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All About Taking A Holistic Approach to Wellness|holistic wellness

Health & Wellness

Take a Holistic Approach to Your Wellness

Wellness is an important part of a full, happy, well-balanced life. As you improve wellness in one area, you’ll likely find that the rest of life starts smoothing out too. You can define and embrace wellness as you feel it might best benefit you and those near you. Wellness can become something that makes life better and more fun.

Holistically Approaching Wellness

Fitness and a healthy diet are the two primary areas that come to mind when first discussing wellness. However, wellness encompasses so much more of life. In a previous article, we reviewed these seven aspects of wellness: physical, emotional, social/cultural, career, financial, environmental, and spiritual. As you consider all these aspects, take a look at the whole you and how all of these elements factor into your daily life.

In those seven areas of life, there are likely one or two that interest you. Some individuals are happiest in the gym and others love to study other cultures. There are those who crave a long hike on a day off and others who enjoy creating art. What kind of person are you?

holistic wellness

Of course, those areas that interest you are the easy ones. There will also be aspects of wellness that don’t have much appeal to you. Do you have a feeling that you are alone “against the world?” If so, You might consider exploring some interest or activity involving social, cultural, or environmental aspects of your life. If someone uses the word spiritual and you are engulfed in memories of sitting uncomfortably still in church, then know that there are many avenues to a deeper spiritual life that don’t involve sitting still on Sunday mornings.

Seven aspects of wellness are part of a well-rounded life. Each individual should be aware of how they can have healthy interactions in all these areas. However, individuals will be drawn to making adjustments differently. As you consider changes, realize that your life isn’t conveniently categorized into seven separate boxes. Exploring the spiritual side of life might add depth to your emotional life. Choosing to expand your social and cultural involvement with the world might provide new insights into environmental challenges in different parts of the world.

All of your life will be changed as you explore the wide field of wellness. Remember you’re not reinventing yourself, just fine-tuning so that life feels more balanced, calm, and happy for you and those around you.

Final Thoughts

Wellness changes could include or help your family, friends, or the community. Everybody benefits from living in a more balanced, happy world, so realize that your changes can contribute to a better future for all.

Above all, remember that improving wellness is a process. Tackle one manageable change at a time. The goal isn’t to be completely well tomorrow. The true goal is to live your fullest and life. Enjoy it, make progress as you can, and remember to have fun.


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