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What are Chakra Stones?

Crystal healing has been in practice dating back to Ancient Egypt. 1 Prior to going over what chakra stones are and some of their healing properties, it's important to first understand chakras.

Chakra refers to the "wheels" of energy that are scattered throughout your body. Those that adhere to the principles believe that different wheels or chakras are placed throughout the body and align with different body parts. Essentially, they are seven different levels of energy associated with specific locations in the body aligned with the spine, starting from the very base of the spine going up to the crown of the head. 2

It is through these wheels that energy is amassed and released. Therefore, having closed chakras can lead to a buildup of negative energy and problems with attracting positive energy.

chakra stones in hand What Are Chakra Stones?

There are different chakra stones that come in different colors. They can help support opening and healing damaged chakras. It is said that the chakras in the body have specific colors associated with them and the energy that goes through them. Therefore, when the chakras are damaged or not functioning properly, the colors can change. By using stones, one can help balance out the chakras and optimize their function once again.

Colors Associated With Each Chakra:

    1. Root Chakra: Red.

    1. Sacral Chakra: Orange.

    1. Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow.

    1. Heart Chakra: Green.

    1. Throat Chakra: Blue.

    1. Third Eye Chakra: Indigo.

    1. Crown Chakra: Purple.

Black Tourmaline Root Chakra Stones


This stone comes with many unique benefits. For one, it can be great to help one remain grounded and help heal the root chakra. Therefore, it is good at helping one deal with emotions.

Black Tourmaline

This is another stone aligned with the root chakra that can help promote mental well-being.

Tiger’s Eye

This particular stone is aligned with the root chakra as well and may help promote physical well-being.

citrine crystal Sacral Chakra


This stone is aligned with the sacral chakra and it can help boost creativity and promote a sense of well-being.


This stone can be great for helping one overcome fears. If you find yourself consistently worried about doing something, this stone may help you build up the inner courage to do it. Along with this, it can be good for building confidence and making one feel powerful and capable.


This stone is good for those that are looking to boost overall intuition and those that are attempting to gain patience.

Calcite Solar Plexus Chakra


This stone can be great for helping one deal with an inability to be social and confident. It is a very good stone that can help promote better emotional and physical health.

jade Heart Chakra


Jade is well known for its ability to help promote greater overall physical and mental well-being. It can even help to open oneself to new possibilities, which can bring good fortune and luck.

Rose Quartz

This stone is another that is closely aligned with the heart chakra and may help reduce stress and worries.

Turquoise stone Throat Chakra Stones


This is a stone that is closely aligned with the throat chakra and because of this, it can be a good stone to use to aid in protection from evil spirits. Along with this, it can help promote a sense of mental and emotional well-being.

Purple Fluorite Third Eye Chakra Stones


This stone is closely aligned with the third eye chakra. Therefore, it is traditionally used by those who are looking for enlightenment. Because of this, it can be effectively used to enhance meditation sessions.

Black Obsidian

This is a stone that can be great for getting rid of negative energies. Along with this, it can be good for grounding.

Selenite Crown Chakra Stones

Clear Quartz

This is a stone that can strengthen one's spiritual awareness.


This stone can be used to help activate the crown chakra. It can help to clear out energies that have built up and become congested. It can also be good for those that need a push to move forward with their lives after experiencing something that promoted negative energy. Finally, it can work to clear out the auric field.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of chakra stones that can be used to interact with the seven different chakras in the body. Whether you are dealing with emotional or physical imbalance, the energy you are getting or not getting may be dictated by your chakras and the health of each one.

Chakra stones can help transform negative energies into positive ones. By understanding the purpose and effect of each chakra, you can leverage chakra stones to better align your chakras and experience greater balance, which can promote emotional and physical harmony. Chakra stones and aromatherapy have a beneficial effect when used together.

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