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Top Five Mental Health Apps

The modern age has brought with it unprecedented levels of overwhelming feelings that can lead to more serious mental health conditions. To provide a modern solution to an age-old issue, mental healthcare workers and the technically savvy have banded to produce a variety of mental health apps that can be used on mobile devices to aid patients and promote mental health in the general population.

These mental health apps feature various approaches. Some are based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which has been found as an effective psychological intervention for some mental health conditions. Others include diaphragmatic breathing exercises, self-help records, or positive reminders and reinforcement for times of distress. 1

Highlighted below is a selection of five top mental health apps based on their versatility and success.

Top Mental Health Apps for Boosting Well-Being

1. Headspace  width=

Headspace provides a terrific introduction to the workings of the mind and how it can be engaged for better mental health and more positive living. The app also has special practical features about applying mindfulness in soothing negative feelings and aggression. Additionally, there is an emergency center where the user can find effective relief in the case of more urgent mental health concerns.

Headspace can be downloaded for free and used at the basic level, which provides mostly meditation information. There are also monthly subscriptions that range from $5.74 to $14.95 that provide access to additional features. 2

2. 7 Cups

The 7 Cups mental health app offers online therapy and counseling. The philosophy here is that simply articulating and expressing feelings and emotions in words has a strong therapeutic effect and does not necessarily require an expert. 3

However, the volunteers on the app have all gone through training sessions. There are many options for these sessions, including confidential conversations, sessions with specialists, and chat rooms that can offer support from those who suffer or have suffered from the same mental health concerns as you.

Additionally, there are special features and services for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18.

7 Cups does have a free service but to enjoy the expert sessions and more specialized treatment options, the cost increases to $33 per month. 4

3. Catch-It  width=

Catch-It applies CBT to help users interface with their emotions and manage them better. This involves a three-step approach for dealing with anxieties, fears, aggression , and confusion. In the first “Catch-It” section, the user must describe their feelings, what caused them, how severe the experience is, what they thought at the time, as well as other pertinent details.

Next, users take a new perspective on the situation and consider their “entry mood.” Finally, users consider what the most effective approach would have been in this situation to achieve their overall life goals through better mental health. They will also re-check their mood levels after the process and receive advice on mood management for the future. Best of all, it’s free to use. 5

4. Colorfly  width=

The popularity of mindfulness coloring books has given rise to this nifty mental health app that allows tension and anxieties to be released through creativity and artistic practice.

The app is easy-to-use and contains a database of thousands of pictures and an ample color selection. While there are some in-app features that can be purchased, the app is totally free. 6

5. SuperBetter

Life is not easy. However, with a small change of perspective, it can become more of a series of exciting challenges, adverse quests, and unimaginable treasures. SuperBetter provides a new perspective on facing and surmounting life’s hardships in an intriguing game format.

The goals of your quest are improving emotional, physical, mental, and social prowess and resilience. This allows for that vital plan for incremental growth that ultimately leads to a balanced and healthy mind. 7

Final Thoughts

Mental health apps are a great way to increase awareness and therapy for mental health concerns. Even those who are initially apprehensive about seeking help may find that an app provides an important window on the self that can open up other avenues for therapy.

Medical professionals recommend using mental health apps in combination with traditional psychological therapy or psychiatric treatment for best results.

In the end, improved mental health benefits the whole person just like optimal physical health. Any of the apps mentioned above can be an additional route to fine-tuning mental health.

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