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All About Who Discovered the Healing Energy of Crystals Crystal Energy|woman using crystals to heal Crystal Energy|crystal protection crystal energy|hands holding candle for spitiual healing Crystal Energy

Health & Wellness

Who Discovered the Healing Energy of Crystals?

The use of crystals for healing has existed for centuries. In fact, ancient civilizations have used crystals for healing, protection, and even rituals. While it is not clear when crystals and the use of crystals first emerged, one of the first historical references to using crystals dates all the way back to the ancient Sumerians and ancient Egyptians.

The ancient Egyptians primarily used crystals for protection, security, and health. Along with being used by ancient civilizations, crystals have also been used in various religions throughout the world. Highlighted below is some more information on how crystals have been used throughout history and whether or not the use of crystals for healing has evolved.

How Have Crystals Have Been Used Throughout History?

woman using crystals to heal


Throughout history, even ancient civilizations used crystals for healing. They were used in various objects during the Paleolithic era, such as bracelets, necklaces, and even beads. They were also used in ancient Sumeria in their magic formulas.

In ancient Egypt, they were used in various amulets and even in jewelry as a means for healing. In ancient Greece, they were used in amulets, while in Ancient China, jade has been and continues to be used as the preferred healing stone. It has been used for centuries because of belief in its powerful ability to heal organs.

It wasn’t until around the Renaissance in Europe when crystals were combined with other alternative therapies for enhanced healing capabilities. While crystal healing ended up falling out of favor around the 1600s, it saw a resurgence around the 1980s, and there is now a lot more information on the use of crystals for healing.

crystal protection


Throughout history, crystals have also been used for protection. The ancient Egyptians regularly used crystals in order to better protect themselves not only physically, but spiritually as well. Along with this, the ancient Greeks ground up crystals and rubbed the concoction on themselves prior to a battle in order to provide enhanced strength and make themselves more powerful and less vulnerable. In ancient China, and even to this day, jade is not only used for its healing power but also for its ability to bring better luck.

hands holding candle for spitiual healing

Spiritual Guidance

Throughout ancient history and according to New Age practitioners, crystals can be effectively used as a means for enhancing spiritual guidance for anyone. 1 Crystals have been seen as energy amplifiers that can improve one’s energy balance and ability to achieve a better connection with nature in Hindu culture for centuries.

Crystals Today

As you can see, the historical use of crystals closely aligns with the way they are used to this day. However, the biggest change has come with information that is readily available today. Because there is much more knowledgeable about the different crystals and their respective healing properties, it is much easier to use them in the right situations.


Crystal healing has been around for centuries, and it is showing no signs of going anywhere. While there is still no concrete evidence proving crystals do much of anything, many continue to use crystals as a means for achieving better health and protection. Those who might be skeptical of the healing properties of crystals due to the lack of research have to understand a lot of the healing properties might come from a very real principle known as the placebo effect.

Believers of crystal healing might be getting real, tangible benefits in the form of the placebo effect, which does have plenty of evidence backing it. 2 , 3 After all, placebo treatments can be as effective as actual treatments, in certain cases.

Crystal healing might have become much more detailed in today’s modern society, but the use of crystal healing hasn’t changed much in its very essence. They are still used today for their healing and protective properties as they have been for centuries. Along with this, they continue to be used in religion for enhanced spiritual guidance and healing.

As mentioned previously, an increasing number of people are beginning to see the many benefits of using crystals for spiritual guidance and healing. Incorporating crystals and essential oils into yoga or meditation or meditation sessions is a great way to enhance the individual benefits of each one. Try using Zen in your meditation sessions, along with a calming crystal, for optimal benefits. The biggest change in the way they are being used can be attributed to the increased knowledge about crystal healing and how they can positively balance energy.

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