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MONQ Monthly Horoscope_ June Blends june horoscope


MONQ Monthly Horoscope — Your June Blends

We love to share our essential oils in ways that improve your health and happiness. Here, we pair monthly predictions from talented astrologers with the powers of our essential oil blends. Each sign gets its own recommended oil to help you make the most of the exciting times ahead.

June 2019

Welcome to the chill days of summer? Well, from an astrological perspective, there’s not a lot going on in June. So, walk into your summertime (at least in the northern hemisphere) with a focus on rest and restoration. Trust that the universe is giving you just what you need as a peek ahead at July shows that you’ll need the energy you can store up this month for an active and exciting July. This year can be viewed as a time to learn from the divine feminine. Take time for yourself—to nurture and calm yourself. Be your best coach, encouraging and supporting your hopes and dreams. Take the month of June to stop striving for a bit. Sometimes, the best progress is made by “unbecoming” some of the things that you might have learned from a hectic world so you can ease into the reality of your truest self. Important dates: June 3: New Moon June 17: Full moon in Sagittarius

horoscope ram

Aries the Ram, March 21–April 20

The stars indicate some surprises in store for you, Aries. Relax into the expectation of learning new things, meeting new people, and even a few positive surprises in regard to self-image and finance. Knowing the energy of surprise is near, use it and plan some short distance travel, sign up for a workshop, or even just move the furniture around at home. Connecting with new energies or seeing things from a different perspective might be just what you need this month. You might not have all the puzzle pieces put together yet, but embrace the concept that you’re preparing for the good that is coming ahead. We suggest the Active blend for purpose, energy, and grounding.

the bull horoscope

Taurus the Bull, April 21–May 20

Taurus, take it slow and easy but don’t nod off on life. Taureans have been taking care of life and fun, but this month you might find you’re feeling less motivated. Your stars call you to stay on this steady track and take your time but don’t get complacent.   Get clear again on your dreams and begin talking about them again. The stars are strong for you in meeting people and sharing ideas. Make the effort and you might be surprised how speaking about your ideas gives them new and even larger life. Your voice is powerful enough to reach your audience, but remember to always include a sense of fun. We suggest the Forest blend for calm, grounding, balance, and wisdom.

Gemini the Twins, May 22–June 21

Take a deep breath, Gemini, and take a break. This year, you’ve invested in your self-image and how you connect to others. Now it’s time to take what you’ve learned and look at the future through new eyes. Geminis are the best at becoming something new as needed, so embrace this fresh image and prepare to step ahead into a new start. Yes, you are multi-faceted and multi-talented. Allow yourself to change and rise to situations as they present themselves. Celebrate this birthday month by celebrating yourself in new ways. We suggest the Sleepy blend for calm, tranquility, and gratitude.

the crab horoscope

Cancer the Crab, June 22–July 23

Things may seem a bit off, Cancer, but trust that all is well. The stars show that you’re in a time of ending one cycle and beginning a new one. This can seem challenging as things are changing, but rest assured that these energies will point you towards your true purpose. Getting through is eased by holding a positive, optimistic attitude. Use this knowledge of better things ahead to calm and care for yourself—body, mind, and spirit. Stay calm, breathe, and do the things you enjoy while being open to new information. You might not have a clear view of what’s coming, but you are moving. Gather bits of information and new insights along the way. You’ll make good use of them soon. We suggest the Mountain blend in order to support openness, clarity, and awareness as you work with others.

the lion horoscope

Leo the Lion, July 23–August 23

Leo, the sun and stars are shining on you this month. You’ll find that energy abounds, especially when it comes to fun and creativity. Take the happy vibes into your normal pursuits. Keep growing and evolving, adding this lighter, more joyful energy to your work. You might find an opportunity coming in regards to your career. The new adventure could manifest as a promotion, a new residence, or just a chance to be a shining example to another. Encouraging others is a great way to keep your inspiration and momentum as you move on through life. We suggest the Healthy blend for vitality, emotional balance, and courage.

