of the exciting times ahead. Read on to see your July horoscope and recommended MONQ blends this month.

July 2020 Horoscope

Cancer season is upon us in the height of summer, and it is a season of perception, reflection, and taking time to examine your inner wisdom. Collectively, we are still riding the emotional rollercoaster that is 2020, making July the perfect time to examine deep, personal truths to do better for others. There is no better time to tune in to your intuition. This may bring up some nostalgic feelings. And because Cancer is a sign of the home, personal relationships, and family, it is a great time to strengthen relationships with people you care about. What is more important during difficult times? On July 1, Saturn retrograde re-enters Capricorn, and on July 5, there will be a full moon. The first few days may have you feeling sluggish, but don’t worry. The full moon will bring new energy to your aspirations and reignite excitement about goals you may not have thought about in a while. It is a time to be inspired and go after what you want to seek fulfillment, especially around July 20, during the new moon. You might hesitate, but it’s time to take advantage of your inner strength.  Keep reading below to see what July has in store for your sign! We break it down into “houses” this month, which means the areas you’re likely to see some action. And of course, check out your intuitively connected MONQ blend.

Important Dates

July 5, 2020: Full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn July 12, 2020: Third quarter moon in Aries July 20, 2020: New moon in Cancer July 22, 2020: Sun enters Leo

Aries the Ram: March 21 – April 19

This is a busy season for you, Aries, but don’t worry: you were born to hustle. Your creativity will take off, even more, this month, making this a good time to burn off some serious energy, especially around July 12. At this time, you will find yourself working harder than usual and with great optimism. It is the perfect time to go after your passion, but don’t be too impulsive about it. If you are trying to launch a creative project, now is a good time to start it or finish it. It is also a great time to work on physical fitness and get back to that sport you love but may have lost time for in your busyness. July will be good for romance and cozying up to someone you love. 

Taurus the Bull: April 20 – May 20

Taureans will find themselves in a season of growth this month and called to tasks that call for concentration. This is perfect for the determined Taurus. If you are trying to crush a fitness goal or shooting for a promotion at work, now is a great time to advance. Self-improvement is also on your mind this month. Delve into a new book about a hobby you would like to pursue.  The new moon in Cancer will bring about a clear shift in energy. With that arrives new clarity about relationships, especially romantic ones. If you need to have an uncomfortable conversation, you will be able to find the courage to do it at this time. You will have the empathy to approach it with kindness and love.  Love is your blend this month. Wrap yourself in its comfort this month as you seek love for yourself and others. 

Gemini the Twins: May 21 – June 20 

Cancer season has Gemini feeling all of the emotions this month and with everything going on, that may lead to some heavy mental health days. Expressing yourself is more important than ever. Make sure you are being active but don’t rush; you might miss important details.  Use your ability to influence people at this time and call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. This is a good time to reconnect and share your ideas with others, openly and honestly, but in a one-on-one situation. In groups, you might react impulsively without knowing the entire story.  Try Relieve for July. You will have a lot on your mind this month, and spicy ginger will open up your senses as helichrysum anchors it in a soothing way. Want deeper relief? Choose Relieve+.

Cancer the Crab: June 21 – July 22

July is all about Cancer season! If it seems like everyone is talking about you this month, it’s because they are, but in a good way. People are listening to you right now, and they want your emotional wisdom and imaginative outlook.  This is a great month to use your loyalty and kindness for influence. Avoid pushing your feelings to the side. This is a good time to show people it is okay to be sensitive. In fact, it’s just what others need you for right now!  Around July 5, you will feel a surge of confidence and feel good about what you’re presenting to the world. Use this to your advantage, but don’t be too indulgent. If you have the urge to shop, treat yourself to something of quality over quantity.  Diffuse Zen in your den this month. You’re feeling good, and orange will make you feel even happier. Another bonus of the Zen blend family? It features the color of Jupiter, who is in a good placement in your chart this month.

Leo the Lion: July 23 – August 22

Time to roar, Leo! Your time has finally arrived, and this month is all about your personal ambition. If you have something you want to do, do it now. You are stepping out for your gain and might not care who is subject to your bold emotions. All of that energy you collected in June is ready to be harvested. Don’t feel the need to prove your worth. It will be obvious, and you won’t need a wide social net to accomplish your goals. You will have the independence and will to do it yourself. Since this work started last month, your magnetism will grow. This is a great time for entrepreneurs.  It is also a good time for growing romantic relationships. Tell someone you care about how much they mean to you. You might be surprised.  Sexy is your blend this month. It is filled with charisma, just like you. Jasmine, lime, and patchouli will help you assert your position.

