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Most famous crystals|Most famous crystals|Most famous crystals|

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The Most Famous Crystals Ever Discovered

When it comes to determining which crystals are the most famous it will depend on what perspective you are considering. If for example, you want to know the most expensive crystals then they will fall into one group and if you consider which ones have the most power over your health or psychic ability then you may consider a different group and if you consider the crystals’ historical value then you may consider yet another group. Here we will take a look at some famous crystals based on their rarity and power.

Most famous crystals Tanzanite From Mount Kilimanjaro

This crystal is considered to be the most brilliant ever found. One of the things that makes it famous and extremely rare is the fact that these crystals were completely depleted more than 20 years ago. For this reason, there is no more mining for these crystals in the area. Tanzania no longer has these crystals available and they are thought to not only be the most brilliant but to also have magical properties.

When someone familiar with the stones talk about them they will suggest that they are a symbol of beauty and power, of abundance and wealth, and they consider these crystals more valuable than even diamonds and sapphires. For those that enjoy crystals for their connection to the Earth and to the human psyche, the rare and beautiful crystals such as the ones found in this area are considered to be among the most valuable and precious.

Selenite From Chihuahua In Northern Mexico Most famous crystals

Buried deep beneath the mountains in the area is a crystal known as selenite and they are considered to be the largest crystals on Earth. Some people say that there is no other place on Earth where crystals reveal they're gigantic beauty more than here. These crystals were not discovered until 2000 when two brothers discovered a tunnel while looking for silver and zinc.

These crystals are believed to have been formed more than 25 million years ago. 1 Over a period of hundreds of thousands of years, various conditions came together to form the crystals. Although there are other similar mines in the area, the others exhibit much smaller crystals.

Most famous crystals Black Opals From Australia

Opals are generally common but are believed to be mystically powerful and have many metaphysical properties. The black opal found in Australia is the rarest among them. It is considered to have very strong healing powers. This crystal is gorgeous and it's color sparkles. Its cost is high because of its rarity.

Some other rare crystals that are famous and considered powerful include the Red Beryl, Musgravite, Imperial Jade, the Pink Star Diamond, the Taaffeite, Benitoite, and the very rare Painite which has only been found twice and considered one of the rarest healing crystals on earth. 2 Some of these crystals are considered famous because of how rare they are and others because of how beautiful or how powerful they are considered to be. Crystals, in general , are considered very precious because they have existed on Earth since its earliest formation and are considered to carry much of life's precious power. Aromatherapy, like crystals, has been used by people who attest to its potency.

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