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MONQ Monthly Horoscope – Your January Blends


MONQ Monthly Horoscope – Your January Blends

We love to share our essential oil blends in ways that can boost your health and happiness and expand the joys in life. Here, we pair monthly predictions from talented astrologers with the unique powers of essential oil blends. Each sign gets its own recommended blend to help make the most of the exciting times ahead. Read on to see your January horoscope and recommended blends. 

January 2020 Horoscope

Welcome to the new year and a new decade. These are exciting times! In recent months, the stars have been aligning to create this essential time to begin a new journey, put your life’s plan into action, and make dreams come true. January’s energy provides a time of culmination. The groundwork is laid, the homework is done, so now is your time.  Making dreams come true will require hard work this year, but the alignments in January are particularly clear for you to make significant progress without obstacles that you might encounter later on.  Eclipses play an important role in your cosmic path. They ignite change and facilitate shifts in direction and momentum. The solar eclipse at the end of December brought new information and illuminated new paths. The lunar eclipse on Jan. 10 will raise the energy of these new choices. It is time to listen to your inner wisdom and take a step onto a higher path. 

Important Dates

Jan. 10: Lunar eclipse on the full moon in Cancer Jan. 24: New moon in Aquarius

Aries the Ram: March 21 – April 19 

Everyone wants to know your name, Aries.  The beginning of January finds you putting your energy into building your dreams and your public image. Let people know your plans and why you are specifically suited to make those dreams come true. This is an empowering month, so don’t sit back and wait for opportunities to come to you. Let your powerful Aries determination carry you through fears or obstacles.  The eclipse may bring news about home or family that might shake you emotionally. Take a deep breath, refocus, and keep working towards those dreams. There could be important news at the new moon bringing change in your social life. Be ready for important opportunities this month to extend the power of your reach and connections.  We suggest Zen for clear communications, confidence, and loving connection.

Taurus the Bull: April 20 – May 20

Taurus, continue the push upward.  The end-of-the-year energy had you expanding knowledge and connections. While your Taurus nature might prefer to settle for the status quo, it is important that you keep pushing your limits. Pay particular attention to opportunities to learn, explore, and communicate. There are great options early in the month for your career to expand to levels you’ve never imagined possible. The lunar eclipse might bring the finish of an important project that has great significance for your future path. Be careful with the details of contracts. The new moon will also bring important messages about your career and goals. So many doors are open to you now. It is truly your time to shine.  We suggest Healthy for vitality, renewal, and restoration.

Gemini the Twins: May 21 – June 20

You’re never alone, Gemini.  The energy towards positive partnerships continues for you. You will find higher-level support than you’ve known in relationships. Finances will come into the forefront for you. There is a possibility for financial support for a project that is dear to you. Mid-month you might also face a large expense or a big, fat check.  These are good times to seek a new career opportunity, but know that it will come with increased duties. Toward the month’s end, the new moon will bring release from old patterns and a time to really begin to just do you. If your dreams involve learning, communication, or travel, the stars are shining favorably on great progress in those areas.  We suggest Sexy for wisdom, confidence, and a welcoming opening for wealth.

Cancer the Crab: June 21 – July 22

Cancer, consider the power of two.  It’s all about partnerships for Cancer. It could be time to take the locks off that heart of yours and let someone new in. It’s a time when you’ll find connections that value you and your happiness. If you are single, this could be your time to meet that special someone. Take time to consider what you do really want and need to make a partnership be fulfilling and last for you.  If you’re already partnered, early January is a great time to take things to the next level. Explore ways to deepen your connections emotionally and spiritually. Choices you make now will affect you in the long term, so look to your higher wisdom for direction. The new moon will bring fresh perspectives and opportunities for enjoyment.  We suggest Love for warmth, balance, and great passion for the important work ahead.

Leo the Lion: July 23 – August 22

Busy times ahead, Leo. The stars are shining on your career and work opportunities. It looks like you’ll start the year with a full plate, and expect that to be a reflection of the year ahead. It might be time to consider a new job in your field or step up to some new duties with your current work.  This month is also a good time for health—consider ramping up your wellness plan and expect great results. The full moon might usher in some old issue of yours. It’s okay for you to choose to retreat and heal in this regard.  The new moon will bring energy into relationships, partnerships, and team adventures. Put attention into improving your partnerships and building for an extraordinary future. If you’re single, consider new plans with someone amazing.  We suggest Vibrant for balance, energy, and insight.

Virgo the Maiden: August 23 – September 22

Lucky you, Virgo. The stars are all about romance for you. If you’ve long felt alone, this could be your time to light a new fire in that heart of yours. There are wonderful romantic possibilities out there for you so take the initiative. Get out and be open to the potential for real love.  The arts and creative passions are also favored to inspire you. Mid-month, there will be an important occasion where you can meet people who can have a positive influence on your long-term plans.  There is also the possibility of a quarrel with a friend or a conflict with an associate. Likely. this can’t be fixed, so be prepared to let go and move on. This is a reminder to you that life is a balance of good and challenging. However, the balance is definitely in your favor in 2020.  We suggest Relieve to soothe the fire while balancing, calming, and harmonizing. 