Virgo the Maiden: August 23 – September 22

Thoughtful Virgos are going to experience a spiritual shift this month. When the full moon and eclipse occur in Capricorn, you will be reminded of why you need to refocus. This could be difficult for you since Virgos seek to know and understand the “why” behind everything.  This is a great month for meditation. Take time to think about what the universe is telling you naturally, without overanalyzing it. As you release unnecessary stress, you will have more clarity and understanding. Don’t stress about being perfect, even though that is hard for you. July is a great time to spend some alone time with a romantic partner or close friend. They might need you as a shoulder to lean on.  Forest is your blend this month to help you feel closer to nature and the universe. Black spruce, Douglas fir, and sandalwood will envelop you in comfort.

Libra the Scales: September 23 – October 22

Libras have the strength of the planets on their side in July and will experience some positive changes around July 5. You may get some good news on the professional front, such as a promotion or a new project. On the flip side, your relationships might be challenging this month, and you might have a disagreement with a significant other. This will dissolve, but not without some tension. Use your charm and exceptional ability to listen to smooth out disagreements.  This is a good month to practice self-expression. Try writing in a journal or painting to put your emotions on paper.  Peace will help you take on the highs and lows of July. The unexpected splash of mandarin will uplift your senses alongside calming frankincense and supportive rosemary. 

Scorpio the Scorpion: October 23 – November 21

Scorpio, there’s no denying it: in July, your unmatched brilliance will be misunderstood this month. That might be challenging, considering June was your month to really soar. With the eclipse, your contradicting traits might make you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. This is challenging for you, who likes to be in control. Do what you do best: figure out a way to get any task done with a well-thought-out strategy. Don’t forget to focus on truly connecting to your romantic partner and consider that this is a challenging time for them, too. You may feel some tension here, especially if you feel jealous. This is also a good time to share your kindness with others. If you have been thinking about giving a friend a meaningful present, generosity will amplify your energy.  You need Ocean on your side this month. After all, Ocean is just like you: a little extreme, but free and liberated. Set sail with lime, tangerine, and eucalyptus. 

Sagittarius the Archer: November 22 – December 21

With the planets concentrated in the west, now is a good time to work with others in an imaginative manner. Collaborating is the only way you will accomplish your vision. When it might seem impossible, your optimistic outlook will set you free. Jupiter is on your side this month, giving you the urge to do something differently and shed negative traits. You will have a hunger for self-improvement. This is a great time to read a self-improvement book or start a new physical quest. If you are a runner, try to hit that personal best this month.  Around July 22, you will want to enter the spotlight after being cooped up for several months. This will be a good time to safely plan an outing with friends, socially distanced, of course.  

Capricorn the Mountain Goat: December 22 – January 19

Capricorns, we know you are fed up with 2020. You need more control and organization. That’s why July is a good month to work on your friendships. There is nothing you can do to control the outside world, but you can control the health of your connections.  Is there someone you haven’t spoken to for a while? This is a great time to rekindle that friendship. You should consider starting a virtual book club to nourish your artistic side and your active mind. The best time to do this is around July 5. During this time, your relationships will change in a positive way.  Try to not see things in black and white. It will be easier to accept the state of the world.  Mountain is your blend for this month. Sturdy and reliable, it will be your rock when times are confusing.

Aquarius the Water Bearer: January 20 – February 18

You’re going to need some alone time this month, Aquarius, especially with that eclipse on July 5. As a natural soul-seeker, you are primed to receive news that is on its way to you right now. Don’t let this news overwhelm you. It might emotionally cloud your judgment temporarily, but you will be guided by your natural intuition.  Expect to feel some serious harmony around the 22nd. This is a great time to nurture relationships with your loved ones. You will feel love in return and replenish empty social buckets, even if it’s a simple one-on-one online chat. Try to make it a recurring event to cultivate an even closer connection.  Sleepy supports your serious need for coziness this July. Chamomile and lavender seriously jive with your vibe. 

Pisces the Fish: February 19 – March 21

Pisces, do you need to hear this? Go for it! Jupiter is delivering some serious enlightenment this month. Your newfound clarity is bringing some serious creative energy, and you are going to feel inspired and optimistic. Don’t charge ahead too quickly, though. You’re good alone, but even better when working on a team. Call a friend or partner to collaborate.  Use this energy to your advantage. If you have another idea pop into your head, write it down. If you have the urge to be spontaneous, do that, too!  Your love life will surge in July and you might find yourself feeling extra passionate. Let your loved one know and have some fun. If you are single, show off your amazing self! Chances are, you are going to catch someone’s eye, and likely, someone you have been trying to catch for awhile! FOCUS is a great pick for you this month. It will support your heightened mental state and help you increase your productivity for those creative tasks ahead.  Photo credits: FotoCuisinette/, Allexxandar/

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