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MONQ Monthly Horoscope


MONQ Monthly Horoscope— February Blends

We love to research new ways for essential oils to support your life, health, and happiness. Here, we pair monthly predictions from talented astrologers with the unique powers of our essential oil blends. Each sign gets its own recommended oil to help empower and smooth the path to your best future.

February 2019

The fresh energy of the new year continues with an active and generally positive start to February. Many star signs will find great activity and opportunity early in the month. The full moon on the 19th brings a shift to more calm, restful, introspective and of course, romantic opportunities. Valentine’s Day, the stars and planets bring opportunities to find or deepen our love relationships. Take time, be patient and pay attention to those you love.


Aries the ram, March 21 – April 20

There are great possibilities for you, Aries. The first half of the month is a wonderful time for you to express yourself and begin new projects. This is also a good time to nurture friendships. Through the whole month, with attention to details and intuition, your business dealings can find great success. Later in the month is a time to look at real estate. Emotions may be high this month but hold steady in your relationships. Exercise discipline with your passions, taking time to consider the long-term picture. We suggest Relieve for balance, soothing and harmony.


Taurus the bull, April 21 – May 20

Taurus, it could be a very sensual month for your love life. Early in the month, the presence of Venus boosts your charm, creating great opportunities in existing or new relationships. The full moon on the 19th will shine its light on your decision-making prowess. Trust your intuition, especially in regard to decisions about the future. Friendships play a big role this month, especially in the second half. We suggest Mountain support openness, clarity, and awareness as you work with others.


Gemini the twins, May 22 – June 21

Gemini, brace yourself for a tense time. This is not a prediction of gloom and doom but an awareness that you must be sharp, reasonable and clear to stay your course. It’s a great month for good work, solo or in groups, as long as you focus on calm and truth. You may also find this month an excellent time to create or improve the organization. Focus on stability with relationships. We suggest Forest for calm and grounding, balance and wisdom.


Cancer the crab, June 22 – July 23

February will be a full and busy time, Cancer. The month begins with romantic and sensitive feelings. You’ll face some pressures early on that might require you to rest a bit later in the month. After the 14th, you’ll feel freer to be your normal warm and steady self. That time will be conducive to commitment in relationships or financial deals. We suggest Healthy for vitality, emotional balance and courage.


Leo the lion, July 23 – August 23

Make things happen, Leo. The first half of the month is your time to shine with great energy and focus. It’s a wonderful time to start new projects or make some needed changes. Plan on coasting through the remainder of the month, getting some rest and relaxation. Relationships that may blossom early in the month could get a bit more challenging later on. We suggest Sleepy to empower feelings of tranquility, gratitude, and calm.


Virgo the maiden, August 24 – September 22

Virgo, focus on the importance of partnerships in business and love. You may have a tumultuous month with lots of opposing energies but rest assured that if you can stay focused and calm, you’ll get through. Take time to rest and calmly accept mistakes that may happen. Battling influences could affect your relationships but try to focus on the long term and don’t let details upset you needlessly. We suggest Ocean for patience, encouragement, and a feeling of refreshment.


Libra the scales, September 23 – October 23

We see a fun month for you, Libra. Be prepared to enjoy a creative time of expression in your projects or passions. The first half of the month will be a bit of a roller coaster but look for opportunities that will keep your mood boosted. Look for new friends and supporters this month. Relationships might be a bit volatile early on but will calm and deepen later on. We suggest Active to purpose, energy, and grounding.


Scorpio the scorpion, October 24 – November 22

Scorpio, start the month with patience. You could face challenges early in the month if you’re not clear and ready to compromise. Your intuition will grow in the next several months, supporting great investments and planning. The full moon on the 19th might be very romantic— a perfect time to take that next important step forward in a relationship. We suggest Zen for clear communications, confidence and loving connection.


Sagittarius the archer, November 23 – December 22

The year continues to feel so positive to you, Sagittarius. Energy and activity will be high; will power holds strong. Later in the month, take time to rest and allow things to slow down a bit. There might be more emotional confusion later in the month. Take particular care with your relationships, listening clearly to your partner’s needs. We suggest Vibrant for balance, energy, and insight.


Capricorn the mountain goat, December 22 – January 20

It might be your month to find love or for love to grow stronger, Capricorn. Mid-month will especially be a time of tender feelings, creativity and perhaps even time for an important commitment. Later in the month, things will even out but trust will carry you through it all. Have faith in yourself and in your future. We suggest Sexy for wisdom, confidence, and a boost of charisma.


Aquarius the water bearer, January 21 – February 18

Aquarius, get busy early in the month. Mars is with you until mid-month, keeping you at your best in most regards.  Then, expect a decided shift in energy resulting in tensions. You can still accomplish what you want but be patient, careful and clear. Count on friends and other allies to help clear the path on important projects. With careful consideration, an important relationship could move forward. We suggest Happy for grounding, kindness, and great joy.


Pisces. the fish, February 19 – March 20

Pisces, you can truly shine. From the 10th on, Mercury will be boosting your intellect and inspiration. This is a great time to expand your personal potential, believe in your dreams. The energies later in the month are very supportive of completing projects but you must remain patient and rooted in reality to find success. Valentine’s Day and the full moon on the 19th could be very romantic times for you and your partner. We suggest Love for natural passion, warmth, and adoration. —————————— This month, our thanks to Daisy at for her predictions. Photo credits: Atya/,

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