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Ways of Using Crystal Power in Modern Holistic Medicine|girl laying down with crystals on face Crystal Power|meditating with crystal Power

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Ways of Using Crystal Power in Modern Holistic Medicine

Crystal therapy is something that really gained popularity among the holistic medicine community in the 1980s. The actual practice itself has been used among all kinds of different cultures and time periods throughout history, however. While there are plenty of different ways to go about crystal healing and using crystals power, almost every end-goal is to help rebalance energy and boost quality life. Highlighted below below is some information about using crystal power in modern holistic medicine.

How Is It Supposed to Work?

Everything is made up of energy. Crystals are capable of helping because they are able to stabilize and balance the energy given off by everything around you. Along with this, your entire body is made up of energy as well. Each of your cells is emitting different forms of energy depending on where it is located throughout your body and depending on what job it is meant to perform. Because your body is made up of energy, there are specific key points on your body where the energy is meant to flow through.

These specific points are known as the chakras. This is a concept that has been used in all kinds of alternative medicine for thousands of years. The state of your chakras is the state of how well the energy flows and which direction it flows in. It is the same sort of concept found in Chinese medicine known as Qi which is thought of as one’s life force. 1 Therefore, the balancing effect crystals can have on your own natural energy can improve how you feel and your quality of life. This is a system that has been rejected by Western medicine but has been continually used for thousands of years through Eastern medicine.

A crystal healer has knowledge in the chakra philosophy. Each stone has its own healing properties assigned to it. However, depending on where you go, you might find a difference in opinion on the stones and their respective properties. Once classified, these stones are used for their respective healing properties. During the treatment sessions, the healer is likely to place different crystals on your body at the same time as they align with the properties assigned to them. Along with this, the healer might use specific symptoms that you are experiencing to help with stone selection and stone placement.

What Type of Healing Can Crystals Offer?


One of the main ways crystals are used in modern holistic medicine is to balance energy. By balancing energy, you will be able to achieve a better overall mind and body connection.

Removing Negative Energy

Another common use of crystals is to use their powers to remove negative energy from your body. Negative energy can be a stopping force that can cause your chakras to function poorly. By using some crystals designed to help remove various energies from your body, you can remove the negative energy that might be blocking your free energy flow.

How Are Crystals Used?

girl laying down with crystals on face Crystal Healing

This is the primary way that crystals are used in holistic medicine. Through this method, crystals are placed in different areas of the body which are meant to align with different chakras. These are the designated points at which energy is capable of flowing in and out of the body.

Therefore, the healer chooses the proper stone for the specific chakra, and it is laid on the body part. Typically, different stones or crystals would be laid out at the same time, allowing for much more harmonic flow.

meditating with crystals Meditation

Meditation is something that a lot of people participate in to achieve a sense of peace and to increase one’s self-awareness. Through meditation, you are able to achieve better energy balance which directly correlates with the idea of crystal healing. Therefore, another use of healing crystals in modern holistic medicine is to meditate with them.

Whether you’re holding the crystals or placing them around you to create a synergy force, it can help you in various stages of your meditation. Because crystals have the ability to manipulate energy flow, having the right crystals around during meditation can help balance out your energy levels and improve negative energy release.

During meditation sessions, crystals can be paired with relaxing essential oils for increased benefits. These oils can be applied topically or diffuser aromatically using a room diffuser or personal diffuser like Zen .


The truth is, there is no conclusive evidence pointing towards the efficiency or effectiveness of healing crystals. That being said, there have been studies showing and proving a positive placebo effect can come from using healing crystals. 2 Therefore, healing crystals can be effective even if only to provide a placebo effect on an individual.

That being said, there is still a lot of research to be conducted on the effectiveness of healing crystals and due to the prevalence in use of healing crystals throughout history, healing crystals cannot simply be dismissed altogether.

As you can see, there are plenty of uses for crystals in holistic medicine. Crystals have been used for thousands of years by various civilizations throughout history. Today, the use of crystals has not necessarily strayed too far from their use in ancient history. However, as humans approach an age where energy imbalance is becoming the norm, crystals and the power they possess is only becoming more effective.

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