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HEALING PROPERTIES OF CRYSTALS THE NEWEST FORM OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE|crystal quartz|tourmaline|crystals and glass of water

Health & Wellness

The Healing Properties Of Crystals - The Newest Form of Alternative Medicine?

Each year, practices that are deemed as “alternative medicine” come closer and closer to stepping into the mainstream. This is thanks in part to a surge in medical studies and trials that have taken place over the last decade. Scientists are beginning to understand more and more about these healing techniques that have been practiced for thousands of years across the globe.

One area of alternative medicine that has recently stepped into the spotlight is crystal healing. Crystals have been used for millennia in many parts of the world. They have been used to promote a balance of spirituality, emotions, and physical health. Exactly how the crystal was used often varied from one culture to the next. In some places, crystals were worn regularly around the neck much like modern jewelry. In other places, the crystals were placed on the body during intense ceremonies.

It's even possible that people today experience the healing power of crystals without even knowing it. For example, it's said that a crystal placed near the chest could help open the heart chakra. Thus, anyone wearing a necklace with the right crystals could experience health benefits without knowing the cause. Similarly, crystals placed near the finger are said to open energy meridians or highways. Finally, a crystal near the ear can stimulate natural reflex points.

Unfortunately, the world is still clearly divided on the issue when it comes to the healing properties of crystals. There are those who believe in them fully and use them to treat all sorts of ailments. Meanwhile, there are those who believe the healing powers of crystals are pure placebo. 1

The truth likely exists somewhere between these two extremes. Crystal healing is now in a position similar to how essential oils were viewed only two decades ago. But after many studies and trials, most experts now agree that there are obvious health benefits associated with the use of essential oils. In time, similar studies will outline the potential health benefits associated with crystal healing.

Essential oils and crystal healing are both ancient medical practices with very similar origins. They are also both used in the Ayurvedic school of medicine, which happens to be the oldest school of medicine known to exist. 2 More than 90 percent of the population of India relies on Ayurvedic treatments at some point.

India is certainly not the only country that has made use of crystal healing over the centuries. With so many cultures making use of these techniques, there must be some truth in the treatment. Let's take a look at what some of these crystals are said to accomplish.

crystal quartz

Crystal Quartz

This may be one of the most popular healing crystals around. It is commonly referred to as the Spirit Stone. As with most crystals, it's healing properties can be divided into two categories. On one hand, you have the physical healing properties that benefit the body. On the other hand, there are the metaphysical healing properties that are said to impact your spirit and emotions.

One of the reasons crystal quartz is so popular is because it has such powerful physical healing properties. It is said to stimulate the immune system and improve the circulatory system. This will improve blood flow throughout the body as well as energy flow. It also means you're more likely to resist unwanted sickness and infection.

But with a name like Spirit Stone it certainly has powerful metaphysical healing properties as well. Crystal quartz is often viewed as a spiritual amplifier. It can be used to amplify your prayers and desires from the physical world to the spiritual world. It is often used during meditation sessions because it is believed to absorb your intentions and will then amplify them as you wear the crystal throughout the day.



Tourmaline is another popular healing crystal thanks to its combination of powerful physical and metaphysical healing properties. It is often labeled as the grounding stone. Throughout centuries, it has been used by practitioners of magic and sorcery in various countries. Not in an attempt to cause harm, but rather to protect people from negative energy. Hence it is often used in protective talismans and jewelry.

On the physical end of the spectrum, tourmaline can be used to ease the pain just about anywhere in the body. This makes it a great crystal to use or wear during your workout session. If you're prone to aching joints and muscles at night, then keeping a tourmaline crystal nearby could make a big difference. It can also reduce stress and strengthen the immune system, though not quite as efficiently as crystal quartz.

As far as metaphysical healing goes, tourmaline is often used for its ability to resist negative energies. Wearing a tourmaline amulet can be likened to wearing a sponge. All negative energy is absorbed by the sponge rather than having an adverse effect on the wearer. This can help you remain calm, collected, and positive during the darkest of times.


This is the crystal preferred by gamblers and luck seekers. It is called the stone of opportunity for its ability to amplify luck and encourage prosperity. The crystal itself is actually a variation of the traditional quartz crystal, which could account for its potency and popularity. It has some physical properties similar to quartz, but its the metaphysical healing properties of adventurine that tends to attract the most attention.

The physical healing properties of adventurine relate to improving heart health and circulation, but may not be as effective as crystal quartz in this regard. However, it does have the unique healing property of speeding up recovery time following surgery, illness, or injury. Adventurine is a great crystal to keep around if you are athletic just in case you hurt yourself. It's also good to have if you plan on undergoing surgery in the future.

Just as the physical properties are closely related to heart health, the metaphysical properties are closely related to the heart chakra. The crystal helps balance overall well-being by harmonizing emotional, physical, and mental health. This careful balance is one of the key concepts in Ayurvedic medicine.


One final crystal worth mentioning is selentine. It's a unique crystal because it does not need to be charged like other healing crystals. Instead, it is often used to cleanse or to recharge other crystals. For this reason, it is commonly referred to as the master crystal. It's one of the most abundant crystals on the earth. You can find selenite in areas with ancient bodies of evaporated salt water.

The selenite crystal is said to connect the third eye, crown, Etheric, and transpersonal chakras. It is believed that light energy radiates from the crystal and promotes honesty and purity in the person touching it. This also clears energy blockages and promotes energy circulation.

The list of physical and metaphysical healing properties associated with selenite seems nearly endless. It's one of the first healing crystals that people begin to use and it remains one of the most important crystals they will ever have.

crystals and glass of water

Healing Crystals And You

Not everyone will subscribe to the idea that a crystal can open their chakra or help attract wealth. And many metaphysical healing properties associated with crystals simply cannot be proven via scientific studies and trials. However, the physical healing properties of these crystals are much closer to being understood by modern science. Until then, many people may refuse to see their true potential. But perhaps a day will come when modern science and healing crystals will work together to improve the lives of everyone.

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