the maiden

Virgo the Maiden, August 24–September 22

You will see a slowing this month, Virgo, as so many of the signs will. That slowdown in no way means that all the progress you’ve been working for is postponed. See this calming month as a time to refine, ponder, and make some time for play. This calmer month can be a time of learning, travel, or just challenging your mind in other ways. The goals you are working towards are still manifesting for you. Embrace that thought and let it bring you peace of mind this month. We suggest the Ocean blend to remind you of natural freedom, adventure, and opportunity.

the scales horoscope

Libra the Scales, September 23–October 23

Libra, the universe is smiling on you this month. The stars are energizing your wisdom and expansion in career and purpose. You may have a great opportunity at hand or new work to do. This month is perfect to enjoy all that: what is here and what is coming. This time of calm is just what you need. You might choose to learn a new skill for yourself or just enjoy encouraging others. Don’t allow doubt about the new developments to kill your buzz. Savor the happiness after your past months of hard work. Be open to trying new things or just allow June to be all-about-you time. We suggest the Relieve blend to soothe the fire while balancing, soothing and harmonizing.

the scorpion horoscope

Scorpio the Scorpion, October 24–November 22

Feeling a new power, Scorpio? That rare blue moon last month brought you the power to remember that you are in charge. Put on that captain’s hat and take a look at your life. It’s a great time to release those things that really aren’t serving you anymore. Take a clear look at relationships—personal or career. Has there been a change in your mind in regards to reorganizing things a bit? Redefining roles can be hard. Don’t hesitate to seek some help if you need it. Remember that allowing old challenges to fade away clears the path for new, better opportunities ahead. We suggest the FOCUS blend for clarity, productivity, and clear vision.


Sagittarius the Archer, November 23–December 22

Take a deep breath, Sagittarius, all is well. You’ve come through a busy time of building, but now, relax. The stars are positioned so that you might be tempted to begin second-guessing your progress. No need to become your own critic. Instead of over-thinking everything, spend some time just feeling. If you have the urge to start over again, channel that energy into a bit of travel or planning fun activities with friends and loved ones. Create situations to enjoy, have fun, and rest. Answers are coming in the future to set your mind at ease. We suggest the Zen blend for clear communications, confidence, and loving connection.

themountain goat horoscope

Capricorn the Mountain Goat, December 22–January 20

Capricorn, it’s time for some fun. We know it’s your nature to work before you play, but the stars are calling you to put pleasure first for a change. Energies from your karmic past might be rising up inside making you feel unsettled or unsure, but relax a bit for now. Put some focus on self-care or creative expression. Perhaps it’s time for a romantic trip or night out with your significant other. Have some fun, allowing positive experiences and the energy that surrounds them to fill you up. In this relaxed and positive state, you’ll attract all that you desire. We suggest the Happy blend for grounding, kindness and great joy.

water bearer horoscope

Aquarius the Water Bearer, January 21–February 18

Get ready for the energy to rise in you, Aquarius. The stars are pouring power into your creativity, health, and self-development. Allow your normal airy power to be filled with revitalizing optimism. This is a great time to think about expressive pursuits you may have neglected or never felt courageous enough to pursue. The energy will be strong, so allow it to bring you new insights. Maybe it is time to move to that larger place with studio space? All this imaginative energy can bring real change for you—inside and out.   We recommend the Love blend for warmth, balance, and great passion for the important work ahead.

the fish

Pisces the Fish, February 19–March 20

My Pisces friend, you have the power to swim upstream this month because you are so in the flow. The stars are shining on you, especially when it comes to home and family. It’s a great time to focus on love, someone new, or bolstering the love that is in your life. This is no time for all work and no play. New opportunities do abound based on the hard work you’ve already completed. It is a great time for advancements—in career, relationships, or that place you call home. Remember, though, June is about ease and especially about fun. Take a deep breath, have a bit of fun, and maybe even travel. You will have plenty of power to sort out the details of what to tackle next when you get back. We suggest the Vibrant blend for balance, energy, and insight. —————————— This month, our thanks to astrologer and aspiring social scientist Nikki. You can read her complete predictions at Thought Catalog. Photo credits: JackieNiam/,

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