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Health & Wellness

Why Positive Thinking Is the Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

The power of positive thinking is something that many people overlook. The information presented below is geared towards opening your eyes to what positivity can do for you and your health. This sort of positive thinking can help guide you towards better behaviors that can allow you to fully optimize your overall health and wellness.

woman laying on couch smiling Benefits of Positive Thinking

In addition to the physiological benefits that positive thinking promotes, there have been a range of studies highlighting the physical benefits of positive thinking. The combination of these physical and psychological benefits really underscores how and why positive thinking might just be part of the true key to living your healthiest lifestyle.

Reduce the Burden of Daily Concerns

It seems only human to worry about life at some point. It’s easy to worry about life when bills pile up or when you’re worried about your job. While it may seem helpful to dwell on these topics, the number of overwhelmed adults could be harmful.

Fortunately, positive thinking can be used as a way to counteract your worries and combat the constant dwelling of these thoughts. 1 It seems that keeping worries away can be achieved in as little as one week of positivity training, paving the way to even more benefits in the long-term.

Improve Positive Decisions

Part of living a healthy lifestyle means incorporating behaviors that can lead you to success. Positivity has been shown to help with boosting positive decisions to enhance your life such as changes in your daily routine. 2

Ways to Incorporate Positive Thinking

Now that you have some information on what positive thinking can do for your well-being, highlighted below is an overview of how you can begin to incorporate this kind of thinking into your day-to-day life.

young lady smiling sitting on bench Smile More

While positivity does not exactly mean smiling more, it does help to see tough situations in a more positive light. Consider smiling more often throughout the day to help add positivity to your life, even if the smile is not real.

Boost Activity Levels

While positive thinking can help you boost your movement, the same can be said for movement helping your positive thinking. Getting 30 minutes of movement each day can help add positive thinking to certain situations in your daily life. If 30 minutes of movement is too much, then consider breaking your activity into three bouts of 10 minutes, so that you can accumulate a total of 30 minutes each day.

Try Aromatherapy

Many essential oils have been shown to help with boosting positive feelings, meaning that they can direct and enhance your positivity levels, therefore enhancing your healthy lifestyle. These essential oils can be used topically after dilution with a carrier oil or aromatically in a room diffuser or a rechargeable personal diffuser like Zen or Happy MONQ.


The power of positive thinking can be a great approach to building your healthy lifestyle, and while it may take some training to start incorporating this approach to your life, it can certainly help. Positivity can help you make decisions so that you can begin a positive lifestyle, not to mention it can truly help to improve your well-being. Consider the information above to help guide you into a positive mentality so that you can boost your overall wellness.

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