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A Brief Guide to Understanding Self-Esteem and Self-Care|woman giving herself a hug|people working together|lavender and essential oil bottles|oman doing lunges with dumbells|couple getting massages together|wellness|diet meal plan

Health & Wellness

Wellness: Understanding Self-Esteem and Self-Care

When you take care of yourself and your health, your wellness plan could be positively affected and your overall approach to life could be boosted. Caring for yourself, or self-care, is one of the primary paths to controlling your overall wellness and when you don’t take care of yourself, your wellness could suffer in a number of ways. Your wellness is a large culmination of lifestyle factors that work together to help bring you optimal happiness and health, as well as longevity. Consider the information presented here as an ultimate guide to your wellness and what it entails.

Before jumping completely into how taking care of yourself can affect your wellness, it is important to look into what self-esteem, as well as what self-care, entails. Let’s take a closer look into both of these wellness aspects and how paying close attention to each of these can pay dividends on your health.

What is Self-Esteem and Self-Care?

In a general sense, self-esteem is your ability to believe in your own abilities and in yourself. 1 When it comes to assessing your self-esteem, it could be said that you are assessing your overall self-worth and if your self-worth is high, your health and wellness could be positively impacted. While there is more to this definition, it is important to understand that your wellness is a mere reflection of how you view yourself as a human. If your overall outlook of yourself is low, chances are your wellness is suffering. In comparison, if your outlook of yourself is great then you may have more of a chance of taking care of yourself. More on how self-esteem and how it relates to your wellness will be covered ahead, but it is important to at least have an idea of what this concept is because it relates closely to your overall wellness.

woman giving herself a hug

What is Self-Care?

In comparison to self-esteem, your self-care is a generalized term that defines how you treat yourself and care for your health and wellness. 2 While self-esteem tends to nurture your mental health, your self-care takes part in the physical, mental, financial, as well as most all of the pillars of wellness. It can range from doing small things to help your body relax after a hard day at work, to getting a spa treatment after a month-long workout routine, to just taking a load off at the end of the day. Your self-care is what you make it, and it can be the foundation for building optimal wellness ahead.

With self-esteem and self-care in mind, listed below are some ways that they play into your wellness path, along with some tips on how to incorporate these elements for better wellness.

Take Care of Yourself with these Amazing Tips Below

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Excel in your Career

One way to boost your wellness, or at least your financial wellness, is to excel in your career. Taking a great joy in the success of your career can be a major player in your mental health and wellness and it seems that it all stems off self-esteem. A high degree of self-esteem can help you in a number of ways in your career, but it seems that having self-worth and confidence in your career could lead to better financial wellness. In addition, your educational and career goals are greatly affected by what you believe you are capable of. 3 Consider taking pride in the things you do in your career and consider boosting your self-esteem by growing yourself within your company to boost your mental and financial wellness. In addition, taking a general positive approach to your job could help to boost your confidence all over.

lavender and essential oil bottles


One great part of self-care wellness is that it involves doing the things that your body enjoys, to boost overall wellness. For example, the use of aromatherapy can be considered a self-care technique, provided that it is used to boost your health and wellness in some way. Studies continue to show the vast use of essential oils for stress management, 4 for reducing anxiety, 5 reducing insomnia symptoms, 6 and for individuals with high blood pressure. 7 The strong research supporting this self-care technique is one of the simplest to employ in everyday life, as it simply involves the use of essential oils with a diffuser. You can find a variety of essential oil types along with their functional use on wellness by following the information found here.

oman doing lunges with dumbells


Another self-care option that is essential in wellness is exercise and physical activity. A sound exercise plan is central to a proper health and wellness program, and it seems that regular exercise may have more roles in wellness, aside from simply physical wellness. Recent studies show that structured and regular exercise can help to boost overall mood, improve the symptoms of depression, as well as decrease overall pain in the body. 8 Based from recent studies, it seems that moderate-intensity exercise may be one of the most important elements in a sound wellness plan, especially if mood and pain are affected, as well as depression. All three of these benefits are within the mental health wellness element, and it seems that self-esteem also plays a role in exercise as well. Longitudinal studies continue to show that formal exercise programs can help to enhance how women perceive how they feel about themselves, suggesting that exercise may play a role in boosting overall self-esteem. 9

