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Health & Wellness

Tips and Tricks To Improve Memory

Do you sometimes have difficulty remembering things? Perhaps you are a student struggling to get through school, a senior citizen wanting to stave off cognitive decline, or simply an individual who believes in self-improvement and living life to the fullest. No matter what your motivation, you can find tricks to improve your memory that can make a significant impact on your life.

The good news is that it isn't very difficult to improve your memory. Sure, you will need to put in some effort, but it will pay off quickly and abundantly. Just make sure that you are consistent with your memory-boosting choices to experience their benefits to their fullest.

forest path

Get Out Of Here!

Yes, get away from your computer and hit the closest hiking trail. Even if you can't go hiking because you live in a city, you can certainly find a nearby park. Take time to look at the foliage. If nothing else, immerse yourself in the delights of the grass in your yard.

The fresh air will help revive a sluggish afternoon while looking at the plants can help ground the mind, body, and spirit. If you are fortunate enough to live near a forest, that is the ideal place to be. In addition to the calming forest effects, many of the trees and plants have beneficial terpenes and other compounds that can provide a range of additional health benefits.

And even if you can’t make it to the park or into your yard, you can still breathe better, fresher, and healthier air full of these beneficial compounds by using essential oils. Diffuse some rosemary, cypress, or sage essential oils in a room diffuser for an uplifting experience.

Rosemary is well-known for boosting cognitive function and mood, making it a perfect complement to your memory-boosting endeavors, while sage essential oil is a great scent to use first thing in the morning to get your day off on the right foot. 1

Dump the Junk

That is, dump the junk from your diet. Many processed foods and beverages in the modern diet negatively affect cognitive function. Purge those things from your cabinets and daily routine for a powerful cleansing of your entire body, including your brain. 2


This can dehydrate your body and make your memory fuzzy. While an occasional drink won't create any long-term damage, you should be aware of when you choose to drink. For instance, college students should avoid drinking at parties for at least a couple of nights before a big exam.


Like alcohol, caffeine is a socially-accepted beverage that can wreak havoc on your system, particularly when you drink too much. When you have coffee, keep the added sugar and cream to a minimum, and avoid drinking it in excess.

Processed Foods

The closer to nature a food is, the better it is for you in most cases. When meats, grains, and other foods are processed and packaged to sit on store shelves for months or even years, it is a lot further from nature than your diet should be. Learn to embrace fresh produce simpler meals.


Whether you smoke expensive cigars or the cheapest rolling tobacco you can find, the nicotine and other substances they contain are not good for your mind.

man exercising

Move Your Body

Whether you go for a run, take a Zumba class at the local gym, or engage in some other form of exercise, get up and do it. A good workout will stimulate your entire body, improving the flow of blood and delivery of oxygen to all organs, including the brain. 3

The boost will improve your ability to process information for several hours after the workout is over. And of course, regular exercise will keep you fit and healthy.

Because the effects of exercise extend beyond the exercise period, some experts recommend several small workouts throughout the day rather than one long stint at the gym.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

    • Start your day with a five-minute sun salutation. Double it if you have time. This combination of yoga poses will help wake up all of your muscle groups and prepare you for the upcoming day.

    • Take a brisk walk on your work breaks. Rather than hanging out at the water cooler eating your favorite pastry and gossiping about the latest reality television scandal, get in some exercise. If you can't go outside, walk up and down the stairs instead.

However, improving memory goes beyond improving your overall health. It is also necessary to incorporate various exercises and tricks that will help you to retain information, some of these are highlighted below.

Group It

When you are trying to remember information, create little groups of information to remember rather than attempting to commit a long line of information to memory.

You can already see this phenomenon in action when you look at a telephone number. By breaking it up into chunks, the phone company has made it easier for individuals to remember each other’s phone numbers. 4

Build a Castle

Well, a palace. Actually, a memory palace. This is a special technique that involves creating a special set of locations that you can associate things with. The memory palace is a visualization exercise that can breathe new life into your studies. 5

Pay Attention

Many people think that they have a poor memory when they actually aren't actively trying to remember information in the first place. Just because you hear or see information doesn't mean that you have processed it.

If you have too many thoughts going through your mind to pay attention to the task at hand, rethink your priorities. Begin practicing awareness at the moment and connecting to each memory as it occurs. 6

essential oils

Use Essential Oils Wisely

Whether in conjunction with the tips above or as a stand-alone effort, essential oils have been shown to provide an excellent cognitive boost.

Peppermint essential oil can be used to increase energy, focus the senses, and calm nerves while refreshing the spirit. Alternatively, sweet basil essential oil can be used to relieve fatigue, while lavender has the potential to keep an individual calm and focused.


These tips and tricks for improving memory are an excellent place to begin. To keep moving forward in your memory-boosting journey, continue to learn more about meditation, mnemonic devices, and other exercises that can help boost cognitive function.

You will be amazed at what a difference you will experience once you begin to implement them regularly. Keep the essential oils on hand, your favorite dancing tunes at the ready, and focus your mind on an incredible new journey.

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