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Studying The Skincare Benefits of Coconut Oil

The health benefits of coconut oil have been featured throughout many sections of media in recent years, and although often talked about separately from essential oils, the two have enjoyed a resurgence into mainstream use over the past decade and change. If you are looking for more skin care treatments or options then there are some interesting benefits that coconut oil brings to the table that might actually be able to help with various issues. While skin care isn't on the top of the list of various benefits that it is known for. Most of the focus has been on dietary health or heart health. However, that doesn't mean that the benefits aren't there!

Coconut oil is no doubt a really intriguing dietary supplement and the natural oil that comes from coconuts are also popular in natural or homeopathic medicine in a variety of other ways, as well! If you haven't heard about the skin positive benefits of coconut oil then it is time to charge forward to learn more.

Now one important thing to note is that the overwhelming number of studies done here have not been laboratory controlled, and almost all of them are on coconut oil in a natural non-diffused form. In other words, there hasn't been a direct study on coconut oil in pure essential oil form - all the studies have looked at this natural remedy via other methods of use.

Keep this in mind. While there are many heavy benefits to coconut oil, some of the benefits from soap or lotion are going to be different than those from essential oil blends, aromatherapy via a diffuser, or other methods. Because of this, it's worth assuming a lot of the information we have here is general to coconut oil because based on what few studies have been done - at this point it is. When the benefit is much more specific or connected to a certain type of coconut oil treatment, then it will be labeled that way, as well.

Still, this should be exciting news for many people to learn of just how many skin care benefits are available from coconut oil.

Reported Skin Benefits of Coconut Oil

There are multiple potential skin benefits that come with the use of coconut oil. While each person has different skin sensitivities and may react in different ways, it's worth looking at the several ways that this oil can be helpful to any of us who tend to have skin issues - especially during winter or massive dry spells.

One of the major skin benefits associated with coconut oil is that it has shown some signs of being a powerful moisturizer. 1

Coconut Oil Moisturizing Agent

One of the major things you're looking for when it comes to any essential oil for the skin is whether or not that oil has any moisturizing benefit. Dry skin is going to be flaky, old, red, and it just doesn't look good. Not only that, but dry skin doesn't feel good, either. Coconut oil does, in fact, have the type of properties you want to see when it comes to keeping moisture in your skin so you look and feel your best.

Anti-Aging & Anti-Viral Agent

Even beyond its moisturizing benefits, coconut oil has some pretty impressive features that make it stick out when it comes to focusing on skincare. Coconut oil can help to strengthen skin tissue, get rid of dead skin cells, and more deeply & thoroughly than many other moisturizers. In addition to this, the high levels of Vitamin E in coconut oil give it both anti-viral and anti-aging properties.

Vitamin E works as an antioxidant and has been known to protect skin cells in a way that can help prevent damage from aging as well as being a soothing agent for various types of skin damage from psoriasis, eczema, or even low-grade sunburn in some cases. These are all great boons to anyone looking for a little extra boost to their skin care regiment.

Nourishes Normally Dry Cuticles Coconut Oil

One area of the skin that doesn't get enough attention is the area around the cuticles. Whether on your fingers or your toes, these areas of the nails tend to dry out easily, as does the skin around them, and rarely do they get the home treatment and attention that they deserve. Having healthy glowing nails and having the normally dull and dry skin around them fully moisturized and looking good might seem like a really small thing but these details make the skin look great and make you feel your best. This is an area that application of coconut oil can help with.

Relieve Psoriasis

Whether adding coconut essential oil to pleasantly hot bath water or creating an essential oil mix for direct topical application, coconut oil has been a great option for helping to treat this auto-immune issue. Psoriasis can be frustrating, especially during a full breakout when it is itchy, scaly, red, and inflamed. While coconut essential oil might not be a complete cure, it can really help to relieve the itchiness as well as the specific symptoms which can be difficult in addition to making your skin look worse. 2

coconut oil Soothe Eczema

Coconut oil is a popular natural treatment that comes up a lot when dealing with eczema. If you've dealt with these types of outbreaks before, then you understand how much those outbreaks really stink. Although large widespread studies haven't been done yet, small limited studies suggest that coconut oil has some benefits in helping to reduce the symptoms of eczema. Two direct applications a day might help to soothe eczema and help get your skin back to normal. 3

Fights Acne

For many of us, the fight against acne didn't end with puberty like so many people promised. Whether young and fighting hormonal outbreaks, in your mid-twenties and fighting a diet-based outbreak, or if you've simply found yourself fighting acne as an adult - no question a breakout stinks for a wide array of reasons. Not only are these unsightly, frustrating, and perhaps even bring back rough memories of high school days, but they raise hell on the skin. Coconut oil treatment can help be a natural remedy towards easing current acne breakouts or stopping them, to begin with.