Achieving Goals

One area that is directly affected by self-esteem is goal setting. Setting and achieving goals is one way to boost overall mental wellness and added physical activity may also play a role in these. Studies have shown that children who add more physical activity into their daily life, especially cardiovascular activity, are likely to have greater self-esteem through goal setting. 10 Goal setting is something that everyone does whenever performing exercise, as exercise is a planned behavior directed at boosting some part of wellness. In addition, setting and achieving goals may help to boost overall self-worth, which could affect a number of areas within the wellness pillar.

couple getting massages together


One growing area of self-care that adults should take advantage of is massage therapy. This self-care option has been shown to be a great tool to eliminate worries by reducing stress. In fact, studies have concluded that massage therapy is beneficial among individuals with newly diagnosed cancers, thus demonstrating that this form of self-care can tackle stress when it is at its peak. 11 Reducing stress in your life can be one of the best things you can do for a wellness plan. Reducing stress may help to boost your mental health, physical well-being, improve your quality of life, and it may be a rewarding way to simply let go of the workday behind you. Taking all of these factors into consideration, it is important that adults continue to make use of this tool, either with self-massage or with paid services, as a way to promote optimal wellness.

Be Mindful

Another area that is gaining great popularity in the wellness area is mindfulness. Mindfulness is an approach that is often used in meditation that allows the mind to be focused on the present. This type of practice and mentality is ideal for helping to create a reduction in stress as well as with anxiety. 12 This wellness approach is optimal for anyone looking to achieve the best mental wellness possible and it is important for eliminating distractions in life, not to mention it helps to keep the mind focused on the overall goals at hand. Consider learning the basics of mindfulness and learn to focus your mind on the present for optimal wellness. Mastering this practice could be a good source for boosting overall wellness.

Don’t Overthink

Too often, adults get stuck in the idea that any program, diet, or wellness plan needs to be the best for it to work. Especially with diets, there can be some confusion and overthinking on what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat, which can lead to anxiety in a hurry. For this reason, consider focusing on your goals and just doing what it takes to meet the specifics of that goal. For example, if you are looking to change your diet so that you can have a better physical element in your wellness plan, you should stick to eating foods you normally consume, but in moderation. In a similar situation, finding the right exercise plan that will absolutely work and get you results in a small amount of time may be overthinking being active. The point with this self-care tool is to learn what you need to do to boost your wellness, apply it to your life, and just do it.


Give yourself “You-Time”

A standard adult household with two parents and kids may bring upon endless amounts of daily tasks and many parents, especially mothers, tend to forget what it is like to take “me-time.” The “me-time” tool is a self-care option that every adult needs to incorporate into everyday life, and it may be something that pays off. This little bit of time should occur at some point in the day, either at the end, beginning, middle, you name it. The point is to take 15 minutes, or an hour, or however long you need to simply turn off your mind, your identity, and allow yourself to be naturally how you want. This form of self-care is closely related to mindfulness, but it can be incorporated in a number of ways that are quite unlike that of mindfulness.

Find a Way to Boost Self-Esteem

Boosting self-esteem can be a challenge, but some simple and effective ways to boost self-esteem is with daily exercise and healthy eating behaviors. In addition, a simple promotion at work can be rewarding for various reasons, but this is a way to naturally boost self-worth in little time. Regardless of what you can do to boost your self-worth, your self-esteem is closely tied to your overall wellness. Studies have shown that boosting one’s own self-esteem can dramatically boost self-worth, which can boost life satisfaction, lead to a better general effect, and boost your overall meaning and purpose of life. 13 Having a positive outlook on life is a great way to boost overall wellness and it can pay great dividends in your own wellness plan as a result.

diet meal plan

Have a Sound Nutrition Plan

It cannot be overstated, but a sound nutrition plan can dramatically boost your health and wellness. A sound nutrition plan should include consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein options, ample fiber, as well as consuming sufficient water. However, many adults do not eat as many fruits and vegetables as they should. Studies have shown that consuming fresh fruits and vegetables can lead to beneficial psychological effects. 14 Finding a diet plan that works for you and includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables can be a good way to boost overall wellness, but this self-care option should be incorporated into any lifestyle.

Wrapping up Self-Esteem and Self-Care for Wellness

Now that you have some information on self-esteem and self-care, it is essential that you take a little effort to work on both so that you can boost your overall wellness. Together, boosting your self-esteem and self-care can lead towards a path of mental wellness that should hopefully lead to a better overall outlook in your wellness plan. Consider the tips above as ways to add more self-care to your lifestyle and for ways to help boost your self-esteem in healthy ways.

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