Libra the Scales: September 23 – October 22

Smoother roads are ahead, Libra.  You have faced times in the past several years where home and peace of mind have felt challenged. This new year will bring you a welcome supply of serenity and positivity. The end of 2019 eclipse shone new light on your home and family.  If you’ve planned a move, this month may bring you just a perfect opportunity. The full moon could bring fresh power to your career possibilities. This could be the break you’ve always waited for. New growth will bring new duties, but you are up to the challenge.  The new moon will light up romance and creativity for you. Your love life might have lacked passion, but 2020 is the time to improve that. Look for ways to bring deeper affection into romance. If you’re single, watch for that available kindred connection. Welcome all the good ahead, in 2020 and beyond. We suggest Active for purpose, energy, and grounding.

Scorpio the Scorpion: October 23 – November 21

Let’s make things perfectly clear, Scorpio.  The end-of-year eclipse brought you great new power in the area of communication. This power continues in the new year. Use this energy to increase your talents in speaking, writing, diplomacy, and even social media.  The lunar eclipse will just magnify the possibilities, with new opportunities to expand your horizons. Look for openings to explore travel, global connections, education, and expanded communications. What you can accomplish now will reap benefits for years to come.  The full moon will ask you to turn your attention to home and family. Consider remodeling or relocating. Make needed changes so home truly feels like a place of peace. We suggest FOCUS for clarity, productivity, and clear vision.

Sagittarius the Archer: November 22 – December 21

Up, up and away, Sagittarius.  The stars portend good things for you with an increased sense of stability and financial security. Look for opportunities for abundance early in the month, possibly through new work or a raise.  Mid-month, you’ll find it’s time to review partnerships—seeking those that feel balanced and supportive. It’s time to let go of those that take more than they give. It is time also to review your roles in relationships, growing where needed and releasing past disappointments.  The new moon will bring higher vibes to lift you to something new. Be open to communicating your special message through written word, speaking, or through your business dealings. It’s a great time to pursue training in areas you are drawn to. These new skills will be called upon soon.  We suggest Ocean to remind you of natural freedom, adventure, and opportunity.

Capricorn the Mountain Goat: December 22 – January 19

Sweet times for you, Capricorn. The planet Jupiter moves into your sign, bringing its abundance of good luck and miraculous happenings. This happens once every 12 years and will bring goodness to every area of your life. This is a time for Capricorns to fall in love, fall deeper in love, or breathe new life into projects, dreams, and goals that are dear to the heart. The solar eclipse in December brought some powerful new influences to you, and this great energy will continue.  The full moon will light up an important decision for you about a partnership either in work or your personal life. Face this decision clearly as the choice you make will affect you in the long term.  Important decisions can feel hard but know that you are supported in choosing the best for yourself and your future. The new moon will bring financial well-being. Be an active participant in pulling in this money energy, knowing what has come can be built into more.  We suggest Happy for grounding, kindness, and great joy.

Aquarius the Water Bearer: January 20 – February 18

A new year and a new decade are ahead, Aquarius.  This new year is a time for you to consider the past decade and its lessons. Look clearly at your own satisfaction. Consider what has worked and grown, as well as what might not serve you anymore. Embrace your strengths and be open to new, exciting ideas for the future, while healing and releasing what is no longer needed.  Mid-month may bring a career matter that requires your careful attention. Look at the whole picture, knowing that new opportunities also bring responsibilities and hard work. Be careful with health. If an issue arises, give it prompt attention to avoid long term challenges. This will inspire you to put a better wellness plan in place that will serve you well.  You will find 2020 to be filled with choices and decisions. Consider your options well, and you’ll lay the groundwork for an amazing 2021.  We suggest Peace to quiet your mind and experience inspired creativity, calm, and contentment.

Pisces the Fish: February 19 – March 20

Exciting times for you, Pisces.  The stars are shining brightly for you. Follow their light down some new paths. Welcome new experiences, new places, and new people. There will be great fun in your social interactions this year. You may find that this year feels like a time of culmination, reaching new levels and making decisions about going further—in career and relationships. You are drawing nearer to your hopes and dreams and you will find encouragement and support along the way.  Mid-month will bring relationship news. If you are single, you may find an exciting new love. This person can help you achieve things that you could not have managed alone. But all relationships also bring responsibilities. Those in committed relationships may find it’s time to expand your family. Others might feel expansion in creative and expressive ways. The new moon will bring you time to rest and recharge.  We suggest Forest for calm and grounding, balance, and wisdom. —————————— This month, our thanks to Kyle Thomas Astrology for direction. You can read his complete predictions at Photo credits: BillionPhotos/, LeszekKobusinski/, JackieNiam/

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