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Health & Wellness

The Health Benefits of the Sea: Reasons to Spend More Time By the Ocean

The ocean can have such a positive impact on a human’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Spending time near the ocean is something that can improve your mood and genuinely make you feel better. It is one of the many reasons people love to travel to different beaches around the world. There is something so relaxing and enjoyable about sitting in the sand or soaking your feet in the ocean water while the waves come crashing in and feeling the gentle breeze on your face. Because it has so many benefits on the way a person thinks and feels, it makes sense why a lot of people choose to live in areas where they will have access to beautiful beaches.

Beach Naturally Improving Your Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health

According to a marine biologist, Wallace J. Nichols, human beings are naturally drawn to the water because it makes them feel calmer and more at ease. 1 Because being by the water or even being in the water typically makes people feel more comfortable and at ease, it makes sense why many human beings choose to participate in different water sports and activities, such as swimming, surfing, fishing, and scuba diving.

Researchers have recently discovered that people living closer to the beach are healthier than people who do not live near the beach or have easy access to it. 2 So, what is it about the beach that makes people physically, mentally, and emotionally much healthier? You may be wondering how something so natural can have such a positive impact on so many people.

Mental Health

Because people often associate the ocean with a feeling of calmness, relaxation, and peace, it is easier for people who are stressed or suffering from anxiety to feel more comfortable when they are on the beach and are surrounded by the ocean water. It gives them that strong sense of calmness that they may genuinely need when things in their lives are not so calm because of certain mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

Even the scent of the ocean water and the scent of the clean sand is something that can make you feel better. The quality of the air by the beach is much fresher and healthier for humans to breathe in. When you are surrounded by the things that make you feel good, it often becomes even easier to genuinely feel much healthier and far less stressed.

Emotional Health

There is a connection between relaxation and the beach. When people think about the beach, they are not thinking about going to work or any other unwanted tasks or chores. Instead, they are relaxing and enjoying their time. Because many human beings immediately think of relaxation when they think of the beach and ocean, it is no wonder why it’s such a popular spot to get away to and have a good time.

If you are visiting the oceanside, spending time relaxing on the sand, getting in the water, and even participating in water-related activities, you are going to start feeling a bit more emotionally stable. Instead of feeling worried, stressed, or panicked, you may notice that you finally feel like you are in your comfort zone— a place where you can be yourself and not worry about any of the things or people who bring stress into your life.

Physical Health

If you live by the ocean or visit the ocean quite often, you may be able to improve your physical health in several different ways. For example, if you are surfing and swimming regularly, you are participating in activities that are going to help you get in better shape. Aside from the exercise, numerous other benefits come from the ocean. Several marine-based medications have been developed over the years and are used to treat various issues, including chronic pain and even cancer. 3

Salt water that comes from the ocean is naturally good for the body. While it should not be consumed in large doses by humans, it is beneficial to the skin because it contains a lot of different vitamins and minerals. In fact, the salt water may help to heal wounds at an even faster pace and reduce swelling and redness associated with acne blemishes. Those suffering from eczema breakouts may get relief by using salt water on the skin, too.


Why Do People Love to Take Vacations Near the Ocean?

People have been taking vacations near the ocean for centuries. With hundreds of beaches across the United States and around the world, there are plenty of places to choose from. Some places have whiter sand or clearer water, but they all have one thing in common— they provide that calming feeling to people who want to relax and have a genuinely good time. There are many attractions that are often available within such a short distance from the beaches, turning these different locations into the perfect vacation spots.

Vacationing near the beach is great for single people, groups of friends, couples, and even families with young children. No matter your age, you can have a great time while vacationing by the ocean, which is why so many people flock to the coasts.

ocean diffuser

How to Enjoy the Calming Scent of the Ocean/Beach When You Are Not There

If you cannot get to the beach to enjoy the fresh and calming natural scent it gives off from the minute you get there, there is a way for you to enjoy that wonderful aroma at home. MONQ’s Ocean personal essential oil diffuser and bottled blend consisting of a blend of some of the purest essential oils that will easily remind you of those days you have spent sitting out on the beach, working on that tan, and hanging around in the water with your loved ones. It is going to give you the nostalgic feeling while acting as the perfect alternative to the beach when you simply are not able to get there. And, even if you live near the beach, you can still use the personal diffuser and bottled blend to enhance your overall experience.

The sea has many benefits to offer to human beings and there are tons of good reasons to start spending more of your time by the oceanside. If you can visit the beach more often, you may be able to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health in a completely natural way. In addition to improving your health, being by the beach and enjoying the fresh air could leave you feeling far more relaxed than ever before. If you cannot get to the ocean right now for any reason, you can always use a diffuser consisting of essential oils that have such a nostalgic aroma and will easily remind you of all the different times you have visited the beach throughout your lifetime. Just the scent alone could improve your mood.

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