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MONQ Monthly Horoscope – April Blends

We love to share our essential oils and ways they can improve your life, health, and happiness. Here, we pair monthly predictions from talented astrologers with the unique powers of our essential oil blends. Each sign gets its own recommended oil to help you make the most of the exciting times ahead.

April 2019

After the meditative introspection of March, April brings new energy in true springtime form. Solar flares and an upcoming solar eclipse can mean great flows of energy in many areas of life. April has a feeling of all things being in place and ready to burst loose, whether in physical expression or clarity of thought.

Important Dates:

New Moon – April 5th  Solar eclipse – April 8th Full Moon – April 19th  Lunar eclipse – April 24

aries zodiac

Aries the Ram, March 21 – April 20

Trust your instincts, Aries. April is a great time for you to explore your intuitive side and find a connection to your higher self. You might experience Increased sensitivity in your body chemistry by being more affected by food, drugs, alcohol, and even supplements. The solar eclipse announces the beginning of a new 18-year cycle. This is a good time to get very centered and prepare to launch some new ventures. The stars are aligned to support new ideas through October, so get busy and lay some solid groundwork for the future. Signs are favorable for financial growth. Enjoy! We suggest Vibrant for natural inspiration, energy, and insight.

taurus zodiac

Taurus the Bull, April 21 – May 20

Taurus, stay focused and continue on your path. The solar eclipse and planetary alignments suggest you might be looking for more love in your life. However, don’t neglect great opportunities with personal or professional projects. April is a wonderful time for you to seek balance with an eye to health, pets, hobbies, and activities with old friends. This may be a lucky time for you to find new opportunities with work, new streams of income, or perhaps meeting someone special.   We suggest Focus for clarity, productivity, and clear vision.

gemini zodiac

Gemini the Twins, May 22 – June 21

Gemini, embrace all you are. The solar eclipse will bring opportunities to make your dreams come true through connections with friends or those in the community. You have laid the groundwork, and now it’s time to really develop your big ideas. Star alignment and the lunar eclipse shine energy on positive changes in finances and more freedom for independent work. It’s time to think about what is really important and put your supportive star energy to work on what is most important to you. We suggest Healthy for vitality, emotional balance, and courage.

cancer zodiac

Cancer the Crab, June 22 – July 23

April might feel like a lot of work, Cancer. The Solar eclipse influence points to your dealing with powerful people or organizations. You might find your career or business taking a lot of your time. You might feel like there’s a spotlight on you and all you do. Getting through this focused time will require careful planning and scheduling. Know that there are others ready to support the work you do. We suggest Active for natural energy, purpose, and great passion.

leo zodiac

Leo the Lion, July 23 – August 23

Leo, it’s time to plan. You have been in a long phase of working through the past, sorting through what should begin and what should end. Take the time now to look ahead to what you wish to see in your future. This is a good time to ponder the bigger picture, including the spiritual aspects of your life. If you cross paths with a learned mentor, accept some quality guidance. The eclipse can bring up a desire in you to move or otherwise shake up your world. There is some energy that could move a friendship into something deeper. We suggest Mountain in order to help you experience courage, fortitude, and resilience.

virgo zodiac

Virgo the Maiden, August 24 – September 22

Virgo, you should be smiling already. The stars show you may have an interest in a new job or business. All indications point to major success for you with care to maintain financial and energetic balance. The solar eclipse can be a propitious time for financial arrangements. Expect positive energy from a partner or close friends. Good fortune may also flow over to other family members including relationships or good financial news.   We suggest Happy for grounding, kindness, and great joy.


Libra the Scales, September 23 – October 23

Love and partnerships head your list, Libra. Eclipse patterns will be affecting the relationship axis of your horoscope from now until the fall. Whether business or personal bonds, now is the time to focus on adding some special care to existing relationships or welcoming new ones. Be open to creative ideas and new ways of expressing your creativity. There could be interesting opportunities for turning your passions into a new income stream.   We suggest Sexy for wisdom, confidence, and new wealth.

scorpio zodiac

Scorpio the Scorpion, October 24 – November 22

Time for a bit more focus on health, Scorpio. The eclipse energies for the next six months will affect all aspects of your health. This might be a perfect time to consider some changes in your wellness plan. Ponder improving diet, exercise, meditation, schedule, and work-life balance to make shifts towards a fuller and healthier life. April may also be a time of restless or emotional feelings. You may experience concerns over family members or your work situation. Give these concerns your attention while still keeping your own wellness as a focus. The next three months can bring a boost to creativity, romance, and your finances. We suggest Forest to fuel wisdom and compassion, anchoring you in harmony and balance.

sagittarius zodiac

Sagittarius the Archer, November 23 – December 22

Sagittarius, we see introspection and love on your horizons. The solar eclipse brings energy to your love life. Don’t allow the past to affect your openness—allow love to grow. This is a time when your intuition is growing stronger. Spend time in meditation, calming your mind, and learning to listen more closely to your wiser self. Creativity is also empowered, especially in regards to the written word and teaching. We suggest Love for passion, warmth, and openness to feeling adored.

capricorn zodiac

Capricorn the Mountain Goat, December 22 – January 20

Time to focus on home and family, Capricorn. The eclipse has moved energies to these areas. There might be some changes ahead but always for the better. Know that you’ll be tuning up this part of your life until July, so take your time and be patient. Stars are also favoring financial gains from professional work. You may hear from someone from the past, and if you connect, you’ll have that déjà vu feeling. Know that the planets are empowering plans for personal or professional goals as long as they fit with your true passions. We suggest Cheer to fuel passions for home, family, and quiet, deep connections.

aquarius zodiac

Aquarius the Water Bearer, January 21 – February 18

Aquarius, it’s your time to learn something new. The eclipse brings you to a phase where you will be very busy and connected. We see piles of paperwork and lists of phone calls. Stay calm and organized. There might be a new purchase in your plans. It’s a great time for you to begin a new course or teach a class. Always wanted to write that book? Now’s the time to begin. You may find emotions a bit raw, but stay calm and take care of yourself. We suggest Ocean for encouraging feelings of freedom, adventure, and staying in the flow of opportunity.

pisces zodiac

Pisces the Fish, February 19 – March 20

You’re at the perfect place, Pisces. Beginning in late February into May, your finances are improving beautifully. You’ll feel lucky and even relieved to see worries about money fade away. Later in April is a great time for writing, teaching, and getting a bit of travel in. You may be experiencing a feeling of disconnect with those closest to you. You might not feel the affection you yearn for, but this is temporary. You will receive lots of love through work and your business. The stars are aligned to help you create the life you truly desire. Dig in and make it happen. We suggest Zen for clear communications, confidence, and loving connection. —————————— This month, our thanks to for their insightful predictions. Photo credits: VadimSadovski/, Lidiia/

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