Moisturizes Dry Hands coconut oil

While we already discussed the benefits of coconut oil for moisturizing dry skin, there are few areas of the body that are harder to keep in good shape than hands. Hands dry out so easily, and because of constant use, you can almost feel the water leaving your skin and leaving a dried-out wasteland behind. However, coconut oil solutions have experiential evidence that they can help to keep the moisture even in dry hands which would be a definite boost to a lot of us who struggle with this very thing.

Softens Rough Skin

While this depends a lot on the type of use and the importance of using just the right amount, there are some indications that coconut oil can be used to help soften rough skin. This not only encourages moisture to stay, but it gives the skin a better feel and a better look. Softer skin just feels nice and it is an obviously noticeable opposite to dry, rough, flaky skin that no one likes. This might not be the main factor for choosing coconut oil for your skin care needs but it is certainly a promising side benefit. 4

coconut oil Why Is Coconut Oil So Good for Skin Use?

There are a variety of reasons why coconut oil is not just looked at for cooking or dietary issues. The high amount of known antioxidant Vitamin E definitely tells you that coconut oil can bring a lot to the table while the healthy array of fats interact naturally with the skin and human body. Its ability to moisturize and treat the symptoms of a wide variety of various skin issues makes it even more popular since it's not niched down to just one or two areas.

The coconut is an amazing fruit that is incredibly unique and has multiple properties that very few (or virtually no) other fruits can claim. From medical use nutrition to producing fat as a fruit, coconuts are incredibly unique and we shouldn't be surprised when it turns out that there are several benefits you ordinarily wouldn't expect from a single fruit.

Background on Coconut Oil

The essential oil version of coconut oil has been mainly used as a carrier oil to mix with more common stronger essential oils that require a mixture before they can be directly applied to the skin. Coconut has a nice smell to it, is a flavor/scent already available in a variety of other self-care products, and makes it a natural mixture as a carrier oil for stronger essential oils that always need to be mixed before getting anywhere close to your skin.

Coconut essential oil isn't the same as straight up coconut oil. This is due in part because of how a coconut is formed in nature, and to get a pure oil form this requires some refining from the actual liquids of the coconut. While this is still possible and is often done, it also is what makes it really important to notice the difference in labeling between refined coconut essential oil (which we've been talking about in this article) and coconut fragrance oil, which is not the same thing. This process is necessary because natural coconut oil is solid once the air dips below 72 degrees. To stay in liquid form it needs a bit of a boost in the same way some powerful essential oils need a carrier oil before going directly on the skin. 5

No one should really be surprised that there was a demand for coconut essential oil as the scent is often synonymous with the tropics, relaxation, and even self-care. Few flavors or smells are so widespread and found in cosmetics, soaps, suntan lotions, oils, makeup, and many other products aimed at personal care.

Coconut oil So Is Coconut Essential Oil Good for the Skin?

There are multiple ways that coconut essential oil use can definitely help with skincare. From dealing with autoimmune outbreaks on the skin to helping fight that aggravating adult acne that doesn't want to go away, to providing high quality moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties: when properly used there are some considerable benefits to be had here. Keep in mind that since coconut oil is so popular as a carrier oil, it can be blended with another powerful essential oil that has skincare benefits to give you double the bonus from your chosen mixture. Food for thought.

While there are many really potentially great ways that coconut essential oil can help many of us with better skin, it's worth noting that you want to be careful about what forms you use. In pure form, coconut oil is full of sugars from the coconut which can cause outbreaks with long exposure to the skin. You want to make sure to use the right essential oil mixtures and other forms where this has been taken into account so you get the full benefits without any of the potential side effects from an improperly mixed or treated oil.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are still a lot of questions out there on the full effectiveness of coconut oil, the many ways it can be used, and what the most effective use of it might still be. This is especially true when talking about coconut oil as an essential oil since at the time of this writing most people heavily into essential oils still generally regard coconut essential oil as a carrier oil for other essential oils and the known healing or positive properties that they contain.

However, there are many reports of the benefits that coconut essential oil brings to the table and it's easy to believe that like so many other essential oils and natural treatments that once the heavy testing is done by science the results will hold up.

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