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Health & Wellness

Understanding How Essential Oils Can Stimulate Creativity

Essential oils have been used throughout centuries for a variety of purposes. They evaporate very quickly, meaning that when they are inhaled they get into our bodies and brains easily and stimulate parts of the brain that have a significant effect on our mood, emotions, and creativity. Once someone begins using essential oils to stimulate creativity, the brain will come to associate their use as a trigger that will cause the brain to more immediately enter a state of creativeness.

How To Choose Essential Oils

It is important to look for oils that are certified organic so that you have some way of knowing that they have been independently tested. You want the essential oil to be pure and of high-quality and you do not want the essential oil to be adulterated or contain toxins so that you are able to get the greatest benefit from its use. A potent and pure essential oil will have a positive effect when used regularly. 1

The Use Of Essential Oils In Traditional Medicine

These components have been used throughout the long history of natural medicine and are continued to be used during recent times as much as they were in the past. Their potential effectiveness has been observed and evaluated by researchers and scientist all over the globe. Government reviews have reported findings of numerous studies that have shown how the use of these volatile oils can have a positive effect on a person's mood, on their cognitive abilities, and on their levels of creativity. 2

Five Essential Oils That Can Stimulate Creativity

Lavender essential oil remedies

Lavender is found naturally in many parts of the world. There are numerous hybrids of this species and 30 different ones that grow naturally. They can grow up to 3 ft tall and are generally considered to fall into one of four different categories.

Lavender essential oil is one of the few that can be applied directly to the skin without the use of a carrier oil. It absorbs very quickly and can be used in a diffuser simply by placing a few drops into a steaming bowl of hot water and breathing in the vapor or applying to a bath. This oil helps bring a person to a state of calmness and stimulates the region of their brain that is used for expression.

It is seen as an oil that brings out honesty and decreases feelings of anxiousness. It will increase the sense of vitality and help one to think more clearly. By bringing about the feeling of well-being and stimulating the areas of the brain that are creative, this essential oil is considered one of the best oils for those wanting to work creatively. 3

stimulate creativity


Tangerine is used to alleviate the darkest of moods and give a feeling of lightness. While in a state of playfulness most users find creative work to be easier. This oil will stimulate the parts of the mind that can free them and allow them to access their most creative nature. When the average person begins to view things too rigidly or allow themselves to become overwhelmed by the task at hand, it often inhibits their creativity.

This essential oil alleviates these feelings and gives them a bright and cheerful outlook. This lifts their mood and puts them into a state that is more naturally creative. This oil can be used in a diffuser to fill the room with a citrusy aroma while the person meditates. A few drops can be placed into a bowl of hot, steamy water while the person places a towel over their head and the bowl and breathes in the steam. It can also be used when taking a hot bath.

Jasmine jasmine plant

This essential oil helps improve confidence and stimulates optimism. When using this oil a person will find that they can focus better and have better mental clarity. All of these things lend themselves to putting a person in a state that helps their level of creativity increase. Jasmine can actually stimulate a mild sense of euphoria which helps a person believe anything is possible. In this state, it is easy to think creatively.

Even when a person is facing a difficult task they are able to relax and achieve a state of creativity through the use of this essential oil. They can do so by using a diffuser and allowing it to fill the room with the oil to breathe it in so they can achieve a state of joy, finding that their levels of self-confidence increase. It's also effective as a relaxing bath.



This softly woodsy/citrus essential oil is known to help achieve a state of calmness. Studies suggest that frankincense has a direct effect on the body's nervous system and on the mind. It has been demonstrated in studies to help stimulate clarity and creativity. If someone is feeling overwhelmed by a particular project they're trying to achieve, many find that this is the perfect essential oil to help alleviate those feelings of being overwhelmed.

To achieve calmness quickly one can simply put a couple of drops on their wrist and take a couple of deep breaths to get some immediate effect. For deeper relaxation, it is recommended to use this essential oil in a diffuser and to allow its sent to fill the room. It is a great oil to help balance mood and achieve a state of relaxation. These things all help a person be more open to their creative nature.



Peppermint essential oil helps a person to achieve greater depths of concentration. Often when someone is trying to be creative but can't find that part of them it's because they are unable to focus. Finding deeper levels of concentration allows a person to focus and this, in turn, can allow them to achieve a level of creativity. This oil can be used by placing a couple of drops onto your finger and massaging it into your temples.

This will often bring an immediate sense of light-heartedness and joy. As a person uses this regularly they will find that their ability to concentrate significantly improves. It also helps certain inhibitions to dissipate allowing a person's creativity to increase. When a person is less inhibited they are more open to thoughts and ideas, leading them to be more creative.

Much of the literature and reviews done on essential oils have shown that they are effective when used for a variety of emotional states. These include reducing anxiety and depression and enhancing feelings of well-being, focus, and creativity. It is important that essential oils be used correctly and someone who is new to using them should consult with a healthcare professional to make certain they understand how to use them effectively and safely. 4

Using Essential Oils To Enhance Creativity stimulate creativity

The essential oils mentioned in this article help a person to improve their sense of well-being along with their ability to concentrate and these types of effects on a person's mind and body is what essential oils are often best at when used correctly. You can often rub a few drops into the palm of your hands and simply breathe in for an immediate effect. Note that most oils do require that you use a carrier oil when applying them directly to the skin. Don't be afraid to experiment to find other scents that help you achieve the mental state you want.

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