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Reflexology: Understanding the Benefits

Massaging your hands, ears, and feet can be very relaxing. The application of pressure in these areas can be very effective to alleviate stress. This process is known as reflexology. There are numerous types of massage techniques, but reflexology is specifically limited to your hands, feet, and ears. One of the reasons why reflexology is limited to only three parts of the body is that these areas are associated with the main organs of the body. When appropriate pressure is applied to these parts, it affects the different organs and other parts of the body in a positive way. 1

You will often notice a chart on the wall of a clinic where the feet of a human is portrayed and there are specific points that are indicated. These are the pressure points that reflexologists follow. They often use supporting tools like wooden sticks, rubber bands, and rubber balls to ensure that you get maximum comfort. 2

Reflexology How Does Reflexology Work?

The theory of reflexology was developed way back in 1890 by Sir Henry Head and Sir Charles Sherrington. According to their theory, reflexology is based on the neurological relationship between the internal organs and the skin. 3 In fact, the entire nervous system of the human body adjusts according to the stimulus that is provided in the pressure points.

When a reflexologist applies pressure on the hands, ears, and feet, it delivers a relaxing message to the nervous system from the peripheral nerves. The central nervous system, on the other hand, adjusts the body according to the tension level, which is how the body starts to relax. It also increases the flow of blood and has a positive impact on the immune, endocrine, neuropeptide, and respiratory systems of the body.

Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology has enormous benefits that many people are not aware of. It is not just any foot massage; it has the ability to control various parts of the body and the following benefits will prove how effective reflexology can be.

Helps to Relax your Body

Needless to say that reflexology will allow your full body to relax. Like any other massage, this too can relax your mind and body, and you may even begin to feel sleepy after a few minutes. It will be best if you can get at least 10 minutes of reflexology every day before going to sleep. This will help to relax your body and encourage a good night’s sleep.

Decreases Body Discomfort Reflexology

This is one of the biggest benefits of reflexology. If you visit a reflexologist for a full session, you will notice that your body discomfort may have lessened by the time the session is done. 4 The reflexologist may apply pressure in specific areas so that any kind of back or neck discomfort will be able to go away. It has to be done with full accuracy in order to make the discomfort go away and help your body relax for a long time.

Improves Blood Circulation

Being on your feet all day can be tiring for your whole body, but it is your feet that see most of the impact. Ten minutes of reflexology on your feet will be able to flex the feet muscles and improve the circulation of blood to this area, rejuvenating the tired feet. The oxygen has to reach the body cells located in the area of the feet and when it doesn’t, your feet become vulnerable to injuries. Moreover, the blood circulation to all the parts of the body is important to keep yourself healthy.

Boosts Energy and Eliminates Toxins

There are multiple health benefits of reflexology that may not be visible to you in your daily life. Two such benefits are the improvement of energy levels and the elimination of toxins from the body. Reflexology can align the functioning of the muscle systems and the various organs and when this happens, the overall metabolism of the body increases. 5 This, in turn, helps to increase the energy levels of the body. That is why you will notice that after a tiring day’s work if you get a good foot massage, you tend to become energetic the next day.

In addition to enhancing the energy levels, reflexology can also reduce urinary tract issues and improves the bladder function. This system of eliminating the toxins helps to protect the body from various health conditions and diseases that are generally related to the urinary system.

 width= Side effects of reflexology

Although there are no major side effects that have been reported against reflexology, there are a few sensitivity issues that may be recorded. However, that is limited to only a few people. Following are some of the side effects that you may face:

    • Foot sensitivity is something that can be common because you may feel ticklish while the reflexologist is at work; however, if you can manage the first few sessions, you will not face the sensitivity issue again.

    • It is strictly advised that women who are in the first trimester of their pregnancy should not visit a reflexologist for a session of foot massage. This has been known to lead to a miscarriage.

Overall, reflexology has enough benefits to get a bigger advantage than it has cons. So, if you are planning to go for a session of this amazing massage, do it now because you may get addicted in a good way here!

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