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Tips for Relieving Allergy Headaches

In addition to a range of other uncomfortable symptoms, it is common for allergies to be a source of headaches. There are multiple varieties of allergies that can directly result in headaches. To prevent or diminish headaches brought on by allergies, it's important to determine the source of the headache prior to attempting to find the right remedy. Some medicines might provide relief, but others might not.

Highlighted below are the types of allergy headaches you may experience, as well as tips for finding relief.

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Allergy Headaches You May Experience

Hay Fever

This is perhaps the most common cause of a headache brought on by allergies. If you typically get headaches when the seasons change and have other common symptoms such as nasal congestion, you are likely dealing with hay fever.

Common Allergies

Just about anything that you are allergic to could potentially result in a headache. This is true for pet allergies, food allergies, and more. If you are dealing with headaches due to common allergies, you may experience pain in your forehead and around your temples. In some cases, you may also experience nausea.

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Allergy Headache Relief

There are plenty of ways to relieve allergy headaches. First, consult with your physician about your allergies and the symptoms you are experiencing in order to establish a treatment plan.

Getting Allergies Under Control

A great place to start when it comes to managing allergy headaches is trying to reduce or manage your allergy symptoms. For instance, you might be prescribed antihistamines in order to prevent your body from producing histamine in response to an allergen, as histamine has been linked to headaches. 1 That being said, if you are already experiencing a headache, taking an antihistamine will not help reduce it.

Alternatively, you could try decongestants, which are known to help reduce the pressure in your sinuses and may subsequently reduce headaches.

Lastly, you could look into getting allergy shots for whatever it is that you are allergic to. This may help reduce the severity of allergy symptoms, including headaches.

essentil oils on blue back ground

Essential Oils

A natural remedy that can be used to prevent and reduce the severity of allergy headaches is essential oils .

Therefore, by using both ginger and helichrysum in a blend which is both known to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, you should be able to reduce the severity of the inflammatory response. 2 , 3 Spikenard is not only capable of helping to reduce inflammation as well, but it is also effective at relaxing the mind, reducing stress, and stimulating the immune system. Because of this, it can be a great addition to limiting the overall symptoms commonly experienced during a migraine or headache.

Final Thoughts

Headaches are a common symptom resulting from different allergic reactions. If you are suffering from allergies and you have tried conventional medicine and methods to fight the headaches that come along with it, your best bet might be to try some holistic methods. One of the very best natural ways to combat your allergy headaches is through aromatherapy with essential oils. Essential oils can offer tremendous improvements in dealing with the symptoms that you might be regularly experiencing as a result of your allergies. Regardless of what is causing your headache symptoms, the right blend can curb a lot of the issues resulting in it.
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