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What Would Happen to the World Without Trees?

Trees perform numerous tasks that counterbalance human pollutants, balance the water and carbon cycles, and improve the quality of land making it more suitable for wider varieties of plant and animal life. This is all in addition to the essential oxygen and high-quality airborne compounds that keep humans and animals alive and healthy.

While no human alive can deny the essential value of our international forest heritage, deforestation for innumerable purposes continues. So, for the purpose of perspective, we’ll illustrate what it would be like to wake up in a world where forests and trees have gone on strike and vanished without a trace.

Catastrophic Events Without Trees

world without trees

Bye-Bye Birdies, Animals, and Plants

As the sun rises, the small plants and animals that receive protection from the powerful sun’s rays will be left totally exposed. While the total area of jungles is only a small fraction of the world’s surface, most of the world’s species diversity live in tropical environments. These will be obliterated by the sun’s powerful rays without the cover of trees to hide them. 1

Cities Will Get Very Hot

Setting aside fact that trees attract foot traffic and have a soothing ameliorating impact on the psyche and human nature. Trees play a far more important role in making cities a nice place to live. Within a city, trees keep the temperatures from rising as much as 10°F. The death toll on a hot summer day could rise to the millions in cities across the tropics should trees remove their cooling and shading benefits from the urban scene.

Mental and Physical Health Will Decline

Assuming anyone has survived the immediate aftermath of trees on strike, survivors will be exposed to mental and physical conditions that can’t be imagined. Not only do trees provide health and medicine through fruits, blossoms or twigs, but through the secondary metabolites, they release in the air. These same compounds the basis of Paleo Air.

Once the air has been cleared of these beneficial compounds humans may suddenly experience depression, disorientation, aggression, and many other physically and mentally debilitating conditions. 2

Energy and Pollution Levels Will Explode  width=

Without trees to cool homes and cities, energy expense will rise dramatically as humans struggle to escape the heat. This will dramatically increase the levels of energy being used and cause a greatly increased carbon footprint. Because, trees are the essential air filters that tie airborne contamination to the ground and sequester toxins safely in the soil, the levels of carbon being released in the atmosphere will rise exponentially. Carbon sinks that were protected by forest cover will release their stores into the atmosphere as well, accelerating the greenhouse effect and increasing global warming by the minute quite literally suffocating anyone unlucky enough to survive to this point. 3

Massive Mudslides and Geographical Upheaval

Without the mighty roots of trees that can reach hundreds of feet into the earth’s surface, soil and land masses will be free to move bout with the elements. Winds and rains will wash away mountainsides burying mountain side cities under rivers of soil, sand, and rock. 4

world without trees No More O 2

Most importantly, without trees, the oxygen being produced will be sliced in half leaving only the oceans to support the needs of trillions of life forms on the planet. With the amounts of soils and sands being dumped into rivers and waterways, oxygen production in the seas will be threatened as well. 5

Final Thoughts on a World Without Trees

The bitter end will be the undoing of almost 400 million years of tree evolution and planet ecology which transformed the planet into something beautiful, livable and in every way comfortable. What a relief to know that this tidbit of horror fiction is a long way from true and there is still plenty of opportunities to restore our forests to their original splendor.

If you and your friends are looking for a way to be a part of protecting our forests and the world, consider pitching in with the following concerned organizations.

    1. Nature Conservancy: Plant a Billion Trees

    1. Restoring America’s Forests

    1. 50 Million for our Forests

Photo Credits: SerkanMutan/, DoubletreeStudio/, YunSun_Kim/, John_T/

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